Twin space (5) manage members


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Twin space (5) manage members

  1. 1. Manage members Adding students and visitors to TwinSpace
  2. 2. If you have logged in with "teacher administrator" settings, you will be able to manage members of the TwinSpace. Start from the yellow box on the TwinSpace's home page.
  3. 3. Managing existing members Click on "Manage members" to access the list of all the students, teachers and visitors and their account settings. With admin settings, you can delete a member, or change their status to: ● teacher administrator ● teacher member ● pupil administrator ● pupil member ● visitor Confirm by clicking 'OK'. From here, you can also enter a member's profile by clicking on their name.
  4. 4. Inviting new members You can invite three types of members: pupils cannot access the 'Teachers' section visitors cannot access the 'Teachers' section nor the 'Pupils' section Note: Teachers from 'eTwinning' countries should be invited through the Desktop. Teachers from outside Europe and visitors, are invited by providing their email address.
  5. 5. Inviting pupils Use this option for new projects with the same students Use the + to add more students at a time You can set a simple password Click "Done"
  6. 6. Changing pupils' passwords In case a student loses or forgets their password, a teacher administrator can change it. ● Click 'change password' next to a student's name ● Enter a new password and confirm to update ● Done
  7. 7. You can track the number of members in your TwinSpace from the home page.