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Dommel Valley Symposium 2010 workshop presentation

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  • More on the committee
    Direct / World Knowledge / Corporate Services / SD Committee
    More on Altran expertise
    Energy audits  check RESTART offer of Altran Europe (Frédéric Janssens – fjanssens@altran-europe.be + see in Offer Catalogue)
    Car makers  Automotive Steering Committee (Luigi Pignatelli – luigi.pignatelli@altran.it)
    Renewable energies  Michiel JAK (jak@altran-tech.nl)
  • 20101108 workshop informal learning distri

    1. 1. Playground for innovation
    2. 2. Summary - Agenda 1. Introduction of Altran 2. Introduction of AMI 3. Our view on informal learning 4. Our case 5. Small exercise
    3. 3. 3 ■ Vision Our mission is to bring our customers’ ideas and projects to life and to increase their performance, through technology and innovation. Our goal of the company is to be a worldwide technology leader, able to provide its customers with the best possible solutions to their most complex and sensitive problems and challenges. Group profile Bringing our customers’ ideas and projects to life Date founded: 1982 Turnover in 2008: 1,650.1 M€ Turnover outside France in 2008: 57% Staff (December 2008): 18,522 Consultants (December 2008): 87% 500 Key accounts in more than 40countries ■ Business Unit Operational Excellence Let’s make changes stick! Combining Lean and Six Sigma with Project and Change Management. We can help you define and implement your operational strategy and objectives on: •Working Capital Reduction •Efficiency •Empowerment The overall process, or a specific part of it, can be improved by reducing Lead Time. Our experience covers manufacturing, service and administrative environments. Since 2003, Altran’s Operational Excellence team has built the SLIM toolbox (Systematic Lean Implementation Method). The modular structure of SLIM can match with any of your process improvement projects. Contact: Operational.excellence@altran.com NL/EN : +32 492 915 481
    4. 4. 4 Why are we presenting this together?
    5. 5. 5 AMI: Implementation specialist - Maastricht & Den Haag: 15 consultants - Project, Change and Talent management - Governmental & technical organizations - Rijkswaterstaat - Boskalis - Philips - Rijksgebouwendienst - KEMA - … Our philosophy: - Project- and Process- approach - Learning by doing - Involving internal (client) organization - Storytelling & sharing of knowledge/ experience - Building internal network of people
    6. 6. 6 AMI & Learning ‘Soft’ • Psychological safety • Feedback • Accountability for high and demanding goals ‘Hard’ • Evaluating • Post mortem analysis • Lessons learned Learning happens between people (it’s a group process).
    7. 7. 7 Wouter & Dennis: Informal learning Informal learning… - is everything that is learned outside of the classroom and the books - is a ‘byproduct' of working together - is a means to an end - cannot be predicted, but can be influenced and stimulated Stimulating Informal learning - Building internal networks of people (WHO, WHO knows WHAT) - Between colleagues: coaching and being coached - Learning together: bridging expertise-gap - Serious Gaming
    8. 8. 8 Our case ■ One of those projects was 95% focused on informal learning. ■ Installation and implementation of “Improvement Teams”. ■ An Improvement Team is a group of operators, together with a coach, taking up one of the many daily problems they are confronted with. ■ The groups works without hierarchy ■ The output is mainly focused on getting to know how to improve, less on the actual result ■ The coach is someone of the ‘overhead’, and plays a facilitating role ■ Idea behind the Improvement Teams: stimulating the brains who are attached to the hands of workers! “We used to push buttons, today we can solve problems!”
    9. 9. The process of a project A B•In a project we go from A to B within a specific time and budget •Although we discover some interesting side paths (but what about the times and means?) Creating an environment with room for possible side paths = Creating an environment full of informal learning
    10. 10. 10 ‘Speeddating’ - We give you 10 minutes to talk to 3 participants - The ‘whistle’ gives the signal to go talk to someone else Around the question: - What would you like to discover about informal learning? - What questions do you have about this case?
    11. 11. 11 Contact information Wouter.visser@ami-consultancy.com +31 (0)615014585 Dennis.fredrickx@altran.com +32 (0)475903143