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Digital Marketing Strategy-Investec


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Digital Marketing Strategy-Investec

  1. 1. INVESTECDigital Marketing StrategyA presentation by Dominique Netto24 August 2011
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda• Brand Analysis• Investec’s Target Market• Digital Strategy Objectives• Digital Media Channels• Optimising Social Channels• Recruiting Investec Clients• Channel Integration• Measuring Investec’s Online Presence
  3. 3. Brand Analysis
  4. 4. Investec’s Vision, Mission & ValuesVision:To be recognized as a distinctive specialist bank and asset manager.Mission:To build well-defined, value-added businesses focused on servingthe needs of select market niches where we can compete effectively.Values:- Outstanding talent- Empowerment- Meritocracy- Passion- Entrepreneurial spirit- Unselfish contribution to colleagues, clients and society- Distinctive offering- Ethical standards
  5. 5. Digital SWOT Analysis• Good customer interaction on Twitter • Low interaction on Facebook Fanpage• Good Mobisite initiative • Facebook Page - Info too little and repetitive• High brand awareness • Recluse company; small online voice• High degree of loyalty and trust towards the brand • Not enough social media platforms being utilized• Mature and established brand reputation• Social Bookmarking networks• LinkedIn profile• YouTube branded channel SW O T• Increase website traffic • Competitors have strong online presence• Improve online customer service - Deutsche Bank (4552 Fans, 6009 Followers)• Recruit new clients using online platforms • Competitors have innovative digital campaigns• Engage with exisiting clients more fervently• Penetrate the target market• Develop a strong online presence• Conduct better research• Emphasize the value of the brand• Increase awareness
  6. 6. Investec’s Target Market
  7. 7. Primary Target Market• High value corporate clients• CFO and finance teams of largeand mid-capitalisation companies• Brokers• Financial Services Industry• Public Sector Bodies• Institutions- Female and male- 40 – 65 years old- High level of education- High income individuals- Professional Finance qualifications- Experienced professionals- Decision makers- Technically adept- Comfortable online, but not advanced- Channels: LinkedIn and Email
  8. 8. Secondary Target Market• Private clients• Business executives• Successful entrepreneurs• Chosen niche markets• Future generation- Female and male- Ultra high income- Net worth individuals- High level of education- Professional qualifications- Self–directed- Internationally mobile- Networker- Motivated by success- Channels: Facebook, Twitterand LinkedIn
  9. 9. Primary Market SegmentationBENEFIT SEGMENTATION:(based on consumers need)1. Asset Management2. Property Activities3. Investment Banking4. Capital MarketsGEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION:(based on consumers location)1. South Africa2. UK3. Australia
  10. 10. Secondary Market SegmentationBENEFIT SEGMENTATION:(based on consumers need)1. Asset Management * Establishing brand relationship at a young audience, more likely to return when they are older.2. Private Wealth3. Property Activities4. Private Banking5. Capital MarketsGEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION:DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION:(based on age of consumers)1. Present Business Executives: - 35 – 65 years old - male and female2. Future Business Executives: - 25 – 35 years old - male and female - business leaders of tomorrow - socially versed - online news consumption habits
  11. 11. Target Market Insights• Social Media- 60% of online investors are active social mediausers ( 80% of companies use social media for recruitment;95% of these use LinkedIn ( 50% of CMOs at Fortune 1,000 companiessaid they launched a corporate blog because “it’sthe cost of doing business today” ( Most rapid growth occurring among Boomers(ages 44–64) and Seniors (ages 65 and older)( A new member joins LinkedIn every second(Eric Qualman, the Socialnomics author)
  12. 12. Target Market Insights• Mobile- By 2015, between 500 million and 1 billion peoplewill access financial services by mobile (mobiThinking)- 90% of the older demographic, 55 to 65, use SMS (mT)- Baby Boomer women are adopting smartphonesat a faster pace than any other segment of thepopulation (NYC Social Media Week:2011)- Higher end phones are concentrated in the 25–45year old demographic (mobiThinking)- 90% of all text messages are read within threeminutes of their delivery, (Singlepoint)- 52% access social networking, 48% use searchengines and 46% use email (mobiThinking)- 80.6 million users of mobile email in 2010, expected to quadruple by 2015 (mobiThinking)- Apps have been downloaded 10.9 billion times (mT)- One in seven searches are now mobile (mobiThinking)
  13. 13. Online Users
  14. 14. Digital Strategy Objectives
  15. 15. Key Objectives• Increase engagement with key target audience groups and with existing customers• Acquire new private clients• Thought leadership in the Financial Services spaceHow? Integration Interaction Innovation• Creating a presence on all • Starting conversations, • Research new ways tomajor social networks being part of ongoing improve the efficiency of conversations, be ready Investec’s online marketing to help others and build campaigns by finding new trust among users ways to balance marketing and conversation
  16. 16. Key Insights• Mobile internet usage will supersede desktop usage• 75% of Brand ‘Likes’ on Facebook come from advertisements. (Mashable)• Australia, the annual growth rate for Twitter is 3,200% over the past year (hitwise)• Email brings in an average CTR of 6.64% and an average conversion rate of about 1.73% (DMA)
  17. 17. Digital Media Channels
  18. 18. The Integrated Approach Email Marketing FacebookMobisites LinkedIn Apps Twitter SMS Mobile Social Media Blog Marketing YouTube Flickr SEM Website SEO Microsite PPC Investec Social CRM Branding Strategy
  19. 19. Email Marketing• Engage with existing client database• Invite to elite Investec microsite• Given username and password• HTML email• Maintain opt-in list• Reinforce a Investec’s messageand increase responses• Test for platform compatibilityand spam score• Highly personalised• Increases lifetime value of customers• Cost effective
  20. 20. SMS Marketing• Engage with existing client database• Invite to elite Investec microsite• Highly personalised• Cost effective• Direct and instantaneous Investec• Easy-to-use Dear Mr J Anderson, Investec invites you to join an elite club for private clients only. Username: Password: HDK716 Please click this link to activate your account bersclub Kind Regards, Investec
  21. 21. Investec Microsite Investec Members Club username password If you have forgotten your login details click here
  22. 22. Investec Members ClubInvestec Microsite Investec Members Club Home Welcome Menu Forum About Us Services Customize Logout search engine Investec Investec Main Website username Welcome password JSE TODAY 10:38AM Indicator Value % Goodmorning Mr J Anderson, All Share All Share 26388.12 26242.38 0/00 0.00 CURRENCIES Welcome to the Investec Investment Portal. This portal has been designed with you, the investor in mind. It has been tailored to suit your needs and the applications are Currencies Value % fully customizable ensuring this site is able to work around your requirements. We ZAR/EUR 8.02 0.00 ZARUSD 11.33 0.00 invite you to take full advantage of the services on offer to you, including up to date financial indicators, Gmail, Google search functionality, Social Media apps, news COMMODITIES updates, RSS feeds to name but a few. All within one convinient workspace. Commodities Value Gold 762.87 + Select Application terms and conditions privacy policy accessibility sitemap
  23. 23. Investec Microsite Investec Members Club (GMT+ 02:00) Pretoria, Cairo [23:21] 14 Sep (GMT+ 08:00) Singapore,Kuala Lumpur [05:21] 15 Sep (GMT+ 09:00) Osako, Tokyo [06:21] 15 Sep (GMT- 06:00) New York [17:21] 14 Sep Oil up as Ike halts US production House price indices which to use Name change on cards for cpix SEAT car sales stopped in SA Virgin will battle ba-aa merger Home Welcome Menu Forum About Us Services Customize Logout GOOGLE search engine Daily news headlines INVESTOPEDIA search engine Forum enter a term enter a company name: Gold Coin Exchange - Home Recently Updated Discussions Eni leads in Libya oil race Acsa hit by losses Gold near $1900/oz ahead of Fed meet (20 Min) Recession fears drag down stocks (24 Min) Housing splurge for new JSE TODAY 10:38AM Web Results 1 Fewer firms shut shop in July (50 Min) ministers All Share All Share 26238.12 26242.38 0.00 0.00 Interest in Gold Coin prices (120 Min) We o er valuations for nancial institutions and the legal pro Coins - The Ultimate Rand Hedge Indicator Value % All Share 26388.12 0/00 All Share index error (130 Min) Poll For 6000 years man has been collecting and hoarding gold - and in the process loving and marrying for gold All Sharenext in its most primitive form and indeed killing for gold, and man will probably continue to do so for ZAR/USD the 26242.38 8.02 0.00 0.00 6000 years. ZAR/EUR 11.33 0.00 CURRENCIES How much do you spend on While diamonds are forever as a result of a marketing campaign that began 50 years ago - Golds intrinsic value, Past Forum Discussion however, is indestructibly eternal, transcendent and transcontinental and appreciated without ever having to personal entertainment each Online Showroom engage an advertising agency. Currencies Value % If ever there month? Mandela/ De Klerk Medallion was a store of value that has stood the test of time from devaluation, Gold 763.45 ZAR/EUR 8.02 0.00 Administrator Featured depreciation, wars and corporate destruction it has to be gold - whether its in the form of gold bars, gold nuggets, jewellery or gold coins says Alan Demby, ZARUSD 11.33 0.00 Scoins High Rated Less than R1000 COMMODITIES High Posts Sports Sets R1000-R5000 Closed Discussions R5000-R8000 Commodities Value Kruger Series R8000+ Gold 762.87 + Select Application + Select Application Calculator Poll terms and conditions privacy policy accessibility sitemap
  24. 24. Facebook Fanpage• Investec’s main social presence• Links to Investec’s main website• Links to other platforms• Raises brand awareness• Used to reach niche market• Promote events• Engage fans through innovative apps
  25. 25. Twitter Page• Immediacy• Instant contact• New insights• Breaking news• Build relationships• Blast service similar to press releases• Compliments other platforms• Answer questions in real-timefrom anyone, anywhere• Reinforce brand image• Create event specific Hashtags• Twitter Lists filter out noise,more meaningful discussions with clients• Register Investec’s Lists on services likeListourious, promote Investec Listsand positions the company as acontent provider• Link to a more detailed responseon Investec Blog
  26. 26. Investec Blog• Less formal, more interactive• Focused on industry issues• Offer news and advice• Key sources of information• Credibility and expertise platform• Increases search engine visibilitywith consistent posts• Online Reputation management• Brand building• Incorporate polls• Link other social media platforms• Create a voice for Investec• Based on keyword strategy• Building relationships with otherbloggers- potential clients• Auto-updates all of Investec’s networkswith one click
  27. 27. SEO• More exposure, branding andawareness• On page and off page factors• Increase traffic to website• Website friendly structure• Keyword strategy Asset Management• Each platform is optimized for SEOand usability and then linked togetherfor a fluid social media experience• SEO friendly website: make sure thatimportant content on website is nottrapped in formats that search enginescan’t read, like flash and frames• Content optimisation, includinglanguage revision for finance customers’specific needsInvestment Bank
  28. 28. Investec Mobisite• News and press releases • Promote features that are likely• Office locations to be used from mobile devices• Products and services • Greater reach• A brand with a mobile-ready website • Cross platformhas the power to give consumers allthe on-the-spot information they need
  29. 29. Mobile Apps• Mortgage Calculating App• Developed for a multitude of platforms Mortgage Calculator Log Out Outstanding Balance see activity R
  30. 30. LinkedIn Profile• Create niche business groups• Join in the Conversation• Reach narrow audiences• Promote business events• Raise awareness• Recruitment tool• Business community outreach• Profile and descriptions optimizedfor search, improves Investec Pagerankand SEO efforts
  31. 31. Flickr• Showcase Investec events withFlickr’s Sets and Collections• Create a photo stream• Tag your photos-SEO• Capture the Investec brand throughphotos of Investec buildings andemployees• Be part of a visual community• Solicit pictures from friendsand share publicly• Link to Investec Website• Link to other social platforms• Pull content
  32. 32. Investec YouTube Channel• Powerful brand channel• Push videos onto other platfroms• Share videos on Facebook, Twitter,StumbleUpon.• Link YouTube channel with platforms• Go viral• Increase Google search engine results• More platforms = More audiences• Allows others to share your videosand comment• Every video is keyword and descriptionoptimized for search
  33. 33. PPC Ads• FB link to Fanpage• Geo-Targeting• Day and Time• Add a call-to-action• Behavioural targeting• Highly measurable and trackable• Link to custom landing page
  34. 34. Optimising Social Channels
  35. 35. Optimise Templates
  36. 36. Increase SEO Power• Keyword strategy• Create vanity URL(Facebook username) /Investec• Use the “Info” tab to include moreimportant keywords, text, and highpriority links on your Page eg Website,Location, Services, etc• Consistently post, tweet, add links,update status and add videos toincrease SEO visibility• Optimizing imagery by tagging photoswith keyword strategy• Events with descriptions anddiscussion forums• Boost content density by addingcustom tabs for static content, includingtext, images, and links (Static FBML)• Key phrase at least three times bodycopy
  37. 37. Increase and Maintain Interaction• Facebook Page- Last post 3 weeks ago- Before that 7 days• Enticing Fans with original andinteresting content–share and comment
  38. 38. Link and Push Other Social Platforms
  39. 39. Create Interesting Apps• Increase fan engagement
  40. 40. Use Events Pages and Hashtags
  41. 41. Upload Investec TV Ads
  42. 42. Integrate Flickr Photostream
  43. 43. Pull Investec News Feed into Platforms
  44. 44. Recruiting Investec Clients
  45. 45. Welcome Page for First Timers
  46. 46. Offer an Incentive
  47. 47. Engage Clients with Polls and Discussions
  48. 48. Ask Users to Invite their Friends• Harnessed the power of superusers to help others connect andshare ideas
  49. 49. CRM• Capture users feedback to improveinnovation and new services
  50. 50. Channel Integration
  51. 51. Cross–Channel Integration Website Mobile Apps MicrositeAudience A
  52. 52. Cross–Channel Integration• Platforms are networked together andan icon for each displayed on Investec’swebsite• Every update to Investec’s Fanpage,LinkedIn profile, Flickr account, YouTubechannnel and blog is automatically Mobile Appsposted to Twitter to keep the Investec MicrositeTwitter account active and constantlypromoting• Posterous blog auto-updates all ofInvestec’s networks with one click Website Audience B
  53. 53. Measuring Investec’s Online Presence
  54. 54. Facebook Insights• User growth• Daily active users• Demographics• Like sources• Tab views• Unlikes and attrition rate• Consumption of Content• Creation of Content• Website Platform• Page Views• Referrers• Mentions
  55. 55. Google Analytics• Identify performing keywords and key-phrases• Reposition SEO content in order to refine andimprove performance• Customised reporting• Integrated with AdWords• Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking• Visualise Data• Advertising ROI• Reports on events• Segmented traffic according to a filter• Individual data capture• Unique visitors, new, repeat, return• Exit page• Visit duration• Click-through-rate• Page views per visit• Geographical location• Analysis against page goals
  56. 56. Track, Monitor and ReactWeekly report analysis:• On brand and events• Online buzz around Investec• Prospect engagement• Volume of conversation• Overall tonality of conversation• Key messages being discussed• Active venues of conversation• Influencer Profiling• Reach (who, where, why, what) Visits, visitors, views, followers, fans, subscribers, brand mentions• Frequency• Customer Value Share of voice, sentiment, click- throughs, loyalty, re-visits Retweets, shares, @replies, wall- posts, comments, time on site, RSS subscriptions Microsite members, leads, event attendees, forum engagement Track, monitor, react
  57. 57. Key Performance Indicators• Reach- Links generated by messages- Tweets about your message- People who talk about your message- Subscribers- Bookmarking- Traffic- Site links Key:• Frequency and Traffic- Visits Seed- Unique Monthly Visitors (UMVs) Influencers- Returning visits- Pages viewed Advocates Influenced• Influence- Discussions about a message- Comments about a message- Quantity of sharing• Conversation and Transaction- Frequency of click–throughs
  58. 58. Key Performance Indicators• Email- Opt–in lists- Open rate- Click–through rate- Number of emails forwarded- ROI• Microsite- Investment portal club registrations- Actual members vs potential members- Page most visited- Most popular App- Length of visit- Percentage of returning members• PPC Ads- Impressions- Click–throughs- Conversions- Value per conversion
  59. 59. Thank You