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Q4 media


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Q4 media

  1. 1. Question 4 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning andevaluation stages?
  2. 2.  Since, I decided to do music video project with another two ancillary products, I have started planning throughout the secondary research, in order to understand and gain basic knowledge about the media products I will have to later construct and analyse through the evaluation. As soon as the blogger started to work at school ( as first month the blogger did not worked at all, therefore we had theory lessons) I have started to post my first initial ideas, and the informations I found out on internet about the media products. The blogger website, allowed me to show my thoughts, and research and present them in different media forms, in more effective way, as A level media student, such as: Slideshare, Prezi, Wix etc. I can confidently pronounce that my media knowledge, and skills by using different type of technology, have greatly improved since my AS coursework, as I have learnt new ways, and websites how to produce and represent my work better and in a higher level of quality by using accurate technologies from the school. All my analysis are produced on PowerPoint, as this software program is very easy to use and allowed me to create various of different, and interesting slideshows, and expresses my ideas as media student. To show these presentation on my blogger, I have to use the website called: SlideShare, which allowed me to upload the power points easily, effective, and fast.
  3. 3. Another website I have used is called:Prezi, in order to create presentation inmore creative, unlike and different media form compared to SlideShare.Advantages of this website are that it allowed me: Choose the design of presentation I wanted from a wide range of choices and examples. Being able to click on the specific information, which afterwords viewed on the screen as a main image. Being able to add text, imagery, in order to portray my work look better, instead of having a lot of writing texts. It very easy to use as there are clear informations and instructions of how to create presentation, step by step, in order to make the quality looking presentation. Personally, I havent found any complications or difficulties of using this website, as it is quite simple and basic to use.In order to gain the best knowledge about technologies, I have conductedresearch into a wide range of different technologies, especially the ones whichschool have invested money into for the better filming and high qualityproduction. For example: I have used Adobe Photoshop technology softwareprogram, in order to create and edit my ancillary products, as well as SLRCamera, in order to take the images for my work.
  4. 4. I enjoyed working with this SLR Camera, as I have used it last year withinmy AS coursework, therefore I was familiar, and experienced with thispiece of technology, in order to be able to take nice clear shots for mywork. I also enjoyed working on Adobe Photoshop as I was also familiarwith this technology.Another program I have been adviced to use is called:Quark, however,this technology is more for the Print task, e.g. to create newspapers,magazine layout, context page, double spread page, just like AdobePhotoshop. Also, because I am inexperience with this technology,therefore I felt very unconfined and have I avoid of using it. The musicvideo, I have constructed and edited on the program called: Final Cut,which helped me to create a professionally looking music video,however, it isnt easy to use as it might look at first. I had somecomplication when editing, and it took me a long period of time, torealised how this program works, what type of effects I can use and how,how to create a text and then applied it into your music video and lotsmore. If I would have another change to create a music video, Iwould definitively go for another technology program, called: iMoviebecause of peoples positive feedback on this technology. According tothem, this technology is better, have a variety of editing techniques, morefriendly to use, and it has automatic save option, unlike Final Cut.
  5. 5. Obviously, Internet is the main technology, I have used during this course, whenI needed to find out the media theories about the music videos, theconventions, features to do with music video, especially for Pop/R&B genre, aswell as institutions. This technology allowed me to research the information froma various websites, in order to construct my media product to certain standard,as well as introduced me into music video production process and planning.The disadvantages of using the Internet are that you dont always gettrustworthy information, therefore sometimes the research takes you longer thanyou would expect as the Internet is also full of incorrect information, but this isthe price which we all have to pay, by being able to post anything what wewant on Internet. Therefore, when I am taking information from the Internet, Ialways try to make sure that information are reliable, accurate, and trustful, sothe final product of my work is produced to the high quality standard. In orderto ensure that I have used correct grammar, I wrote my ideas intoMicrosoftWord program, before I have published it on my blogger side. Thereason why is because I dont only want to produce my media product toa high standard but also the grammar plays the significant factor too.
  6. 6.  Also, the use of Internet within my planning process helped my work, in the terms of using YouTube to see a different techniques some people use when creating similar media products like me. I have learnt how to construct and use effect, to create a unlike image for my media products in order to drag audiences attention. I found YouTube as great, and very useful course of information, in terms of creativity- the idea that there is not limit within the creativity, as well as how media technologies progress every year. Also, when I didnt know how to use Final Cut program, I wen on Youtube, where I found a great video, which explained me, step by step, in order to be more familiar with this technology software program. I can honestly say that my skills has improved drastically, especially because of using Youtube, and create in like effects on my work, I have never thought about or knew before. The disadvantages are that some of the videos were not always right, so I had to looked at more videos, which was very time consuming for me. Therefore, I had less time for other factors, such as: planning and research process.
  7. 7.  The technology program which I have never used before and which I have been introduced to for the first time, is called: Wix. It is a free website builder, which I have used to represent my evaluation of my media products. I found this website, very useful and easy to use, as it allowed me to produce quality piece of work for my A2 media project, as well as makes my blogger page look different. Another positive functions of this website are: using features that will makes my website look more attractive to my target audience, by being able to pick what type of design background I want allowed me to represent my evaluation of media products in a high quality, effective, unlike way allowed me to improve my skills as A level media student. Disadvantage can be in term of moving features around, as it is quite hard to do. Overall, I can say that I am very satisfied with the quality of work this website offered me, and wish I could knew about it before, when I started my AS media coursework, as I would more develop my skills of using this website, which would have afterword a positive impact on my A2 coursework.
  8. 8. Research and Planning Prezi SlideShare Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Wix Blogger Apple Mac YouTubeProduction Photoshop JVC Camera Tripod Nikon CameraEditing FinalCut