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View our affordable Website Development Packages and order as per your requirements.

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Website Development Packages

  1. 1. Email: build online brands Website: WEB DESIGN PACKAGES
  2. 2. Email: build online brands Website: INDEX Website Design Web Design & Redesign Website Samples Website Design Process Why Choose ENNOVATE What You Will Get Prices & Packages
  3. 3. Email: build online brands Website: WEBSITE DESIGN WORLD CLASS WEBSITE DESIGNS THAT GENERATE REAL LEADS In this age of media super saturation, a website design suited to your particular specifications is not only practical, but essential to increasing your effectiveness and exposure. Introduce your business to the global market place and advertise your products and services with ease. A professional design will empower your users, increase your traffic, consequently increasing sales results and visibility. Your new and unique design is a key marketing and branding tool that will compliment your offline strategy and incorporate the identity which you have worked so hard to nurture. Do not give your competitors any unnecessary advantages. Every website design that our team comes up with is intended to grow and strengthen your brand. WHY A WEBSITE IS SO IMPORTANT In this technological age of online stores and shopping, having a website is a natural next move for any growing business. It is cost efficient, popular and more importantly, it works! With so many people using the Internet as an information resource, your business would be sincerely missing out without a website of your own. Display your inventory, provide contact information, be as accessible at possible and see results now. Your business needs to demand forward thinking to survive. The best website design possible should be your goal. We know how to help. Place your trust in ENNOVATE and see how a well-designed website can bring your business into the future.
  4. 4. Email: build online brands Website: WEB DESIGN & REDESIGN Web design & redesign services keep your website advertising campaign current and original. Because of over saturation, websites need to be original, unique and constantly updated in order to stay on top. Professional websites need to be both well presented (including an original design and a creative feel) as well as functional and easy to use. Your customers should want to come to your website because it offers the information they need to know in a manner that is both creative and simple. Our website designers have the skills to create both original designs and redesigns to provide you with a website your customers will rave about to their friends and family. That is good advertising!
  5. 5. Email: build online brands Website: WEBSITE SAMPLES
  6. 6. Email: build online brands Website: WEBSITE DESIGN PROCESS Defining Website Design Goals Gathering information about your specific needs and objectives is our initial step in creating your custom website design. You will communicate with our web designers and marketing team in order to determine exactly what type of website design you need to achieve your goals, reassure customers and intimidate competitors. Website Design Usability Now we need to create a flowchart detailing the exact components of your new website. All aspects of your websites navigation and unique features will be established through charts and diagrams, ensuring that all of your faculties are represented with maximum usability. ENNOVATE also ensures that you will have the freedom to expand your website design as your company grows and evolves. Interactive Web Design Upon approval of your websites flowchart, our designers begin the web layout process. Our proficient web design team will infuse your corporate identity with captivating custom graphics and seamless interaction, creating a website that is as unique as your company. Unlimited design revisions, personalized marketing and significant testing ensure your complete satisfaction. Website Site Launch And there you have it! Your custom website will be uploaded onto the internet in your server.
  7. 7. Email: build online brands Website: WHY CHOOSE ENNOVATE Multiple Designers on Every Custom Website Design At ENNOVATE we treat every custom website design with the same personalized diligence we extend to our clients. All of the ENNOVATE custom websites share the same characteristic & quality. Since the specifications and requirements of every website are unique, the number of web designers, graphic artists and marketers will vary from project to project. Speedy Delivery Upon the confirmation of your payment, you will receive your first custom website samples within just 4 business days. An interactive and programmed prototype will be available for your inspection in 2 weeks. In the meantime the ENNOVATE developers will be streamlining all the images and visual elements. High End Results at Affordable Prices Our prices are kept affordable through effective time management, infrastructure and years of experience. All of it designed for our artists to deliver the unique custom website designs you expect and deserve. The design and structure of a website is critical for search engine ranking, we incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) into your design from the very beginning. Personalized Customer Service and Support All our clients have specific goals and needs, and we appreciate that. The ENNOVATE staff is always ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. In fact, we rely on your thoughtful feedback to not only optimize and perfect your website but also to improve our own company and effectiveness. We can be reached via email or live chat and are always ready to listen.
  8. 8. Email: build online brands Website: WHAT YOU WILL GET Upon approval of your custom website design, you will receive all files via email. Your new website design will be uploaded onto the internet as specified by you. YOU OWN ALL THE RIGHTS to the website design and website artwork created by the ENNOVATE design team. ENNOVATE does not hold any rights to the website design created on your behalf.
  9. 9. Email: build online brands Website: PRICES & PACKAGES Basic Standard Advanced 3 to 5 Unique Website Design 4 to 6 Unique Website Design Mockups 4 to 6 Unique Website Design Mockups Mockups with 3 Variations with 3 Variations with 3 Variations 3 Design Revisions 3 Design Revisions 3 Design Revisions Final Web Design files will be Final Web Design files will be delivered Final Web Design files will be delivered delivered in PSD & JPG format. in PSD & JPG format. in PSD & JPG format.  HTMLization upto 10 pages.  HTMLization upto 25 pages.  HTMLization upto 50 pages.  Content Placement in all pages  Content Placement in all pages  Content Placement in all pages Basic Package Price: Standard Package Price: Advanced Package Price: $150 $250 $350 *Content management system integration will cost extra $150 (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal CMS etc…) This will allow you to edit your website content via admin panel. There are end number of CMS plugins / components / modules which can be integrated to make your website more interactive. You can have Blog, Forum features. Shopping Cart integration will cost extra $650 (Magento, osCommerce, Prestashop, VirtueMart, Xcart, Opencart etc…) This will allow you to manage end number of products via admin panel. You can sell your products online & receive online payments via your preferred payment gateway. ENNOVATE Support: For any other type of projects please contact us. We •In-house creative brainstorming and design will review your requirements and come up with •Personalized, dedicated account manager deliverable details and project pricing. Email us to •Lifetime support and marketing consultation or fill up this form: •Full ownership right of your logo upon completion