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T ue nov 8 2010


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Dommel Valley Group Symposium 2010 workshop presentation

Published in: Education, Business
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T ue nov 8 2010

  1. 1. Aad Streng, Philips Electronics November 8, 2010 From Philips Yellow pages to People Finder and beyond……..10 years of experience in leveraging people’s knowledge
  2. 2. How it all began….
  3. 3. How it all began…. THE QUESTION “Who can help me with………….?” “In this vast Philips organization there must be at least one person who is able to help me!”
  4. 4. Experiences with best practices • Experts love to share but have difficulties accepting bp’s from others: no learning! • A lot of recognition for sharing, but less recognition for learning. Standard approach is: Connect people to the right data and information. [Intranet, databases, libraries] How it all began….
  5. 5. But... there is no-one who will implement a good idea without consulting the owner. Hence... it is at least as important to connect people to people than to connect people to information. Thus... How it all began….
  6. 6. Customer Perception of Value Product Quality X Brand Image Similar for information... Perception of Value of Information = Content Quality X Credibility of Owner Perception of Value…. How it all began….
  7. 7. Visibility Sharing Learning Levels in Knowledge Management No Company wide sharing without creating visibility No optimum level of learning without Company wide sharing Yellow pages in Knowledge Management How it all began….
  8. 8. Yellow Pages QUALITIES CONNECTING efficiency pleasure sharing exploration belonging How it all began….
  9. 9. My profile How it all began….
  10. 10. •All contributions are stored in such a way that they can be retrieved and viewed easily, through searching and browsing Taxonomy How it all began….
  11. 11. Members can publish links, Best Practice or ask questions. •Link •Best practice •Question Types of contributions How it all began….
  12. 12. •Contributions can be rated by other members. •Contributions can be forwarded to others members. Forward, Rate & comment How it all began….
  13. 13. And since then…. overwhelming possibilities !
  14. 14. 1414 We have to deal with…… Source: Adidas
  15. 15. Some learnings…. • It starts and ends with people. • People always choose for the path of least resistance. • Different people have different problem solving and learning styles. • Tap as much as possible from sources that are maintained well. • Create exciting features that surprise people. • Internet possibilities drive company demand.
  16. 16. Sharing knowledge – the challenge…….
  17. 17. Two kinds of people…. • Square and round. • Searchers and browsers. • Excel and Word • SharePoint and web viewers • …
  18. 18. Law of the large numbers. (Wisdom of crowds) The value of information increases exponentially with the increase of the number similar kinds of knowledge buckets.
  19. 19. 19 Value Space People Excellence - It’s all about people! - Where we are now….
  20. 20. Three domains Make sure people can share & find explicit knowledge Automatic push of explicit knowledge based on peoples profile or application preferences Share good practices, find experts and ability to ask questions to them (from tacit to explicit) (1) People To Content (2) Content To People (3) People To People
  21. 21. 21 Keeping and bringing Knowledge management, Connecting People and Collaboration together
  22. 22. Connect Share Connect Mail Empower the end-user thru our Connect Suite 22 Connect Chat Connect Call C’Webmeeting Web MeetingCall / Chat Meeting Workspace RSS FeedsCalendarEmail Share & PublishSearch Applications TasksDocuments Notes Workflow Connect Meeting 81049 users 34 rooms in 2010 MySite MyLinks TasksDocuments Notes
  23. 23. 23 People Excellence in action - Towards a new people centered Intranet -
  24. 24. 24 Did you know? Finding people is the most used functionality on the Philips Intranet Finding information can cost us EUR 1.1bln per year in productivity costs per year 67% believe there are colleagues that can help them do their job better 39% say they have difficulty locating the right people 25% frequently go outside their department to seek or share knowledge 38% don’t get asked for their help and information
  25. 25. 25 New Philips Search
  26. 26. Connect Suite, People Finder, Search (tagging/rating), Blog’s, Communities, Wiki Add enterprise microblogging as a first step, move external groups to this community One Platform based on SharePoint 2010 Social Roadmap “Philips Enterprise” (Internal) Search Microblog/ Social One Portal Work Flow People Finder Libraries IPS Intranet Scattered Media and Social Media landscape Step 1: Introduce First True Social Component: Enterprise Microblogging Step 2: Absorb “Microblog/Social” in Next Generation Intranet Yammer, LinkedIn (External uncontrolled/uninfluenced) Functional Conversations
  27. 27. A first step – Connect Us, Microblogging
  28. 28. 29