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Blogs and microblogs


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Blogs, Micro-blogs and twitter

Published in: Social Media
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Blogs and microblogs

  1. 1. Blogs and Microblogs Presented by Don Baraka
  2. 2. Introduction and Definition • Before the onset of mass computerisation, most people used notes and private journals to record their thoughts, feelings and ideas. • However, the onset of the digital revolution has largely phased out these rudimentary methods, and brought about, among other things, the blogging frenzy. • The word Blog, came to the lime light in the late 1990’s when there was a great realization that websites ,without good content were nothing more than empty shells. • This prompted a good number of web developers to concentrate more on creating content for their websites. • This started as logging or documenting daily activities or particular topics and ideas. Posting this logs on web pages exposed them to a global audience, and thus the name Blog was born, coined as a shortened term for web logs.
  3. 3. Importance and Development • As expected, bloggers and blogging communities started cropping up from all corners of the globe, and as the internet’s mighty reach grew, so did the number of these communities. • The logic became simple, if we write it, they will read it. For some, it even became a full time job since good content drove traffic, and this traffic could be monetized. Great content Happy users Avid Blogger More web traffic
  4. 4. Blogs vs. Microblogs • Eventually, a demarcation emerged and this was based on the type and quantity of content that a blogger was to post. • It was possible to do a one paragraph blog, or a one page or as many pages as were desired, coupled with loads of graphics, multimedia and images. These kinds of posts, were officially known as blogs • Microblogs on the other hand, involved far less content, usually a sentence or two, and most platforms for this even have a limit on how many characters you can type. • Mainstream blogging platforms include Facebook and Google+ while a perfect micro blog example is twitter.