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Q1 media

  1. 1.  When I decided to do music video for my A2 media coursework, I already knew that it will have to be Pop/R&B music video, as this is genre of music I mainly listen to. Therefore, I have researched the conventions that are associated and involved within this genre of music videos through the secondary research. I also wanted to create a relationship/connection between my media products and the audience, by using the same conventions throughout my music video for audience to being easily familiarised with the genre, and understand the context of the music video. My main aim in creating music video to try and imitate, in order to gives an impression of recognisable and professionally looking music video, the audiences can see on Youtube, TVs, etc. In order to attract my target audience, as well as will fit into their ideologies of what the Pop/R&B music video should look like, in the term of quick shots matching with the beats of the song, camera movements, costumes, mise-en-scene etc. In order to give my music video a sense of unique style to music video, the people within my music video, does not wear clothes that is associated with this genre of music, as well as I have represented a young love of two people in a positive way, which match perfectly with the music Ive picked for my music video.
  2. 2. As you can see, my music video where I have used background song by JasonDerulo It girl follow the conventions of a real media product in terms of continuitythrough the video, which is very well done; the scenes matching the beats of thesong; three different locations which gives you a sense of busy shots; and thecostumes which are typical for young generation. I have shown after the research ofother music videos, that the text of This is a love story.. which is followed by anothertext of Natalie and David has been conventionally used and placed in order tocreate a sense of the true real media product. But in order to make it still look differentbut fantastic at the same time, I have placed those text in the way that you can read it,while being able to watch the music video, so you can a clear message, of who thislove story will be about and who are the main characters within this story. This links towhat one media theorist, Stuart Hall express within his audience theory, aboutencoding and decoding. This means that the audience understand the stereotypes ofthe music video, within this Pop/R&B genre, therefore, understand the need for fastbeats and shots which are linking together. This is a reason why I used theseconventional features, and similarities features which are involved in other Pop/R&Bmusic videos, within to make sure that I have created a media product so theaudience will recognise it as well as will understand the context of the video.According to this theorist and his audience theory; when creating a real mediaproduct, we have to follow the basic conventional features of the genre, in order toshow the audience a clear decoding interpretation of understanding for the audience. Ibelieve that I have followed correctly all the codes and conventions of a real musicvideo, when representing the theme of love, by filming the video in differentlocations which are popular for young generation, such as: the park, bedroom,and living room. As well as when both are playing on guitar, where one know how toplay (male), and how other one is learning and trying to play (female) onthis musical instrument. Therefore, these are going to be the key scenes for theaudience to watch, as well as will makes them to like it, as I have represented thelove theme in very innocent, funny way, and how young generation express their lovetowards society (friends, family).
  3. 3. Within my magazine advertisement, I have used and applied theconventions of a stereotypical magazine advertisement this decade, interms of using basic and certain features, such as: MASTHEAD whichstands out greatly, and match with the overall design of the mediaproduct. In order to make it look slightly different, I went againstconventions by using different colour scheme of dark grey, silver, andfont styles, which doesnt match with the font style on the CD cover; withcontrasting background colour scheme of white, as within the CD cover Ihave used dark browny- orange background, which helps the audienceeasily recognise where is the CD, as well as makes the media productlook professional. As I wanted to create interesting magazineadvertisement which can drag peoples attention, makes you want tolook. When I started to construct the magazine advertisement, I focused onwhat are the features of a real magazine advertisement, who will be thetarget audience for my product to create an identity based on theconventions of Pop/R&B genre, and how can I apply, imitate them butmake the product still look unlike, and original. Therefore, I have doneresearch on and analysed them within my presentation of Analysis ofMagazine Advertisement which helped me to get an idea of how itshould look like. This links to the Uses and Gratifications theory,expressing the surveillance side of the theory. In terms of the audiencewanting to find and see useful information, which is the main purpose ofthe magazine advertisement, to inform the audience.
  4. 4. Digipack of the CD attempts to follow a style which is frequently in otherCDs within Pop/R&B genre. I decided to have the main image of the femalecharacter, in an extreme medium shot frame, which however, doesnt haveto be seen as unconventional features within this genre. Therefore, to makecreate this image of unconventional and unique, I have represented only thehalf of the female characters face, as I wanted to express, and represent tothe audience the character within my music video, as well as link it to thename of the song, It girl. Another reason why is to make people thinkabout it, why I have represented this female character in this way? Perhapsto show that this girl have two side of her personality, good and bad. Theidea that her good side, is represented and can be seen within the musicvideo, and her more dominant, bad character on the CD cover, where I havealso used and applied dark colour scheme, in order to create this idea ofgood/bad, as well as on the magazine advertisement, where I have usedwhite background, with the dark CD cover on the top. This can links to theHypodermic Needle Theory, which means by giving the image of directeffect (embolism) messages into individuals. So, when the audience will lookat these media products, they can react differently, in the way how theyare understand this the code, behind this media products. However, somepeople might already have links with certain representations, such as: theclose up of the female character, which is mainly used and seen withinPop/R&B music genre, e.g. Madonna and her CD album Celebration,Beyonce and her album I am ..Sasha Fierce etc.