Hit A Golf Ball
                                                                                Like A Hockey Player
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Swing Your Golf Club Like A Hockey Player


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Swing Your Golf Club Like A Hockey Player

  1. 1. Hit A Golf Ball Like A Hockey Player The Source Of An Athlete’s Power The Swing Jacket is the only swing trainer that allows you to hit golf balls just as you will on the golf course. You’ll learn Power in many sports comes from a “connected” torso and the same “connected” golf swing that Peter Jacobsen, Scott FREE For USA Today Reader s shoulder turn against the foundation of a solid stance. Even McCarron, Billy Andrade and dozens of other Tour Pros Place your order online at www.swingjacket.com on skates. That’s how NHL hockey players fire slap shots at practice every day using Swing Jacket. If you’re having trouble or call toll-free 1-800-867-9411 and you’ll also receive over 100 miles per hour. It’s the same with home run hitters, getting out to the range every day here’s more good news free-of-charge… prizefighters, and tennis players. They all generate incredible from Swing Jacket. Because it keeps you on plane and on the speed and power at impact by harnessing the power from the • Jim Hardy’s “A Swing for right path every time, Swing Jacket is also effective when used big core muscles of the body. The top players on Tour deliver Life” Training Video in the privacy of your home or office with or without a club. power to the golf ball through the same fundamentals as • An easy-to-follow Swing these other athletes. You can too. Treat Yourself To A More Pow Sw erful ing Jacket Instructional Man al u • A handsome and rugged The Source Of Your Sw Problems ing At $149, Swing Jacket is a great deal. At our special intro- Swing Jacket Tote Bag ductory price of just $99 for USA Today readers, it’s an Most of us swing with our arms “disconnected” from our incredible value. And with our no-questions asked, money- • All 3 items and a Swing Jacket for just $99.00 upper bodies. Over the top, over swinging, across the line, back, “Great Swing” guarantee you have absolutely nothing outside – in and casting are all examples of a “disconnected” to lose. That’s right, you can practice with Swing Jacket, golf swing. The net result of all this slapping at the ball with risk-free for 30 days. Don’t delay. Order now. With Swing just your arms is loss of power and consistency. What you Jacket, there’s only one way for your handicap to go…down! really need to do is to learn to hit a golf ball like a hockey player. Now you can. Ask The Golfer W Ow One ho ns Harness The Hidden Pow In Your Golf Sw er ing Over 35 professional golfers and thousands of recreational golfers are posting lower scores thanks to Swing Jacket Swing Jacket™ is a revolutionary game improvement technol- and Jim Hardy’s “Swing for Life” training program. This ogy that has helped over 30 PGA Tour players and thousands is the same program Jim uses with the Tour Pros he instructs of recreational golfers just like you develop a powerful, (Peter Jacobsen, Scott McCarron, Tom Pernice Jr. and “connected” swing. The kind of swing that lowers handicaps. Brian Henniger). Swing Jacket creates a dynamic link between your arms and “It literally took just one swing and I knew Swing Jacket was torso guiding you through the full range of motion of a perfect going to help my game. I now practice with it every day and golf swing. You can’t “disconnect” because the patented torso I’m swinging better than ever. — Peter Jacobsen, 6 Time, PGA Tour Winner ” rails keep you on the swing plane that delivers the club head to the ball at the optimal angle and path every time. You’ll “I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and I’ve never seen any- hit the ball longer and straighter with less effort and the kind thing that can deliver these kind of results. Buy all the clubs of consistency you’ve only dreamed about! you want, but the Swing Jacket will make you a much better player way faster. — Ken Conroy, Head Professional, Springbank Links CC ” Perfect Practice Produces Power “Thanks to practicing with Swing Jacket, I’m 40 yards longer Every time you swing a golf club wearing a Swing Jacket, and in the fairway off the tee. The guys I play with every Guiding You To A Better Game you’re programming your muscles to remember and repeat Sunday can’t believe how much I’ve improved!” www.swingjacket.com 1-800-867-9411 the exact series of movements that produce great golf shots. — Ben Moss, Former USGA HCP 22