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Demo Video Coaching


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The four steps to getting you demo video coaching feedback

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Demo Video Coaching

  1. 1. Demo Video Coaching How to get started…
  2. 2. Your coach will add coaching notes and tips directly into the video with a time-code We’ll then share the updated video with you with a secure, private review page link that you can share with your team You can reply in real time or turn the embedded notes into a to-do list Add Coaching Notes Securely Share Collaborate and Track Send us your demo video and we’ll load it into our secure video tool Use the form on or Email Upload your demo
  3. 3. Tip Coaching feedback and tips are time stamped and appear both on screen, at the exact time the coaching is relevant, and in the to-do list on the right
  4. 4. Ready for take off? ➔ Record your demo and send it to us now ➔ Let’s get your demo from ‘Good to Great’; ‘Wow’ your next prospect and win that deal Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash