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The Javascript Revolution


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Lightning talk @Arabnet Design + Code day

Published in: Technology
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The Javascript Revolution

  1. 1. + JS JS JSThe Javascript Revolution Presented by donald derek haddad @arabnet lightning talks
  2. 2. + The Pre-Revolution “ From its birth at Netscape in 1994 It took us 19 years to get here. You can do it all with JS ”
  3. 3. + WHY JAVASCRIPT? ? “ JavaScript has certain characteristics that make it very different than other dynamic languages, namely that it has no concept of threads. Its model of concurrency is completely based around events. ” - Ryan Dahl – Creator of NodeJS
  4. 4. + Heroes of the revolution n  Its definitely not jQuery n  jQuery is the PHP4 of JavaScript n Here’s some of the real heroes: n  Node JS n  Front end MV* frameworks: n  Backbone JS n  Angular JS
  5. 5. + So what is this Node thing ?! N n It’s built on Google’s V8 JavaScript Runtime n It allows you to build scalable network applications using JavaScript on the server-side. n  It’s fast because it’s mostly C code
  6. 6. + What can you build with it? n Websocket Server – like a chat server n Fast File Upload Client n Ad Server n Any Real-Time Data Apps
  7. 7. + Node Packaged Modules – NPM n To install any npm module you run the command: npm install express n Search for packages on: n A better way of installing packages is to include a file called packages.json in your app directory and then runing npm install
  8. 8. + Introducing Backbone.js “ Get your truth out of the DOM ” - Jeremy Ashkenas n Provides client-side app structure n Models to represent data n Views to hook up models to the DOM n Synchronizes data to/from server
  9. 9. + Some of The allies a n  Some of the allies in this revolution: n  MongoDB n  Nodejitsu n  Github n  RESTful APIs n  The experimental stuff: “A showcase of awesome JavaScript code that pushes the boundaries of whats possible on the web.”
  10. 10. + Thank you And May the Force be With you W: @DerekHaddad G: