Thermoplastics Presentation 2012


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Thermoplastics Presentation 2012

  1. 1. M&R De Monchy International NV(Holding WTC Rotterdam) / (Privately Owned) Origin of company before 1851 Registered (NV) 1851 Net turnover 2010 app. Euro 170 106 Employees 288 (average)
  2. 2. M&R De Monchy NVJumbo Diset BV Meton BVJumbo Holding De Monchy International BV(100,0%) (100%)Diset SA Zeitz International BV(100,0%) (100%)Jegro BV Rhumveld Winter & Konijn BV(99,4%) (100%)
  3. 3. De Monchy International BVBrief History:1851 - founded as a Rotterdam based trading company1972 - foundation De Monchy International BV as an international distribution company2006 - acquisition of Fasting & Co. B.V. (1887) a specialty wax distributor2008 - acquisition of Eichrodt Chemie GmbH specialty chemical distributor2010 – acquisition of Veltra International technical raw materials adhesives & coatings
  4. 4. De Monchy International BV Headquarter: NL – Rotterdam Turnover: appr. EUR 30 MLN Staff: 20 employees
  5. 5. De Monchy International BV (Rotterdam Netherlands) (Cologne Germany) (Beijing China) Distributor of Specialties: Coatings Adhesives Sealants Elastomers Specialties Waxes & Food Ingredients Thermoplastics
  6. 6. Current Locations: The Netherlands Rotterdam Germany Dusseldorf China Beijing
  7. 7. De Monchy International BV is the Preferred Distributor in selecting the rightHigh Performance Thermoplastic for your High End Value Products
  8. 8. Partners in Thermoplastics Asahi Glass Chemicals Bio-Tec Environmental Domo Engineering Plastics GmbH Double Bond Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd Dyna-Purge div. of Shuman Plastics Inc. Gharda Chemicals Ltd Hangzhou JLS Chemicals Co Ltd Kolon Industries Multibase-Dow Corning RTP CompanyShandong Huaxia Shenzhou New Materials Co., Ltd Sichuan Deyang Chemical Co., Ltd Teijin Kasei Europe BV Total Pertrochemicals TSRC Corporation
  9. 9. Asahi Glass Chemicals Fluon® Fluon® Fluon® ETFE LM-ETFE ETFE-FEP Outstanding Increased Full Range of Mechanical Performance & Color Master Batches Properties Flexibility
  10. 10. Asahi Glass ChemicalsFluon® PTFE Fluon® PTFE Fluon® PTFE Low Friction Outstanding Lubricant Powders Electrical Plastic Compounds Insulation Fluoroelastomers
  11. 11. Bio-Tec EnvironmentalEcopure:is not a PLA (Polylactic Acid) not an OXO-degradable not a Photo-degradable not a Starch based not made with heavy metalsEcopure+ total biodegradability+ FDA approved+ suitable for PVC, PE. PP, PS, PET+ relatively low unit cost (0.7 – 1 % dosage rate)+ easy to incorporate (masterbatch) into production processes+ indefinite Shelf Life
  12. 12. Bio-Tec Environmental PP (after testing) Untreated Treated
  13. 13. Domo Engineering Plastics Domolen® Domamid® Domamid®PP compounds PA 6 PA 6 compounds Long term Good Balance Easy to Color Heat stability Stiffness / Toughness
  14. 14. Double Bond Chemicals Ind.Additives For Plastics and Coatings Antioxidants Heat Stabilizer Optical Brightener Powder Coating Additive UV Absorber UV Curable Additive
  15. 15. Dyna-Purge®Non Chemical Cleaning Compoundfor the complete range of plastics Incl. Hotrunner Molds
  16. 16. Gharda Chemicals G-PAEK® ABPBI PEK PEK-ABPBI Fluoro- polymers We will have material available In the future ! If you are interested leave your name and addressMetal Replacement Metal Replacement Wear - Friction Chemical Resistance Wear Friction
  17. 17. Hangzhou JLS Flame Retardants LSOH Flexible LSOH flame retardant elastomer compounds polyolefin compound Bright and mat finish cable Jackets LSOH 90 ºC and 105 ºC Shore 75A up to 85A for insulation and cable jacket
  18. 18. Kolon IndustriesKolon Hydrocarbon Resins Sukorez Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins Hot Melt Adhesives (HMA) Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA) PP Film Modifier (C5 Resin) Hikorez Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resins Hot Melt Adhesives (MHA), Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA) Hot Melt Road Marking (HMRM) Hikotac Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resins Rubber Adhesive, Ink, Paint
  19. 19. Multibase - DowCorningMultibatch® Multiflex® TPSiV® high mineral TPEfilled masterbatch Good Gloss Soft Touch Soft (silky) Feeling Good Bonding
  20. 20. Multibase - DowCorning Multipro® Multipro® mineral filled micro talc & FR compounds filled PP compounds High Stiffness and Good Gloss Dimensional Stability (could replace PA GF30)
  21. 21. Multibase - DowCorning Multipro® microtalc filled PP compounds PP µTalc PP Talc PP CaCO3
  22. 22. RTP Company Wear Structural ConductiveImproves Lifetime Long Fiber Technology Including Reduces overall can replace metal EMI and ATEX Production Cost Safes Weight compounds
  23. 23. RTP Company Flame Retardant Elastomers Colors Good Balance Good Bonding Glow In The DarkImpact / High Heat Soft Feeling Master Batches
  24. 24. RTP CompanyLight Diffusion Compounds  Consistent Light Absent of LED “hot spot”.  Increased Light Output compared to traditional LED lens material.  Adjustable diffusement color capability.  Technology Advancement results in cost saving.
  25. 25. RTP CompanyBioplastics
  26. 26. Shandong Huaxia Shenzhou Co. LtdPVDF (powder and granular)Major properties Major markets Thermal stability = > Chemical Processing Industry Chemical resistance = > Oil & Gas UV stability = > Films = > Li-ion Batteries = > Membranes = > Water Supply Systems
  27. 27. Sichuan Deyang Chemical Co. LtdLinear and Cross Linked PPS compounds(both powder and granular availableMajor properties Major Markets High Temperature Resistance => Chemical Industry High Chemical Resistance => Automotive Dimensional stability =>E&E = > Aircraft = < Compounding
  28. 28. Teijin Kasei EuropePanlite® PCOne Grade for Good Electrical UV Resistant Good Balance CD and DVD Properties Precolored Flow / Heat
  29. 29. Total Petrochemicals Polystyrene PS-GP PS-HI PS-FR High Gloss Good Surface Wide Processing Short Cycle Time Easy to Paint Window
  30. 30. Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Company  SBS  SEBS  SIS
  31. 31. Thank you for your attention ! Please feel free to ask usfor more detailed information about the shown products. Have a nice day and enjoy your stay
  32. 32. De Monchy International BV Hoogvlietsekerkweg 156 NL 3194 AM Hoogvliet Rotterdam Phone : +31 10 413 03 20 Fax : +31 10 414 34 45 Emails : tn’