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  1. 1. MichaelSchumacher. The best?
  2. 2. Information.Team MercedesNationality GermanPodiums 155Points 1560Grand Prix entered 304World Championships 7Highest race finish 1 (x91)Highest grid position 1 (x68)Date of Birth 03/01/1969Place of Birth Hürth-Hermülheim
  3. 3. The beginning.Michael Schumacher started out his racing career in the same way as all the greatdrivers, in karting. At four years old his father built him a kart and soon afterenrolled him in the local kart club Kerpen Horrom. From 1985 Schumacher drovefor Eurokart dealer Adolf Neubert and once again took the title.In 1989 Michael signed with Willi Weber, whose team WTS he would drive forduring 1989 and 1990 in the Formula 3 Championship. Weber paid the costs forboth seasons (approximately 1 million DM). In the 1989 season Karl Wendlingerwas champion, with Michael finishing 3rd behind Heinz-Harald Frentzen.During 1990 and 1991 Schumacher moved into sports car racing, instead of themore usual step up to Formula 3000. Many managers believed this would block hisprogression to Formula 1, but Weber believed that exposure to professional pressconferences and dealing with the cars of 700bhp would be beneficial.
  4. 4. Biography. You can read the biography on Michael Schumacher!The biography from Christopher Hilton on Michael was first published in July2000, but the current third edition published in 2007 has been updated after he retired from Formula 1 racing.
  5. 5. Important years.
  6. 6. 1990s.1996Joins Ferrari and starts on the long process of turning the teams fortunes around.Finishes third in the drivers championship.1995Wins his second drivers title with Benetton.1994Wins his first drivers championship with Benetton amidst controversy - collidingwith nearest rival Damon Hill in the last race of the season.1992Wins the Belgian Grand Prix and finishes third in the drivers championship drivingfor Benetton.1990Wins German Formula Three championship
  7. 7. XXI century.2012Best season yet of F1 return - in terms of speed. Secures first comeback podium in Valencia, butrepeatedly hampered by Mercedes poor reliability and points total fails to reflect pace. Replaced by theteam with Lewis Hamilton for 2013.2011Genuine improvement on 2010, almost matching team mate Rosberg in final standings. With Mercedeswell off the pace of top three teams, fourth place in Canada - the teams best result of the year - a realachievement.2010Comeback proves harder than expected. Struggles with handling characteristics of 2010 car. Initiallyunable to compete with team mate Rosberg in qualifying, and poor grid slots compromise races.Improves steadily, but ninth in final standings a disappointment.2009Plans to stand in for injured Felipe Massa at Ferrari fall through due to neck problems, but thenannounces full-time return with new Ross Brawn-led Mercedes team for 2010.2004Wins his seventh drivers championship in style with an amazing 13 victories from 18 races. Retires justonce, in Monaco, following controversial collision with Montoya under the safety car.
  8. 8. Year Position Points Championship1991 12th (=) 4 F1 World Championship1992 3rd 53 F1 World Championship1993 4th 52 F1 World Championship1994 1st 92 F1 World Championship1995 1st 102 F1 World Championship1996 3rd 59 F1 World Championship1997 2nd (DQ) 78 F1 World Championship1998 2nd 86 F1 World Championship1999 5th (Injured) 44 F1 World Championship2000 1st 108 F1 World Championship2001 1st 123 F1 World Championship2002 1st 144 F1 World Championship2003 1st 93 F1 World Championship2004 1st 148 F1 World Championship2005 3rd 62 F1 World Championship2006 2nd 121 F1 World Championship
  9. 9. “What motorsport has given to me in more than 30 years, I have lovedevery moment of it, good and bad.” Michael Schumaher
  10. 10. Links:1. Formula 12. Michael Scumacher Domoratskaya Varvara, 202