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'A Touch of Rose' © 2011 Don MacIver on, poetry, poems


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His second volume of original works of poetry and prose, Don MacIver delivers a large collection of acclaimed works of verse...romantic, relationships, loss, illness and grief, our incredible natural surroundings and so much more.

This work of love and devotion is dedicated to the author/poet's loving wife Andrea who has been such a tremendous inspiration in his life and writing.

Published in: Education
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'A Touch of Rose' © 2011 Don MacIver on, poetry, poems

  2. 2. COPYRIGHT NOTICE All contents contained within this publication are the original written works of the author who shall retain exclusive rights to accreditation and future publishing of all materials contained within this book. The advance written permission of the author must be obtained prior to republication of any and all contents, in whole or in part, as contained within this book. Any unauthorized use or publication of any content of this book shall be considered a violation of copyright law and remedy shall be pursued accordingly. Source Publisher: copyright 2011 Don MacIver; All Rights Reserved Victoria, BC, Canada ISBN: 978-0-557-54558-2
  3. 3. DEDICATION This book is dedicated to my loving wife Andrea who I affectionately refer to as my ‘rose’. Andrea embraces life and love as something to be treasured in the moment and always. She is a constant inspiration for so much of what I write. "A Touch of Rose", the title poem, reflects the gifts I have savoured for so my relationship, my writing, our families and friends, our lives. I draw parallels between what is arguably the most beautiful and treasured of all flora with life itself and the splendor that touches our lives. Despite the many things that make our lives difficult I see good in life, a resonant beauty that blossoms and flourishes, timeless reminders that life is so much what we make of it despite the pitfalls, the frustrations, the dangers, the misgivings. May each of you experience a touch of rose. Don MacIver, 2011
  4. 4. PREFACE "A Touch Of Rose" embraces the beauty, ardor and fragility of romantic inclinations between two people in love. It will offer for the reader a highly personal exploration, an examination of feelings that run just beneath the surface or deep as an ocean with shades of emerald, aquamarine, midnight blue or dark as pitch. It will touch upon the complexity of relationships, its wonders, its failings. This publication will also touch upon many other aspects of life, of nature. It is a reflection, a celebration. "A Touch Of Rose", the title poem, reflects the gifts I have savoured for so my relationship, my writing, our families and friends, our lives. I draw parallels between what is arguably the most beautiful and treasured of all flora with life itself and the splendor that touches our lives. Despite the many things that make our lives difficult I see the good in life, a resonant beauty that blossoms and flourishes, timeless reminders that life is so much what we make of it despite the pitfalls, the frustrations, the dangers, the misgivings. May each of you experience a touch of rose.
  5. 5. CONTENT Page No. Content Index 11 Chapter 1: Romance & Relationships 12 A Touch of Rose...title poem 13 Eaux de Parfums 14 Save For Tomorrow 15 Chosen 16 You Gave Me A Lifetime 17 Until Dawn 18 Once Upon A Midnight Dream 19 While She Sleeps 20 Amber Dance 21 Crystal Ball 22 Deception 23 Drawn To You 24 Faces 25 Forbidden 26 Love Is 27 Temptation 28 Tenderness
  6. 6. CONTENT Page No. Content Index 29 A Dream For Two 30 A Veil Between 31 Meant To Be 32 Of Whispered Things 33 Share This Dream 34 Chapter 2: Inspiration & Dreams 35 Her Name Was Ayana 36 You Didn’t Need To 37 Upon Layered Souls 38 For All That Inspires 39 Not Enough Heroes 40 Allow Me This 41 Apex 42 Cleansed 43 Deliverance 44 Destiny 45 Fragments Of A Whole 46 Hope & Dreams
  7. 7. CONTENT Page No. Content Index 47 Solitude 48 Treasure 49 A Poet’s Place 50 At Peace 51 Hope Is... 52 Chapter 3: A Place To Remember 53 A Mother Lost 54 Missing You 55 Immortality 56 9.1.1.– A Sad Day 57 Yet Another Dead Soldier 58 Always With Angels 59 Lest We Forget 60 Of Cherished Things 61 Alone Too Soon 62 Hours Bleed Eternal
  8. 8. CONTENT Page No. Content Index 63 Chapter 4: The Human Condition 64 What I Can’t Be Anymore 65 Just For Being 66 Openworks 67 Save Harmless Exculpatory Delusions 68 Seasons For Change 69 State of Being 70 Obscure Notions 71 Promises 72 Altered State 73 By Water’s Edge 74 Fragments Of A Shattered Soul 75 On A Distant Star 76 She 77 A Face In The Crowd 78 A Place Of Shelter, Not A Home
  9. 9. CONTENT Page No. Content Index 79 Chapter 5: Nature & The Environment 80 Pebbles & Sand 81 Hummingbird / Sea Waves 82 Drawn To This Place 83 Beauty In Silence 84 Fragile Existence 85 A Fallen Leaf 86 A Meadow Song
  10. 10. CONTENT Page No. Content Index 87 Chapter 6: In Tribute 88 Minstrel’s Song...dedicated to Burton Cummings 89 A Father’s Pride 90 Chapter 7: Lyrical Verse 91 Make This Night Last Forever 92 You Went Away 93 A Few Moments Apart 94 Migration Of The Dunes (tribute to Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald” 95 Forever Would Be Too Soon
  12. 12. A Touch of Rose Each moment's passage an untold story As blossom of rosebud, new beginnings Delicate with unbridled radiance Concentric in flower our lives unfold Extended hand reaching out tenderly Affectionate gesture, tender healing Mon ami et mon cher, tres eclatant (My friend and my lover, so radiant) My life, my love, my reason for being Love's bidding in all it fragility Soft yet resilient, ever endure The crimson and fragrant ornamental Depth of conviction with each rise and fall What binds us together, sacred amour Favoured companion forever embrace This touch of rose a timeless reminder A sweetheart confession spoke longingly Each giving shall be your promised return Forgivingness our center, our trust embraced Touched by a presence and mutual desire To stand by each other forever more A Candelabra rose shall pass between One hand to one heart ever faithfully May tears never stain blessed love we share And time heal the pain lest we drift apart Copyright 2009 Don MacIver; All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. EAUX DE PARFUMS A tapestry of cobblestone concealed our every step Drawn to one another as polar opposites Hastened breath misting in opacity by night's coolness As we navigate awareness of our destination Meandering pathways of Victorian translation Chamfered elegance, hands groping blindly bidding guidance Moonlit hollows of darkened doorway cast forbidding shadows Closer, closer, feeling intensely anxious of juncture Rounding corners failing to yield to our expectations Whispered pleadings for chance meeting exhaled in wonderment Wanton thoughts excite with every hurried stride, forsaken Perspiration's trickle cools our heated forms, dripping Traces of fleeting presence, ever closer must we be Wait...there beneath soft lantern you pause in anticipation Our eyes impale the other's in poignant consternation Paralysis overcomes as our discreet forbidding Slowly now our tempered cadence, measured interference We still proceed to closeness in angled accentuation Our gaze locked in readiness as lions poised defiant Heartbeats in runaway as each moment wrought new meaning Now droplets fall in seductive pleasure, penetrating An already moistened clothing, chilling to heated skin Wind's blanket surrounds our greeting as with eaux de parfums Your fragrance now unbearable, we twist with elegance Gazelles in frenzied union bound as lovers now conjoined A kiss, to linger, bittersweet with each passing moment Oblivious to else surrounding, bid you fond farewell Till next we meet on darkened path in shadows our sweet sorrow
  14. 14. SAVE FOR TOMORROW Dawn draws my rise with intensity As Morning Glory responds to sun My gaze to you ever so fondly In quietness you rest by my side Silent, your dreams whisper tenderly Of sweet moments that are yet to come Let this day be but ours forever And the nights echo our blessed heartsong For all that has long come between us Shall come to pass as night fades away Hold me ever so close sweet angel In your arms I will always remain Reach out with conviction of your faith That most sacred place within your soul Where inner strength defines your being And bathes your heart in content once more In your arms I stand resurrected By embracing whatever will be Take my hand and save for tomorrow All that could have been ours for today Yesterday is but a memory Filled with such heartache and frustration As tumbleweed drifting aimlessly Precious moments we lost to the wind Souls for a lifetime joined together Taking flight as though a shooting star For all that I am and all you'll be Loving each other forever more Copyright Don MacIver 2009; All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. CHOSEN Dreams' passage seemed an eternity A landscape of your divine favour Images traced in obscurity An enchantment, archipelago Passions meander as Merganser Adrift on a channel of Venice Abridging uncharted destinies Confluence of two hearts enraptured Our whispers of tender moments as Lovers explore Piazza San Marco Where mute swans pair in elegant dance Upon sunbathed waters eternal Stars flicker in moonlit serenade Your heartsong romancing teardrop eyes Night's gentle breeze soft and alluring As distant strokes of a mandolin For you are the chosen, I bequeath To walk as though immortality As angel's wings will carry us to Still moments of resplendent grandeur Disrobed of intention I forsake As swift, the night shall come to pass That I bid you any malcontent Nor a vessel of seeming burden Conjoined we partake of destiny As one, as the chosen, willingly O'er a bridge spanning moments flowing In perpetual simplicity Let our kiss forever emulate Our affections lo our newfound love Embraced for all it was meant to be
  16. 16. In our hearts, in our mind, in our soul
  17. 17. YOU GAVE ME A LIFETIME What I'd give for each moment spent with you Each second, each hour we'd celebrate The gentle caress of a nurtured hand Lips barely touch though the sweetest of kiss You'd coddle my every waking hour Your kindness my blessing, together we Made music enriched by our very souls It was ours to keep and never let go An eternity passed unknowingly Just grant us some time, too soon would it end Though in anger at times the words we spoke In our hearts we were just examining Feelings of turmoil, an inner weakness The tears that you cried, the sadness you lived Oft drained you of energies better used I've begged your forgiveness, absolved my wrongs Let the thorn of a rose never keep us apart Lo its petals may always conjoin two hearts Forever is how it truly must be Together for a lifetime cherishing All that we've had and whatever may be In this place and hereafter...stay with me
  18. 18. UNTIL DAWN Gulf waters tepid in hastened wake Undulate gently past, ankle deep Dusk bids farewell to a weathered sky Of cloud break bathed in retreating sun Gulls grow silent, in shadows they wait Until dawn's early light will summon Whilst lovers pander by candlelight Of stars' luminescence, romancing She whispers sweet nothings upon him Her dark silhouette ever closer As they sway in gentle persuasion A surrender, perchance until dawn This dream, lo I've witnessed so often In my slumber this visage was borne As tender enchantment bestowed Upon lovers as we, before dawn
  19. 19. ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT DREAM A curtain touched by midnight's breeze In silent sway its vague response Shadows yield a moonlit chatter Dark silhouettes in stillness lay Breathless, our minds exhilarate Words in soft whisper retracing Moments so tender, passionate Tumultuous coupling rendered Fingertip tracings, prolonged kiss Moistened excitement, exploding In torrents of ecstasy pass Between lovers, frenzied exchange Bathed in sweetness of warm release Glistening surfaces, trembling Grasping bed sheets desperately Embracing a midnight dream
  20. 20. WHILE SHE SLEEPS Her head nestled gently on pillow of down Hands as in prayer conjoined peacefully In darkness do I see a fleeting smile As dreams render sweetness, this she sees Lips voice a tenderness only I know Unconscious words whispered lovingly Imagine I would visions her witness Desires fill her nights, fulfilled while she sleeps Fingertips quiver, revealed images Traced ever slowly on silken bed sheet Breath becomes shallow, silent release His intentions obvious, ecstasy Rythmic responses beckon rise and fall Explicit melody harmonizing Heightened awareness, crescendo transcends To a place in her dreams, she drifts away May a kiss last forever upon thy lips Sweet daughter of angels, Heaven knows Lay in splendour upon thy bed this night While you sleep I bestow your everything
  21. 21. AMBER DANCE Softly notes linger, caressing As melodic foreplay, sensory Warmth ascending, fingertip touch Sway to its cadence, simmering Hands sculpt curvature, firmness traced In treble resonance, fleeting Hastened breath drawn, burning release Tongue strokes flicker in amber dance Moistened skin trembling, ebb and flow Forms undulating, crescendo Toes tracing upward, torso sway Lips part in wordless ecstasy Eyes convey intimate shadow Obscure in its pallor, mystic Secretions slide effervescent Tempering a heat smouldering Hips in gyration, amber dance Conjoined flames' erotic embrace Gentle, hypnotic renderings
  22. 22. CRYSTAL BALL Would it be cliche to wish upon a star Search the heavens for answers longingly Close my eyes to the visions that trouble me Cease to acknowledge many things that I fear Gaze long at a rainbow that follows soft rains Cradle in slumber by misty waterfall Look with wonderment deep in the crystal ball Upon images magical, as a dream Dancing by moonlit in barefoot splendour Hearts beat exquisitely, our tender lips touch Hands tracing body with each passing moment Shudders of ecstasy, passion ignited Frenzied encounters, the things that we whisper Endless the butterflies still swirling inside Look to a future of hope and prosperity Cling to the notion that happiness brings Wherever we meet in this crystal ball haze Is a chance of a lifetime to ever embrace Take my hand, sweet surrender, into the night We will walk side by side to the end of time
  23. 23. DECEPTION Painful the things I cannot see What once we had, what used to be Chained to indifference, should I Suppress anger, forgive the lies A veil of endless frustration Hiding from blind misconception What now seems so wrong felt so right Drawn into darkness from the light All that is left are memories Eyes closed, we can no longer see Passion that brought us together Is gone, must it be forever Anger fuelled by lost desires Tears shed, we no longer aspire To spend a lifetime of sharing Loving, devotion and caring Why does it have to end this way Broken promises, things you say Hollow deception, empty words The reasons why you never heard Now all that's left are burning tears That were shed from unfounded fears Looking back at an open door Footsteps trail, I will hear no more
  24. 24. DRAWN TO YOU Each moment that passes between us A lifetime of maybes cast away In pursuit of wanton desires Tender comfort of a warm embrace A touch of transference, lingered kiss In silent observance clarify This time that we share, this eloquence Words of omission, the awkwardness Reluctance has spawned a disregard For what we believed passionately Drawn ever closer, not drift apart I long to remember, conjugate Urgency compels our intentions Our covenant the bond that we share My hand I offer in acceptance So deeply devoted, drawn to you
  25. 25. FACES So long have I begged your honesty This veil that you wear, this faceless mask Tangible words fail to pass your lips An idiom untranslatable Visionless gaze, so little you see Forgiveness denied unequivocally A trace of tears shed so long ago Parched stains that scar your ashen face Your kiss, a truncheon, tears my soul Seething with anger, pitilessly Expose me for all the world to see Through wanton eyes bloodied, cold as stone A heart without passion turns away In abandonment you lacerate The countenance I bear without shame Is your witness, failure, my ruin
  26. 26. FORBIDDEN Traces of musk lay upon the night air Sinewy smoke twisting from chimney stacks Horse drawn carriage ambles on cobblestone Glistening from late afternoon shower Dusk falls gently on this village seaside Gulls swoop in playful banter overhead Merchants roll goods back inside for the night Their footsteps trailing, a shuffle at best The fragrance of pub fare beckons me in To consume and indulge excessively Candlelight flickering as passersby Whimsically stare in curiosity My eyes shifting nervously survey the room Clutter of humanity drinking swill Drunken fondling and sloppy romance Lewd and suggestive behaviour the thing Across the aisle she patiently observed A patron slumped over in drunken sleep Scooping up change with a nod to barkeep His last drink acknowledged, done for the night With a turn of abandon she hastened To cross over to where I sat observing A teasing sway to her ample bottom Her long flowing hair swayed in abandon Easing her charm next to me on the bench Our fingertips touched in playful exchange Her emerald eyes taking me away To a place ever distant, unfamiliar The intensity of our wonton gaze Burned as a thousand suns in galaxies Light years away, ever so out of reach Sensuality there...yet forbidden The impulse to ravage provocative Cravings intense, yet I must look away Knowing this encounter is surely wrong I beg her forgiveness and take my leave My heart pounding heavy, silent my voice Eyes clouded in painful sadness, remorse For a different place I was meant to be A dream that never happened, thankfully We met in a nightmare, forbidden dream Where tears fell in shame of what may have been Our parting cast by shadow, bittersweet Saved harmless from damage, absent refrain
  27. 27. LOVE IS Love is life in all its blessings A coddled sense, a kinder soul Fingertip dance with gentle touch Fond strokes caress, anticipation Gaze upon eyes to probing depths To see, to feel, to understand Pining, cravings, sweet tenderness Devotions beyond imagining A kiss so longing teardrops fall As cleansing bathe a lonely heart Overwhelming feelings embrace This heart, this mind....everything
  28. 28. TEMPTATION Our eyes voiced unspoken questions Of what we held so deep inside Smouldering sense of endearment Passionate stirrings, confusion Breathless images wavering Hesitation unforgiving My gaze excites, penetration The images my mind portrays Shuddering expulsion takes you To dimensions you've never seen Touch me with unspoken pleasure Release carnal instinct within Imagine the intensity Two lovers, silent, fornicate Lips in tenderness embrace Our moistness fills and permeates For this I want yet shall forsake Lest we flounder in damage done Our heart and soul in weakness yield To temptation, unforgiven
  29. 29. TENDERNESS Your words soft as a midnight caress Touch my soul as a gift, tenderly Fragrant, the syllables permeate My sense of allure, imaginings Fleeting inhibitions my refrain Waiting for a signal approving Racing in a fury uncontrolled A heart's infatuation, yearning Requisite gestures will orchestrate Our intentions, desires, destiny To savour a kiss, the aftertaste Of unspoken favour, loverspeak Your hand pressed to mine anticipates Unspoken pleasures by fingertip Our lips meet in exquisite transfer Of delicate witness, ecstasy A song in its silence capturing The essence of our thoughts in cadence The passion of our embrace lingers Into night's passage as candle burns
  30. 30. A DREAM FOR TWO By the lakeside we held hands and were kids for a day, a stroll on the beach, come what may. Wind whispering gently sweet love in our ear, romance by water's edge, a dream for two. Sparkling waves in a cascade roll in Stroking the shoreline, then slip away A romance rekindled, two spirits unite Flickering candlelight, whispers of love Moonlit waters dance into the night A rose cast by lovers adrift tenderly Earth's sandy blanket, so soft underfoot In our shadows leaves a trail far behind This dream reserved for a party of two A tale of passion, desire and grace Lingering memories, warm afterglow Sweet slumber follows a fireside kiss
  31. 31. A VEIL BETWEEN So sweet and tender was their love, care and giving, deep respect. Lost in quarrel, misguided words, two lovers drift apart, resigned. Awkward moments paralyze Veil of silence, tears oft fall Languish ever, lost embrace Laughter stilled ungraciously A lover spurned, tempestuous Disdainful words in anger cast Open wounds in festered bleed Disaffection, saddening Longing tenderness ensues Distant memories prevail Tender kisses, gentleness Dissipate in painful haste Divisive glances, eyes avert Avoidance by a curtain drawn Parting without reconcile Forever closed once open door Past open window curtain sways Obscure, beyond a vacant room Unanswered questions long persist What could have been...forever lost
  32. 32. MEANT TO BE Each moment spent together...each moment meant to be. Lonely nights bring emptiness Two lovers drift apart Tears of anger, hearts of stone Defeated in the end Words avoided, cast in fear In silence burning pain Mistrust and apprehension Wearied soul within Broken union, letting go Now closed once open door Wilted flowers, petals fall Few remnants in their wake Passing time heals bittersweet Love blossoming anew Anxious glances, awkward smiles First moments spent with you Blessed feelings welling deep A sense of life returned Loving splendour, happiness Together, meant to be
  33. 33. OF WHISPERED THINGS Two sweethearts huddle, clandestine they speak, words between lovers, secret, discrete. Soft lips touch an earlobe, whispered sweet words Inner warmth cast from a heartbeat afire Enchanted, two lovers into eyes gaze Salacious renderings, mischievous, bold Finger tips touch in romantic allure Affectionate banter, clinging embrace Young romance budding, lingering smiles Barefoot by water's edge, walk aimlessly Footprints in sea wash dissolve magically Sun falls to horizon, amber retreat A glimmer of starlight beckons the night Shrouded in darkness sweethearts slip away
  34. 34. SHARE THIS DREAM By summer's night in darkness shone A candle's flicker, silhouette Subtle play of sculpted shadow Illuminance accentuates The softness of your wanton gaze Through moistened eyes reveals This unspoken hesitation A voice of unsatisfied cravings I ever cautiously approach But just one chance to share this dream Your searching glance betrays refrain A nervous shyness becomes you Fingers elegant, gracefully Draw silken strands of wayward hair Revealing neck of swan-like pearl Beneath, a handsome cleavage Our breath now heightened, anxiously Lips part in anticipation So gentle, fingertips unite In nervous foreplay, share this dream A gentle breeze past window's edge Temperance to our warm embrace Hands glide in earnest splendour past Trembling softness, probing caress Dance with me through an endless night A barefoot waltz, sweet serenade Whispers dispel unspoken needs Two lovers give in to desire Dawn's rising light past curtain falls In peaceful slumber, share this dream
  36. 36. HER NAME WAS AYANA Although the names in this poem are fictitious with respect to the accompanying photo here they nonetheless once belonged to beautiful young children of Ethiopia. Subject of this piece are the millions of hungered humanity who have perished out of starvation and its endemic disease. Pockets of African regions have been besieged by drought and poverty to the extent that human survival is precarious to fatal. Life hangs in the balance there as hungered mouths and outstretched hands want and beg for morsels of food and droplets of water. Drought, global inflation and armed conflict complicate an already desperate situation. International food aid has brought relief, largely from the US yet hunger remains for many a daily struggle to defeat the ever-present threat of death. Tears and desperate prayers simply weren't save Ayana. --------------------------------------------------- Her eyes deeply set in hungered hollows Soiled stringy hair strands so long ago bathed Sad vacant stare weeping waterless tears A smile forever lost, defeated dreams Ayana birthed a child, name of Dahnay Whose papa lays silent of malnutrition Gripped by the plague, sweetest wanton gaze Prayers for but few morsels he never consumed Ayana laid Dahnay to rest this day Emaciated remains, open grave Scorching sun glaring so unforgiving As baby lays silent, his mama sobs Gripped by a poverty, living in slums Injera flatbread their only staple Their shelter a mud hut of single room Earthen floors a place of broken slumber On blistered foot walking many hours long To market they carried sorghum and maize Over parched grasses dry, infrequent rains Relief by the droplet long ago seen
  37. 37. HER NAME WAS AYANA cont’d... Bitterness replacing glimmers of hope Distended ribs skeletal, starved remains A toxic cocktail of pain, misery Life's eventuality, death's redress Look into Ayana's eyes...if you can Vacant by their witness, her soul bereft Her heart once torn to pieces, dignity Ravaged by failings of humanity Baby Dahnay's cries sadly unanswered He clung to mama's breast, his dying thirst Left un-satiated, he'd look away His lifeline to survival dried up, gone Close your eyes now baby Dahnay, look away From a life not of your choosing sadly May your afterlife be more plentiful Without hunger, pain, and rampant disease Mama Ayana will be there for you Where papa awaits, a family again In happiness always you will all stay By your hut where once you gathered in prayer ...may the hunger cease to exist some day
  38. 38. YOU DIDN’T NEED TO For all those times you didn't understand My attitude and all the things I said Constant in your tolerance outwardly You'd resist the temptation to fight back Against your better judgment, had my say Firm in your resolve yet never by your hand From molehills to mountains you let me climb Unsure of steady footholds, let me be The person I aspired, broke my fall Unsure of my direction, constant change Even walked from college, never my scene Disappointed as you were, held your own Afforded me decision, my own time To choose my own direction, find my way Mom standing at the door, tears streaming down And you by her side, with a handshake and a nod Bidding my good fortune through open door You didn't need to fuss over me so Yet your guidance was my inspiration My roadmap to discovery your grace Your goodness and wisdom my answered prayer
  39. 39. UPON LAYERED SOULS As tiered as in lyrical verse Thoughts linger in layered repose Recessed in memory shaped as A Bonsai painstakingly pruned Intrinsic limbs of solitude Hang lazily in altered state Buoyant transitions of stratum Void of cognitive dissonance Photographed images shaping A lifetime of moments we shared Eclipsed by a passing notion Draped in a moonlight serenade We gaze with longing wonderment Through the eyes of a layered soul Our destiny shadowed mirrors Prophesy of things before us Stepping stones pattern our journey A heartsong forever embraced
  40. 40. FOR ALL THAT INSPIRES In a world ever craving repentance Unsettling disquiet blemishes Our very existence and just resolve For better tomorrows than yesterday Just beneath the surface of reality Suspended yearnings in poised refrain Awaiting each moment of appearance For all that inspires, they postulate A singular wall stands before tempest Remnant defiance to a tragedy A newborn child's tears mark new beginnings Our future cradled in a basinet Heroes raise a flag amid fallen ruins A cease fire compelling silent prayer Buildings raised from flood and devastation Sun's rise on a landscape darkened by fear A poet's words, a songwriter's ballad A people's embrace of cultural change Freedom to voice without reprisal Courage in the face of adversity For all that inspires, the grace of hope A head bowed in prayer on bended knee Eyes slowly turned to the Heavens above Looking for answers, reason for being Enlightened we walk a familiar path To so many places we've longed to be Facing each other, our arms open wide In acceptance, a world that ought to be
  41. 41. NOT ENOUGH HEROES ...dedicated to Burton Cummings, singer/songwriter/producer. Whether real or imported from myth, most of us have our own heroes in this life. Those heroes may be current day or remembered from long, long ago. Regardless, we see heroes as someone we hold in high regard, perhaps the highest level of recognition and notoriety for an act(s) that this person has bestowed to the benefit of others. Whether in relative or figurative terms there are fewer instances today where an individual is held to such a lofty standard...yet they do indeed exist. Whether that hero is a great thinker, a person of epic or monumental faith, practitioner of medicine saving lives, an officer of law enforcement or firefighter, a musician who has left a deeply personal mark on one's psych, an author of profound examinations, a scientist, a holder of the Nobel Prize...whatever personal standard one holds to in their perception of another as a "hero", those heroes seem harder and harder to find. Those heroes do exist and our lives the better for having been witness to their achievement, their story, their awareness, their sacrifice. Not Enough Heroes For the voice of many a savoured few Extolled for their vigilance save demand Forging ramparts against disregard Where amusement is borne of ignorance By the grace of miracles angels watch Our energies conflicting with powers that be Saints beguile sinners with little refrain Their charge handed down by a higher being Visions of tomorrow mark destiny Our faith in life a lofty state of being To climb every mountain, wish upon stars Overcome the impossible, lo, to dream Deception shall be scorned by recompense Let truth be our saviour, indemnified Against intolerant attitudes That would be our destruction otherwise Our heroes' footsteps measured destiny Belief in tomorrows come what may The courage to differ, wisdom to fear Daring to dream, exploring new frontiers A hand raised in challenge, the warrior's cry Tears shed in resplendent victory The driven may dance to lonely a song Ambivalent to their fortune, envy
  42. 42. ALLOW ME THIS But few moments span a lifetime A fissure sinks unmeasured depths Solar flares rage from distant sun As tail of the lion, daunting Chilled air of morn, melon drop dew In glistened meander falling Speckled doe in placid forage Draws water's cleanse, a pristine brook Mine eyes reflect the shimmering Ears touched by reclusive silence Allow me this gift of wanton Extravagance, not forsaken Eyes closed, feel heartbeat quickening Mind's parabolic mandolin Symphonic cadence, elegance Allow me this time, this moment Be this my forever bounty Upon prayer I cast forth my will Lay trust and favour at my feet Allow me few moments to live
  43. 43. APEX In foothills I wade through tallgrass deep Windswept gyrations of golden weave Pine drops nestle gently, colourscape A Weeping Willow shrugs forlornly My breath now hastened by steady climb Craggy rock projections imposing Footholds marked ever so carefully As danger threatens each forward step Sagebrush skittering as cotton drift Carried by gusts of transparency Seedlings whirling in cadent freefall Over bedrock soiled and moss laden Silence surrounds, nature's utterance Caressingly mute, an abeyance Rising crescendo echoes heartbeat The imposing ascent challenging Thoughts linger now of life's consequence Time in a capsule, suspended dreams Prayers left unanswered, aspirations Before me as this mountain, calling Within sight this towering apex Seeming unreachable destiny Beckons my conquest, dares my resolve To rise above obstacle, victor Below a world marks its history Moments in passage predetermined Or random occurrence naturally Unfolding in a world ever changing At piece observing a universe Beyond stars that bridge a galaxy Visions born of imagination Inspired on a summit, snow-peaked
  44. 44. CLEANSED Disrobed of my shell I pause beneath This outpouring, frenzied maiden mist Chilled fusion of droplets, constant flow Follow my contour in cleansing swirl Churning in torrent past naked limbs Snaked in fury abound, bedrock smooth Each molecule scouring pores inflamed By deception, pain, intolerance In a hiss of contempt froth away Discard of torment, purify soul Cascading sparkle bid recompense A lifetime of failure, discontent Cloak me in softness and purify This heart defiled, this mind cast in stone Dispirited, though, with passion rise To face tomorrow with cleansed goodbyes
  45. 45. DELIVERANCE Disquiet of living beckons my Withdrawal, perhaps escape as it were Sameness does beg of duplicity Assimilation a distant dream Comfort surrounds upon easy chair My reticent demeanor calming Eyes drawn in closure indemnifies An insubordinate blindness Breath tapered gently in rise and fall Consciousness yields cathartic daydream In distant theatre river flows Shimmering waves of deliverance A cleanse of undaunted magnitude Easing this burden, ineptitude Clouds disburse in drifted abandon An admonition of guilt released Exhaling intently, moments stilled Here I discover deliverance
  46. 46. DESTINY Lay out a course upon the stars Where future plays in mystery As solar flares in distant reach To darkness from a blazing light Thoughts pattern limitless regard Obscure, our seamless path unfolds What higher entity expounds Our portion in this galaxy Eyes closed in expectation seek Response to query unanswered Drifting into sleep disrupted By inept proclivity Footprints cast upon the sands In haste withdrawn by sea's erasure Nullify our brief existence A chosen path in disarray To measure life by destiny Embrace forever that believed Embark upon uncertain journey Realize the impossible dream
  47. 47. FRAGMENTS OF A WHOLE Cathedral spire pierces darkened sky Shadow's mimicry past window sill Moon's crescent penetrates starlit night Dew-glazed cobblestone bridge glistening Echoed laughter drifts aimlessly by Spilling from a tavern, drink inspired Tuscan pre-eminance, centuries Preserved infinitum, forged in stone Weary villager, weathered his face Alone amoung many, singular A pebble tumbles in pantomime Black raven's flight in silent retreat Coleman's stove ambers, sinewy smoke Heavenward whisps, haze of serpentine Distant, a church bell tolls resolute Confiding late hour and timeless faith Rooftops converge in Gothic camber Prominent edifice in abstract Sun's radiant glow beckons dawn's rise Discipating morn's blanket of fog An infant's cry, whispered morning prayer Cowbells clang noisily, children chatter Horse drawn carriages, elegant dress The village concession, corner store Fragments of a lifetime captured still A sound, a vision, caricature Edifice of whole, concept or true An entity separate, distinct
  48. 48. HOPE AND DREAMS In clearly troubled times the peoples of a nation seek a new direction, a new faith and inspiration from a chosen leader. First with adulation, a triumphant and historic election bring in a man of great vision, empowerment and life force who embraces hope, prosperity...and dreams. May this courageous new leader move forward to set his own legacy with renewed stability and security for his nation and may he find answers that have alluded so many who precede him. May he also walk in safety through his long journey ahead. Godspeed. Time draws upon a legacy Of passages, unanswered dreams A fallen soldier, lowered flag Institutions left in ruin We look to everlasting peace In God we trust unwavering A hungry child in sadness sees Faltering of humanity Dawn breaks to stark realities The challenges ahead we face Emboldened by a vision clear Of hope and dreams, our destiny With passion lay the cornerstones Of future, life and liberty From fading footsteps trail behind The path ahead, a new frontier Save harmless those in destitute The homeless in a troubled land Disparaged by a hatred seed Planted blindly, hypocrisy Long unabated bigotry Stains the face of equality One and the same we forge ahead Our nations bound, our peoples pledge Courage, conviction, fortitude Crossroads meet, future unfolds Laying framework, vast bridges span Global derision, posturing Resurrecting belief and trust In church, in state, in governance Burdens' pallor, uncertainty New beginnings, hopes and dreams
  49. 49. SOLITUDE An inkless pen pressed upon blank pages Voiceless ideas as yet to be scribed Cloudless skies darken to infinite space Where shooting stars streak in silent journey Quarter moon's ridges, iridescent glow Splays awkward shadows upon earthen plain A windswept threshold echoes faint footsteps Particles of sand embrace impressions Far beyond eye's reach, an eternity Of life, of living, internality Presence of mind, with commonality Relieved existence, I lay in repose Excepting a heartbeat none that I hear Save for solitude, alone with my thoughts At peace with one's self, in quiet I sleep Mind in separation, to dream...escape
  50. 50. TREASURE In darkened depths by coral reef Treasures golden, silver earrings Pendants glitter, long strings of pearl Lustre, polish, these sunken dreams This chest of destiny fallen To darkened depths of salten sea But a chance, a dream, a fortune Lost to a tempest, drawn beneath Its guardian host, fleshless skull Lays prone in silent gemstone watch A voiceless soldier cast seaward Testament to emboldened past Jewels of lore in legend's verse Crystallized gems and serpentine Diamonds and saphire, opulent Rings and goblets, shimmering coins The hopes of many, gift of few Treasures of fantasy, mystic Sunken burial, ocean's lair A future, a past, treasured things
  51. 51. A POET'S PLACE Possessed by the grace of poetic mind, unparalleled thoughts one of a kind. Long to be cherished this online space, words gifted from poets in this magical place. Dedicated to all our friends here, writers of verse. Have a safe and happy holiday season. Best wishes to everyone who shares in this, out poetry place. A gift of expression, on page life unfolds Of style and elegance, pageantry, bold Visions explored, reminiscent within Life's song in verse, words poetic begin Tears from tragedy, sadness from loss Two lovers quarrel, words in haste cross Splendours of nature, beloved sounds Places of wonder, true friendship found Emotions poured out, our true feelings shared Touching accounts, our heart and soul bared For love of the poem, words crafted with grace A beloved journey, this poet's place
  52. 52. AT PEACE Silent moments comfort As beside you I observe Your dreamstate calm Eyes closed, move still Tracing footsteps past Fantasy, what's real Lips part in exhale Dispose of unwant Whispered thoughts In quiet prayer Fingers grasping angel's touch Tenderly lay In blessed Peace
  53. 53. HOPE IS Hope is the foundation of all that we aspire to throughout the course of our lives, what we desperately cling to during times of medical crisis, what we embrace as we look to our future…and so much more. The silent force that flows within Blessed moments of faith endured Through sickness and health, warm embrace Few moments passed, hours remain Loving words heal a broken heart Answers came where once there were none Budding branches on lifeless limbs Sunrays’ pass through a blackened sky Healing wounds close on battlefield Gun turrets silent, peace prevails Medical breakthrough lifelong dream A newborn’s cry drawing first breath Child of tomorrow birthed today Wilderness saved from destruction Seedlings planted, forestation Birds of extinction taking flight Salmon spawn, in abundance drift Upstream clamber in purity Falling tears yield a soothing smile A friend, a loved one, a promise
  55. 55. A MOTHER LOST ...for you mom, love and miss you so much. Fairest one that passed beyond Who gave so much, return for not Rise up to meet your own long gone Embrace your peace that is your due What grace and caring ways you've shown Now gone from us, but memories embraced Meet the heavens your faith did hold And shine upon us, save our souls Be blessed for all that you did give Tireless love and endless care To dedicate your life to those Who cherished all you had to share Your partner will ever miss you now His heavy heart and sorrow shows A lifetime shared with one so fair You'll meet again, the time you'll know Beloved by all that you did know Tender moments gone we won't forsake Stay in our hearts forever more We that were loved by an angel
  56. 56. MISSING YOU I have a precious photo hanging on our dining room wall, lovingly placed among a series of family we have lost over the years. We call this special wall section our 'memory wall'. The picture that I am looking at now is my beloved grandfather who we lost so long ago. So tall you stand, brimming with pride Eyes of clear focus, sound of mind So gentle inside though oxen strong So long we loved, looked up to you Conviction and valour cherished As you served upon stormy seas Gazing in wanton glory to New concepts and realities Your smile would touch a stone-cold heart Your words assuring, kindly warmed Lines of the ages etch your face Quiet reflection was your grace In waning years your tears did flow A body failing, frustration Such dignity you once embraced Then slowly slipping from your grasp Your song so blessed with remembrance Of better times that passed you by A bagpipe ballad sung in prayer 'Amazing Grace' your epitaph For love of right and just reward Determination marked your way A lifetime serving others was Your passion, first love, destiny I miss you gramps Love always
  57. 57. Immortality You said you would never leave me But now I have to let you go Here for much more than a lifetime Your eternal heart and soul flows Memories through the ages shall pass Long after all the sad goodbyes The tears I shed in agony All the sweet songs and lullabies Live this never-ending journey Through life and through death evermore Blessed by a kindly existence Move forward as never before Cherished each moment you gave me The memories shall ever be clear The love and gentle words spoken All things that you ever endeared For all who have passed before us In our hearts you will always be The song and the life and spirit Essence of immortality
  58. 58. 9.1.1. - A SAD DAY The horrors of September 11, 2001 will stay with us long. This poem is for the little ones...whose parent won't come home. Two little siblings kneel bedside at prayer Hands clasped so tightly, in unison share Wishing their daddy would come home real soon To tuck them in gently and kiss them good night Teardrops are all that they see on this night As heartbroken mommy sits quietly, close Stroking their hair with a sweet loving smile Tearful, she whispers "I miss him too" Mom and her little ones won't sleep tonight As they gaze into darkness wondering why This man they so love will never come home Their last hug together the memory they share
  59. 59. YET ANOTHER DEAD SOLDIER Newscast of the day breeds fear and contempt Breathless anticipations taunting me Hours spent staring at a silent phone Time my worst enemy, I agonize Day after day this bloody misery Eating my insides to the very core Tears shed upon pillow night after night My cleansing relief from this suffering Finally exhaustion will cause my sleep Restless avoidance of his images Cautious steps testing, eyes ever cast down Breath shallow, fast and burning dissipates A flash and rip concusses, eardrums flare Numbness overcomes, vision fades to black Noontime stirrings summoned, telephone rings Words of solemn sympathies tear my soul Phone slams to wall, I crumple to the floor Uncontrolled weeping my only console Yet another dead soldier is buried My son laid to rest upon foreign soil
  60. 60. ALWAYS WITH ANGELS Your eyes animated, so broad your smile Heart of an angel, so much sacrificed Barbershop song brought you so much pleasure The skill of a craftsman with tools in hand Unkindly words absent the words you spoke A gifted person, so much that you shared Moving forward with vision, tenacity In little found treasure, new beginnings To family you offered unwaning love The warmth of embrace, reassuring glance A positive energy, strength you bore Treasured always by loved ones near and far It pained us to see in your later years An inner disquiet, lost memories Tears that often surfaced, a vacant gaze Yet through it all came laughter and a grin With your lifetime partner so much you shared The love, the friendship, the moments so dear Always with angels you were meant to be Go now in peace and forever more
  61. 61. LEST WE FORGET Since the early beginnings of recorded history and beyond there has been conflict between peoples. That conflict has turned violent, whether between individuals, tribes, factions, organizations, and the military. Whether for personal, religious or political reasons the results are often tragic. We subscribe to ideologies that at times become an obsession, fixating on what we deem to be correct, moral, just or rational. We are no longer a peaceful, patient people. Instead we let force navigate our existence, our fate. We loath banal indifference preferring a call to action, the consequences be damned. We take life as a means to an end begrudgingly, resignedly. But what of the lives that are lost and the devastation left for surviving loved ones to deal with? We cannot and must not ever forget about the consequence... Death by precision justifies Killing field's slaughter, consequence Limbs strewn in bloody disarray The stench of war suffocating Tears stain a soldier's uniform Streaks of anguish shed in vain Abated fear haunts silent graves Where the fallen rest, prayer's refrain A nation mourns the deathly toll Mounting daily through unresolve Row upon row of caskets draped With flags of homeland awaiting Courage, conviction marked their way With honor dispatched, homeward bound While loved ones gather far away Distraught, they grieve their painful loss Lest we forget the brave who served Pause to reflect their selfless acts Preserve our freedom and protect Our way of life, to live in peace
  62. 62. OF CHERISHED THINGS With but a matter of hours remaining before moving day I sit in the early morning sun, so tired, so sore, yet so content. I stare at a sea of cardboard boxes bearing our entire life, our existence, our worldly possessions. I can't help but reminisce about what each piece within those boxes has meant over the years. All our tireless daily toil through the perpetual working day to produce what lays within these walls. Purchases, gifts, castaways. These items we so proudly display, speak of, ponder over, contents of our dwelling...the things we cherish beyond all. Time's passage bears, these gifts adorn Framed likeness hung upon bare walls On mantle rests his remnant ash A father passed, a kindly man An easy chair where mom once sat Her gentle laughter still I hear A television, computer Conveys news from another world Electronic things that entertain Books of romance and mystery Cooking appliance to sustain Plants to flourish, a floral vase Intimate moments, long embrace A kiss, a touch, sweet memories Left behind though forgotten not This refuge, home, of cherished things The arguments, harsh words cast out Tears of anguish, pain and torment Impassioned laughter photographed Still moments saved of better times Moving on to another place To nurture, grow and cultivate New beginnings, continuance Life, living, and deliverance
  63. 63. ALONE TOO SOON A heartbeat stilled, too soon they're gone, a loved one, cherished, passes on. Such emptiness we feel inside, longing for just one more goodbye. Perchance we'll some day meet again, till then sweet memories...comforting. Silent memories, sorrowed dreams Burning teardrops endlessly Emptiness, consumed, unease Vacant whispers hauntingly Lifelong wishes, what will be Succumb to fate, destiny Inner sadness, outer faith Loneliness proliferates Captured images portray Tenderness, humanity Blessings treasured, endearing Void of colour, motionless Long-stemmed rose and photograph Love and beauty, everlast Hastened passing, brief goodbyes Sleep well angel, missing you
  64. 64. HOURS BLEED ETERNAL ...for loved ones lost everywhere Nightmares frequent, relentless remind The torment of your passing scars A heart crippled in anguish now By your leave tears burn without end Pangs of sorrow haunted your soul Agonized by fear, suffering Borderless pain, anxiety Left your blessed world torn apart A faceless image in mirrors Inconsolable, looked away Clouds of uncertainty blanket A mind forever locked in chains You fought invisible demons With courage and dignity won Before succumbing to weakness Too weary now to struggle on Trapped behind a seamless glass cage In desperation hands against Cruel translucent barriers Drawn in a curtain of refrain Vision singular as Cyclops Impaired by forged entities Distorted reality grips A mind eternally besieged Absent your laughter, calming words So gentle your touch, warm embrace Lost, the silken flow of your hair Fragrant in scent caressed your face Your stride with such purpose told me Of life's meaning you once possessed Now the hours bleed eternal Your spirit, your life ever lost
  66. 66. WHAT I CAN’T BE ANYMORE The onset of dementia is a critical progression of cognitive challenges that are frustrating and debilitating. Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease has been prevalent in my family. Perhaps our genetic makeup is such that we are sharing a systemic and ravaging illness that will eventually take each one of us (our family) beyond a point of reckoning, beyond sensible awareness, beyond the capability to understand what it is that is tearing us down. Here, I write this piece in the first person, one who has been afflicted by dementia, in an attempt to help others understand what dementia does to a person as it runs its course. I pray that I will never know what so many of my family have come to know of this illness...yet I fear that someday I too will succumb. So damn restless, this constant shifting Tossing and turning, sleep evading Insidious tension engulfs me The voices beside me confusing Time dragging endless as the dark night Yet the clock tells differing stories Numbers, they will change but are constant The second hand sweeping eternally Goddamn, I can't bare this long silence So tired…just sleep…so damn tired With jarring consternation I rise Half blinded by brilliance of morn’s light Shut the blinds, shut the blinds…hurry up Was that the phone? Hello, who’s calling? No-one’s there, someone’s playing their games Did it ring, damn it, I know it rang My eyes so heavy, just want to sleep The bathtub begs my linger to soak Bubbles and steam, soap in tiny swirls Stinging, I ease down, is it too deep? Drops from the spout leave concentric rings Growing wider, ever wider save Those breaking upon my skin as waves With silent crash as a surging sea Laying back sudsy water by chin Soothing aching muscles in spasm The shower head looms, a silent snake Coiled in readiness…just a shower Now rising, water cascades to floor Where’s my towel, oh God, my towel Why am I crying, what’s the matter Sobbing, I can’t even remember
  67. 67. JUST FOR BEING...AMY Dedicated to Amy Wood... But for your words would I understand Engagement of realities seen Through words of angelic messenger Embraced reassurances written With delicate touch you permeate An existence shared so openly Tears cleansing a heart so deeply touched By misgivings of humanity Know love and affection, blessed child And light over darkness guide you May your dreams hold comfort eternal And your eyes be delivered from pain Your heart bears delicate witness to The cruelty of shattered innocence Gifted are those whose lives you touch Ours to cherish for now and always Bless you Amy Wood
  68. 68. OPENWORKS Our lives a web of transparencies Openworks of configurations Flesh blanketing a skeletal frame Beyond cells of propagated limbs Extended courtesies, obliging Kindly words of forgiveness spoken The wounds of life's bitter offerings Fester without bandage or dressings Eyes castigate in hateful judgement Lo reasonable considerations Would now behest our swift attention Save unintentional consequence May substance flow in unrestricted Chaste embellishment for adorning ....this mantel of our integrity Neurons in a cacophonic transfer Teeming familiarity to Infinite networks interwoven Electrified by outward senses A mind in all its complexities Disseminating alterations Divergent streams of great distortions Fabricated to unkindly end The human condition challenges By virtue of our imperfections Blood coursing through constricted veins Life force of variant energies Whilst heart and soul in deliverance Congeal in functional accordance ....the very essence of our being
  69. 69. SAVE HARMLESS EXCULPATORY DELUSIONS Lo fire and brimstone may burn as in Hell Nay where knaves and thieves in deception fall Lusting for injurious withholdings Trickery forged by the magician's wand Distortion in all its likeness does bear Semblance of reasoning abandoned still Psychoses of disproportionate form Disengaged realities, thus delusion Would I intercede your malcontent Nor exculpate your alleged guilt Acquit, lest I bear feigned innocence Your pillage of soul without consequence By the visage of your damning grace Do I bow in gentle acquiescence Doth my soul in plundered poverty speak Of divine interventions knowingly Predators loom in the darkness of night Cloaked in shadow yet valid silhouette Preying on the meek, complacent of woe A preponderance, new realities
  70. 70. SEASONS FOR CHANGE Your eyes glaze over in idle curiosity A banal silence washing over your voice In this moment pain and anguish reigns A heart that slows after timeless beats Thoughts that wander impatiently Between now and nowhere searching Tears that burn as ducts run dry Diffusing anger of what could have been Little ones lost that never grew up What I'd give to make it go away The tidal ambivalence, nothing gained Does a day fall so heavily into the night Without sunshine nor stars would you see In your autumn your hand now unsteady Your walk without purpose and stilted Jaded by losses with time you forsake Accepting what life so unkindly unfolds Unlikely reason, untimely reprieve Rest well upon nightfall, divine is your grace For the change of seasons fills your dreams Embrace with dignity whatever must be The night is still yours, the dawn of days
  71. 71. STATE OF BEING To embrace the seemingly out of reach What eludes our cognizant state of being Fervent intentions, ever kindly grace Your words, always offered in constancy Gentle your touch that transcends from the heart An unspoken gift, telling glance and smile Endure my unsavoury utterance Insipid ranting and misplaced anger Intolerance wagered without regard For life and its giving I cannot change Your eyes glazed over in disappointment Disheartened, yet in silence you digress In my favour, you gesture willingly Friend without condition, will always be My strength, my endurance, my state of being
  72. 72. OBSCURE NOTIONS Random passages, syllables Words of feigned manipulation An awkward touch enviously Tear-filled pupils' focus narrows Questioning, always questioning Self-absorbed in the obvious Prophesies rendered absolute An occurrence absent intent Defiant gestures, sacrifice Void of existence, mystery Endless the possibilities A muted voice of ignorance Fleeting moments, indecision Possibilities so cluttered Familiarity consumes
  73. 73. PROMISES Promises Anticipated truth Eyes Meet Utterance Words flow with acceptance Avowed
  74. 74. ALTERED STATE This corner of confinement my essence Where images converge and battles wage Forever drawn to fatal attractions A player upon formidable stage Fearful parlay conjures up altered states Innocence denied by contradictions Tears flow in silence from duplicity A voice without words in abdication This parallel gaze through veiled reflection Sweet child's acceptance will exonerate The wayward condition taunting her still Justify her existence, vindicate
  75. 75. BY WATER’S EDGE Gentle the mid-day's winds caress Transparent massage upon face Eyes cast outward, seas cascading As upturned waves cresting white Silence permeates endless thought Ghostly heartbeat's echo intense Naked toes stroking weathered floors Fingertips trace salt-laden sill Searching for answers ever lost Swept away, unforgiving tide Staring long into darkened depths Of an ocean despairingly Wondering what will tomorrow Bring forward from failed yesterdays By water's edge so long I wait...
  76. 76. FRAGMENTS OF A SHATTERED SOUL For those who are burdened with an anxiety disorder, depression or highly debilitating psychotic episodes the world around can be a very discomforting place. These disorders are rapidly increasing in occurrence. We have much still to understand in order to heal. Torn from reality once I knew Claimed by anxiety, lost to fear A strange separation, barriers Blinding, eyes closed in this altered state Erupting internally, displaced Weakened, fragments of reality I cry out in silence, distilled pain A soul in abandon confines me Surroundings clouded, unconsciously Feigning security, locked in chains Eyes cast in judgement, paranoia Penetrate as darts through open wounds Piercing a body bled out by pain Overwhelmed, a lifeless entity Endless denial, this shattered soul Shall vanquish, indemnify and heal
  77. 77. ON A DISTANT STAR On a scale as grand as rivers fall With salient prominence witness Lost the very goodness of mankind Yielding to eternal damnation We fight, we pillage, we extricate Our conscience defiled by human souls The spoils of our excess destroying A fragile ecosystem failing Taking up arms as matter of course Killing for the sake of posturing Park lands paved in the name of progress A towering highrise testament To a nation of thieves squandering The notion of simple existence Our sights transfixed to a distant star Searching for answers that may not come In time to save harmless our conduct Ignorance, greed and intolerance
  78. 78. SHE By darkest hour of midnight past Wave upon cresting wave's caress Sands of a shoreline glistening A froth in great turbulence churns Silent she strides in mournful gaze Undefined footsteps dissipate Eyes cast in languish, longingly Searching, for answers, anything A maiden mist wraps her bodice In a mystic foray trailing Drifting ever further wordless A dream, a temptation, surreal Obscure, the cloud-draped horizon Falls away, prolonged disquiet Aberrations befall her soul She drifts, this angel of darkness Moments become eternity As salt-laden tears whisper tales Lamenting her endless journey This child of the night walks alone
  79. 79. A FACE IN THE CROWD In a sea of many faces each person stands alone, a history of being, in multiplicity as one. A streetscape of density, urban sprawl Dotted by humanity, faceless crowd Hastened footsteps, anxious, shifting eyes Life in the fast lane, avoidance, mistrust Towering highrise, storefronts obscene Back street mentality, threatening Cutting blades hidden, boys in the hood Stolen possessions, trash talk, disgrace Onlookers gaze, eye contact by chance Dogged, determined, uncertainty Searching wantonly, a vacant stare Fleeting, disappears, ghostly retreat Reflections of self in startle reflex Damaged imperfection, bleeding within A cry for acceptance, endless I wait Alone in the jungle, man without face
  80. 80. A PLACE OF SHELTER, NOT A HOME Feelings of emptiness, cast out alone, nothing but the street to call their home. Hungry, disillusioned, the elements feared, life on a doorstep, a prisoner to the cold. Huddled in the din of lamp post glare Cold of the night grips of my bones Fluid on fire rages deep in the lungs Sickened, alone, desperate for sleep Passers by vent disdain for my kind Downward glances, grimace of hate Vilify my being, cast me aside Ignore my reality, turn away Untouched by my hunger, void of guilt Not a penny you spare from pockets deep Angry avoidance, eye contact forbid Apologetic for un-acceptance A concrete doorstep, shelter awaits The poor and forgotten, scourge of life Raise not your hand, impoverished one Unwelcome castaway, disappear Tears well in eyes shadowed by pain Defeat engulfs this forgotten soul Death be my demon lurking near I'm stricken, empty, resented, alone
  82. 82. PEBBLES AND SAND An amber sunset clings to sea's horizon Hues of molten lava bathed in coral pastel Tall masts piercing stillness of unburdened sky Gulls in playful banter navigate shorelines Etched in waves' caress amid pebble and sand Naked toe impressions tell of lovers' pass Cautious steps in avoidance of nature's things Tiny crab in petrified scatter abound Gulf winds drifting in ambient intrusion A taste of salty maiden mist drifting in Kelp and driftwood strewn in artful disarray Markers of tidal discharge, banal existence Now dotlets of humanity in twilight's glow Flicker intermittent as stars upon nigh Sound fails save water's ripple, at last alone Skipping stones in ambivalent reflections
  83. 83. HAIKU hummingbird frenzied wings whisper flight's hungered hesitation tongue's flutter sipping of sweet nectar sea waves A frothing camber Systolic after cresting Ocean's response in cadent freefall
  84. 84. DRAWN TO THIS PLACE In afforded seclusion I reflect The pureness and sanctity of this place Silence precedes constant waves announcing Transient passage upon sandy shores A horizon bathed in the richest hue Of purest intensity, virginal An island of resplendent desertion Aproned by centuries of weathered stone Ever am I drawn to this place by sea Refuge to my innermost unsettling Clouds linger as gauze beneath bandages Absorbing the excess of bleeding wounds With gentleness touches a calming breeze Forbidding tears wept in painful release Heavy burdens linger where footsteps trail Impressions withdrawn by tidal retreat It is here that I pause, my thoughts transcend Without limitation, absolution
  85. 85. BEAUTY IN SILENCE Air embraced with winter soaked chill Sounds of silence meandering Water drop riplets' outbound waves Snow dusting's flutter powdery Icicled tree limbs lazily Slumber, exotic ecstasy Crisp waters mirror majesty Fox and white owl, soaring eagle Pebbled shores romance snow-capped banks Dimpled with doe trail mystically Whiffs of cloudburst ambling by Timber strewn backdrop, frost-tipped fir Breathless serenity, sun-bathed Beauty in silence, comforting Reverent in its glory bathes A mind, a soul, inwardly peace
  86. 86. FRAGILE EXISTENCE I would preface this piece with the reflection that although the world and all that lives upon it is enduring our existence is highly frangible, wrought with threatening occurrence that places us in a precarious position, exposed to distress and eventual failure should we not recognize the things which may one day render the globe a lifeless entity. Towers of igneous touch upon sky Extrusions of might pierce cloud canopy Victor to eons of weathered storm Untouched environs in boldness surround Seas embrace foothills of arid and sage Windswept fragility by its witness An eagle careens upon downdraft force Taking refuge upon cavernous ridge In distant lands instability reins As precarious existence unfolds Life's breath nullified, an ecosystem Distressed by our own reckless abandon An ozone depletion circles the globe Acid tinged raindrops upon the earth fall Refuse discarded in careless abandon Non-degradable degradation Munitions target with deadly precision While fragments astray serve to victimize A child lays silent on a killing field Bled out and expired, miserable failings Devastation echoed by a mother's cry A faith long displaced by anger and fear Prayers go unanswered, tears crimson will fall Yet hope rings eternal, lest we forget Far away sits an eagle in silent watch O'er a land so sacred yet so fragile Existence threatened by a wary hand Looming in abeyance by our command
  87. 87. A FALLEN LEAF Many the splendour of a cool autumn day, yet a sense of betrayal...death nature's way. A chill embraces this autumnal day Dense cloak of fog hangs heavy at dawn The scent of decay, a dewdrop-soaked leaf Loses its grasp on a half-naked limb Feelings of sadness, a coldness within Lost summer days, clouds of anger in sky A blanket of frost in darkness clings A sparkling demon shines crystalline Once vibrant flora now sag as in pain Lifeless reminders of winter's approach Small creatures storing sustenance deep A bear soon in slumber will hibernate Lowly of spirit, I witness decline The Maple Leaf shed as if by disease On the window sill lays a fallen leaf A victim of coldness, death nature's way
  88. 88. A MEADOW SONG Alone with my thoughts in a meadow walk, sauntering lazily, hearing meadow songs. Tall grasses dance to a valley breeze Fragrant, inviting, tranquility there A bumblebee hovers, then swiftly gone Cattle stand grazing, my presence ignored A pasture lined with serpentine oak Statues of nature, limbs heavenward reach The farmhand labours tilling the soil A plot for the garden and wheat fields grow Whispy clouds sweep a powder blue sky Bathed in sunshine, an artist's dream Splendour on canvass, a stroke of the brush Sweet sounds of summer, a meadow song
  90. 90. MINSTREL’S SONG On weathered leather of piano stool Postured songster croons a poetic churn Smooth as butter yet with a rustic spin Octaves played out, slow pentatonic verse Ivory keys dance by gnarled fingers' touch Blistered, weeping digits play minstrel song Notes of pain and anger, words bitterly Interrogate, chastise indifference Of benign passersby, a wary glance At this wordsmith decrying modern man A scourge of society, whispered prose Faint samplings of humanity eagerly Bemused, his angst tempered by waning smile Rhythmic notes linger, foot pedal caress This barter of utterance lost in time Walks to a beat of a different drum Eyes turned away, tears fall in misery His blackface painted sombre, minstrel sings
  91. 91. A FATHER'S PRIDE It seems like only yesterday my sons were born. So tiny, fragile, innocent, clutching for support. Dependent and unaware, these small bundles of joy are now young adults leading lives of their own. For Devin and Brendan... Anxious were the days after You came into this world Tiny, wrinkled lumps of love We all endeared you so Cuddle close, my arms surround My hand your fingers grasp Trusting of my loving care Sweet dreams my precious ones Good health and happiness be Your blessings from the start Know how much you mean to me My pride, my joy, my sons Now grown up, so strong and sure You need to go your way Just remember dad is here To help, to hold, to love Stay close wherever you may go My heart is always near A warm embrace, your knowing smile The love and friendship that we share
  93. 93. MAKE THIS NIfGHT LAST FOREVER Tonight we shared moments as sweet as can be The candles burned long, we made love tenderly A cooling wind passes the window sill now The curtains stirred ever so slightly again Cool is the night wind caressing our bodies A moonlight shines brightly, dark shadows they dance To a song that consumes us till sleep overtakes Make this night last forever, not fade away Our hearts flow in unison, beat to a rhythm Breathless we lay in a passionate embrace Fingertips tracing in a frenzied exchange Our lips play to a silent lover’s refrain Cool is the night wind caressing our bodies A moonlight shines brightly, dark shadows they dance To a song that consumes us till sleep overtakes Make this night last forever, not fade away Whispers break silence and tears tell a story A burning desire makes the hurt fade away Whenever you’re near me nothing else matters I love you more now than I’ll ever again Cool is the night wind caressing our bodies A moonlight shines brightly, dark shadows they dance To a song that consumes us till sleep overtakes Make this night last forever, not fade away
  94. 94. Throughout our lives we expend great energy establishing and maintaining friendships. Our relationship with friends blossoms from a seedling, maturing to a point of intimate fondness reserved for a select few. We nurture that relationship as something so sacred, so close to our hearts that seemingly nothing can stand in the way of that friendship. Sadly something happens along this journey and the relationship changes...the flower withers and dies or that intimate friendship suddenly disappears, sometimes for no apparent reason. How do we let such precious relationships slip through our grasp? Now all that's left is the pain. YOU WENT AWAY All that we had I thought was a lifetime The days and nights spent, the laughter and tears So many moments, so many memories All of a sudden you just walked away How can I change what must have been broken So wrong that forever you went away Time and great distance now comes between us Unbelievably close, now torn apart The warm embraces, unspoken glances Kept all that we had forever in place What did I say that brought separation So wrong that forever you went away All of the miles that we walked in silence The paths that we chose so easy to climb Words always came to us without effort The memories linger of better times Can something so good slip through our fingers So wrong that forever you went away All I feel is regret for whatever Suddenly severed the bond that we had Am I mistaken, was it your doing How can something so right turn out so wrong Just one more chance is all that I'm asking Make up for the pain that sent you away... How can I change what must have been broken So wrong that forever you went away
  95. 95. A FEW MOMENTS APART So strong is our love, so missed when apart, we gaze out the window, tender of heart. But few times we travel a different path A void looms heavy upon our heart To glance out the window, wishing you near I long for you sweet one, return to me soon Whisper your love song, cast out in the wind A hint of your essence, your soul within Send to me love notes adrift in the breeze I hear you, I feel you beckoning me Be safe where you go, rest well where you sleep Place petals of rose on your pillow tonight Sweet dreams fill your night, awaken at dawn Eager for wonders that bless your new day Come home, precious flower, I need you near I hunger your closeness, embrace your cheer Familiar your kiss, the touch of your hand Say again that you love me, tender dear
  96. 96. MIGRATION OF THE DUNES Off the east coast of Canada amid the deep, dark waters of the Atlantic rests Prince Edward Island. To experience P.E.I. is to know a people whose heart is cast in gold, treasures in of themselves upon a land that is steeped in historic significance. Their existence hangs by a thread of balance, or imbalance, a dependence upon the goodness of land and sea. Their fate rests in their bounty and stronghold of their governance. ‘Tween the emerald tallgrass and wheat fields In a quilt works of golden profusion Rise the dunes by the sea they call Greenwich Where the deepest of blue waters shimmer Windswept sands creep on an inland traverse Where the marshes and woodlands be buried Shorelines in splendour hold fossils of old Tiny crab in a tremulous foray The ridges of sand known as Gegenwalle Meander in sculpted severity On the isle amid Atlantic waters Where lovers strolling barefoot enchanted Gulls caw to the winds and the dolphin swim By the shores of the dunes in migration From northernmost shores beyond Seacow Pond To the southerly docks at Wood Islands Victorian mansions of heritage Grace the hills amid forest and homestead
  97. 97. MIGRATION OF THE DUNES...cont’d. Roads of red clay in meandering twist Binding farms to the fisherman’s village Where lighthouses blink to offshore boats speak Through the mist in the moor of white darkness The red sandstone cliffs rising ominous Forewarning the dangers before them On the isle amid Atlantic waters Where lovers strolling barefoot enchanted Gulls caw to the winds and the dolphin swim By the shores of the dunes in migration In the forenoon the sun towers over Aged boardwalk of sea-gnarled gangways Villagers amble in solemn content Amid kibitz of islanders’ prattle The lore of east coasters forever holds In abeyance to life passed before them The outrigger’s cry as he battles seas In the fury of a mid-summer’s storm The mainstay would totter in gale force winds And the bow, she would list to the leeward
  98. 98. MIGRATION OF THE DUNES...cont’d. On the isle amid Atlantic waters Where lovers strolling barefoot enchanted Gulls caw to the winds and the dolphin swim By the shores of the dunes in migration Native bands settled this isle long ago By the resplendent shores of Atlantic Acadians set about tilling the plains And the Scottish would pioneer steadfast It is here where the easterly winds blow Their might upon the white dunes of Greenwich Sculpting a landscape for centuries long Peoples remain though the fisheries gone Land so beloved, the dreams that they share In their heart and their soul forever more On the isle amid Atlantic waters Where lovers strolling barefoot enchanted Gulls caw to the winds and the dolphin swim By the shores of the dunes in migration (repeat chorus)
  99. 99. FOREVER WOULD BE TOO SOON For my rose...lyrical verse Could these days become a lifetime Would our forever be too soon Nights would fall with endless pleasures Savoured moments as lovers do Lay your dreams upon my pillow Close your eyes until the dawn would rise As we dance on wings of angels Our song will serenade moonlight Tender kisses once a memory Linger so gently on your lips As song notes of a melody Sung an eternity too soon
  100. 100. FOREVER WOULD BE TOO SOON cont’d... Lay your dreams upon my pillow Close your eyes until the dawn would rise As we dance on wings of angels Our song will serenade moonlight Hand in hand we’ll walk the distance Barefoot strolls upon sandy shores Waves of love shall be our saviour Two hearts as one forever more Lay your dreams upon my pillow Close your eyes until the dawn would rise As we dance on wings of angels Our song will serenade moonlight Forever, my love, would be too soon