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SEO Advanced packages


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SEO Advanced packages

  1. 1. Email: build online brands Website: SEO/SMM ADVANCED PACKAGE
  2. 2. Email: build online brands Website: INDEX Campaign Goal Blog Network & Traffic Hubs Deliverables Online Branding & SMO Cost Allocation Conversion Rate Optimization Resources Allocation Facebook Marketing Communication Twitter Marketing Traffic Building YouTube Marketing SEO Other Activities Keyword Research Profile Linking On-page Optimization Website Maintenance Website Technical Issues Reporting & Analytics Off-Page SEO
  3. 3. Email: build online brands Website: CAMPAIGN GOAL "Setting Goals is the foundation of a successful search marketing campaign." Defining the goals and objectives is the first step to building a powerful and successful SEO campaign. So having clearly defined goals from the start provides a map to search engine optimization success. Without this it will be impossible to determine the overall performance of the program. Choosing the right success metrics and setting goals is one of the most important pieces of any search marketing campaign. As such, those metrics and goals should be considered in the proper order. Increase Traffic to Website Improve Online Sales and Lead Generation Enhance Social Media Visibility Higher Website Conversions / Site Registrations The SEO Campaign must be planned and carried out in an organized and structured manner to achieve optimum results based on the above metrics and goals.
  4. 4. Email: build online brands Website: DELIVERABLES SL No. Activities Hours Distribution Links 1 Quality Directory 50 50 2 Article 80 80 3 Classified Ad Posting 15 10 4 Press release 20 10 5 Reciprocal link building 50 30 6 Social book marking 20 50 7 Themebasae link building 50 30 8 Blog Posting 20 20 9 Forum commenting 20 20 10 Blog commenting 20 20 11 FaceBook Marketing 40 - 12 Twitter Marketing 25 - 13 Youtube Marketing 20 15 14 LinkedIn 5 - 15 Local Listing 10 - 16 RSS distribution 5 - 17 Link wheel 5 - Apart from these activities we will also spare time on technical issue fixing, 18 OnPage Suggestion and Implementation 30 - onpage implementation, website 19 Onsite issue fixing 10 - maintenance and preparing various kinds of reports that will help you to 20 CRO 5 - measure your monthly progress.
  5. 5. Email: build online brands Website: LINKS DISTRIBUTION CHART Blog commenting, 20 Youtube Marketing, 15 Forum commenting, 20 Quality Directory, 50 Blog Posting, 20 Themebasae link building, 30 Article, 80 Social book marking, 50 Reciprocal link building, 30 Classified Ad Posting, 10 Press release, 10
  6. 6. Email: build online brands Website: COST ALLOCATION As per our initial discussions we will be working towards optimizing your brand, increasing the visitors, making strong social media and paid search space presentation. So based on that we have made a scientific segregation of allocated man hours and cost. Please find the details as follows: Project Cost Allocation Activities Hours Cost Link Building 325 $2800 On Page SEO 40 $800 Social Media 130 $1300 CRO 5 $100 Total 500 $5000
  7. 7. Email: build online brands Website: RESOURCE ALLOCATION We have a flat hierarchical structure for account management, under which you get a point of contact (POC) for overall accounts and brand management where as the individual assignments are divided among more specialized team members, SEO Manager as an example. Your POC is going to be your one point contact for call, emails and chats. Please follow the resources allocation chats for the better understanding of your team operation. Link Account Manager Reporting Person SMO Manager (POC) On Page Manager
  8. 8. Email: build online brands Website: COMMUNICATION You can enjoy a 24x7 frame work of communication including the weekends and public holidays. Our communication system diverts all your emails to your POC in an automated format so having a communication flaw is less evident. While we respond all queries in few minutes, depending on the technical challenge and availability of your individual team members few queries might need time. But the bottom-line is, you will always know the status of your queries by our online ticketing system. The communication modes to reach your account managers are going to be: Communication Modes Online CRM Live Customer Support Video Conferencing Emails Skype or IM – Voice Telephone
  9. 9. Email: build online brands Website: TRAFFIC BUILDING PROCESS SEO Keyword Social Media Research OffPage OnPage Optimization Optimization
  10. 10. Email: build online brands Website: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Your process of internet marketing would be always incomplete without investing a decent time to SEO, which includes Website technical issue fixing, on-page optimization and link building. So though we might not be investing big chunk of time into SEO, unlike other areas of internet marketing we will strengthen your search engine ranking for top targeted keywords. Our SEO goes in steps on page SEO, technical issue fixation and Blog networks and traffic hub building & OFF-page SEO.
  11. 11. Email: build online brands Website: ONPAGE OPTIMIZATION On-Page SEO Activities Header(H1/H2) Testimonial page generation and optimization Image Alt-tag Latent semantic indexing application Meta descriptions Creation of theme specific landing pages Meta keywords Creation of regional landing pages- state, county, city or zipcode etc. Page title Website media section creation - news, articles, videos, podcast etc. Anchor text linking Keyword density and proximity Duplicate content fixing SEO Content Generation
  12. 12. Email: build online brands Website: WEBSITE TECHNICAL ISSUES Issues Google alert setting MOD rewrite Google analytics setup Spider friendly navigation Google webmaster tool setup Image file naming Canonical issue HTML validation Customized 404 error Integration of blog over the website Goal setting Newsletters section IP validation Internal linking Robots.txt Availability of search facility XML RSS feeds Breadcrumb navigation Live support Broken link
  13. 13. Email: build online brands Website: OFF PAGE SEO Although it’s important to have well-optimized landing pages, you will find that on- page SEO is rarely going to be enough to get the results that you want from your search engine optimization efforts. The reality is that most of your competition has already optimized their landing pages and they are now going through the off-page SEO process. So we blend up the on and off page SEO to maximum the results. Off-Page SEO Activities Article submission Press release Classified ads posting Reciprocal link building Content submission Search engine submission Directory submission Social book marking Pod casting Three way link building
  14. 14. Email: build online brands Website: BLOG NETWORK & TRAFFIC HUBS Blog Network and Traffic Hubs Blog creation Link wheel Forum comments Comment postings RSS distribution Corporate blogging Weekly blog posts Setting up the variable in analytics Blog networks and traffic hubs
  15. 15. Email: build online brands Website: ONLINE BRANDING AND SOCIAL MARKETING Social media marketing is the process of promoting a site, business or brand through social media channels by engaging and interacting with existing consumers or potential consumers. SMO achieves great business results when done in right manner and with complete determination and our goal will be to make your website popular over the internet by doing effective SMO work. Social media will not just help you advertise more effectively but also find people who share the similar interests. Your plan includes the following networks of Social Media.
  16. 16. Email: build online brands Website: CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION Conversion rate optimization has become a standard routine for many websites. For an e-commerce website, a slight increase in conversion rate has the potential to increase the website revenue manifolds CRO Activities Consumer Review Optimizing Conversion Path Defining the USP Trigger Words Call to Action Optimization Throwaway Coupons Optimize Usage of Images Designing Landing Pages
  17. 17. Email: build online brands Website: FACEBOOK MARKETING Facebook is now one of the most visited sites with 750million users, which makes it qualifies to be targeted as the largest social media networks. Considering its user base Facebook Marketing plays the key to online branding. Facebook Marketing Activities Fan page Monthly content scheduling Custom landing page design Facebook offer scheduling Cross linking alternate social Analyzing the competitors fan base Communities building Face book news letter, pdf or video Befriending the competitors fans Promoting the virtual personas Custom landing tabs Face book insight analysis
  18. 18. Email: build online brands Website: TWITTER MARKETING Twitter is most famous social networking followed by Facebook. While Facebook helps us to generate direct business, Twitter assists in increasing the relationship with the prospective customers. In some cases the Twitter users are found to be hyperactive doing billions of Tweets a day. This, itself makes Twitter the best and most important place to optimize branding, customer support and company information. Twitter Marketing Activities Customer support account creation Virtual personas Monthly post scheduling # tag optimization Custom Twitter page Retweeting
  19. 19. Email: build online brands Website: YOUTUBE MARKETING Video Marketing is the fastest and most powerful social media tool that companies should use while preparing their Internet marketing and social media strategies, as it’s the fastest way one can convey a message that has feelings attached to it. Today, with YouTube becoming the third most search engines with over a billion searches, a campaign with YouTube has become evident and indispensible part of your online marketing strategies. YouTube Marketing Activities Video upload Synchronizing the YouTube and Website videos Video optimization as per Google standard Connecting the YouTube to Face book Subscriber building Tags, Captions and Description YouTube analytics
  20. 20. Email: build online brands Website: OTHER ACTIVITIES Apart from the above main stream social networking activities we will do some ancillary jobs like creating online virtual personas, LinkedIn, MySpace, Stumble profiles, Image sharing etc for acquiring the private and networked traffic and maintaining your search engine reputation. Looking to the potential of the following sites we have made them tier 2 social networking efforts. A few of them are one time job where as remaining requires meager investment of time. Other Social Media Activities Profile creation Digg Connection building Reddit Custom theme development Delicious Community building and optimization Flicker Creating posts Twitter Image News websites Image shacks Article and community blogging sites Photo bucket Social networking Yellow pages Discussions and open forums Squidoo lens Search engine reputation management
  21. 21. Email: build online brands Website: PROFILE LINKING Once your social profiles are up and they are running smoothly next job goes to connect them with each other so that users are seamlessly accessing your profile. Please follow the map as suggested by us, which depicts how we will be linking the profiles up.
  22. 22. Email: build online brands Website: REPORTING & ANALYTICS You can have two tiers reporting like regular reporting and on demand reporting. While we cover all regular reporting like SERP, critical site analysis, competitor’s analysis, Facebook analytics, traffic, visitor behavior, SEO and link building reports etc, on demand you can ask for daily team activities report, industry analysis report, quarterly campaign analysis etc. Reporting and Analytics Website Audit Visitors Behavior Keyword Analysis Link Building Report SERP - Position SMO Activities Campaign Analysis Weekly Reporting Competitors Google Analytics Goal Assessment Alexa Report