Presentation cd covers examples 2


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Presentation cd covers examples 2

  1. 1. CD CoversExamples by Dominika Kalafutova
  2. 2. White-black background of theClose-up of thesinger- looking Britney Spears singer. ‘’Britney’’ written in brightdirectly to the pink colouraudience- to getattention Representing the ‘’sexappeal’’ – messy Simple- blue hair, as well in the background, with picture 2- covering her light pink colour face with hand and with scheme on the half of her hair- creates title’s- makes it mystery, by covering her better stands out face- being less recognise • In the both CD covers, produce has used a simple close-up of the singer’s face; (directly to the audience) • In the first CD cover, we are introduced into a simple colour schemes. For example: background and the singer are in blue; however the title’s of the singer name as well as the name of the album are probably in pink-light colour • In the second CD cover, we are introduced into a white and black colour scheme, where produce has used a bright pink colour on the singer’s name ‘’Britney’’ which made it stand out from the background.
  3. 3. Natural look- using less make-up; could perhaps become popular again? Also, her costume (clothes), looks tooThe bodyexpression- Beyonce simple, informal-makes seem her more like every day woman.very iconic, ‘’Beyonce’’ titleperhaps trying match with theto represent background,her power and however, I don’tsuccessful; think it standswhile wearing out well, evenextravagant though it looksdress? good.Here, we are introduced to two different CD cover, where in the first one, the producer usedmedia shot, and in the second we can see a close-up of the singer. The first CD cover, there isn’t alot of writing, ‘’title’s’’: there’s ‘’Beyonce’’ and number ‘’4’’- the name of the CD cover. This givesyou an impression of simple layout, where I believe that the main feature was to point out thesinger, while wearing an outstanding clothe- using a fashion icon. The second one is in black-whitebackground, which could perhaps suggest the stereotype as well as gives a classical theme. In thiscover, the singer do not wear anything outstanding, or have special make-up, but the producermade her to look beautiful natural, with only a little bit of make-up. This is fairly interesting,promoting the singer in this way, however, there could be message behind it, which could suggestthat ‘’she’’ looks like everybody else, without a make-up, she is the ‘’one’’ of us.
  4. 4. Face-expression, camera angle Covering faceshot, not looking directly to the with black glasses-camera/audience, mystery Drake seems like a fashionable act (especially for young people), links to his genre of music, making the singer looks ‘’cool’’; somebody who understands the fashion, or have a sense in fashion. • In both CD cover’s, the producer has used a different camera shot, to hide the singer’s face, not looking directly to the audience, which is fairly interesting point as this feature has been used more than ones, but in different way as well as it gives the impression of mystery, by creating a enigma- makes him look sophisticated, cool which links to his style of the music. • Close-up; healthy complexion, making him looks sexy, fashionable, well groomed- well represented, looking smart.
  5. 5. Showing her hand with Repetition of ‘’R’’- representing the singer’stattoo and lots of rings- artistic name; Rihanna. Using of the same typerepresenting the power,independent? But also Rihanna of letter as well as the colour is interesting; conventional- something people are alreadymakes her look familiar with.suspicious and Messy hair- oneintriguing. part is covering her eye- givesOpening mouth; her mystery,wearing red lipstic and sexy look.cigarete’ssmoke coming out Wearing no clothes-from her mouth- provocation? Rebelsvulgar, sexy, aggressive= againstdominant look+ conventionalmaking an eye’s features of CDcontact with the covers?audience- attract • In both CD covers, there’s a significant feature, of her opening herpeople’s attention. ‘’mouth’’ which could perhaps suggests her arogancy, not being afraid of telling people what she thinks/feel, which also links to her very young age. • Also, the producer has used a letter ‘’R’’ ( for Rihanna) twice, on the same place, by using the same colour. The reason could be sending conventional message, (something her fans, people will recognise with or are familiar with already).
  6. 6. …ConclusionI believe that this CD cover’s analysis, which I have done with deep analysisand explanation, will help me to produce my own Cd cover for music video.From this analysis, I have learnt, how to use a camera shot in order torepresent the artist’s mystery, sexappeal, power, dominant character, andnatural look, to create an original and unique look of the whole CD cover, togain attention from the audience/people, as I believe the image of the artistsplay the most important in the whole CD cover. It is important to say thatequipment and costumes are important too, and should be picked verycarefully to convey the message, as it creates the artist identity, as well as helpsto represent the music genre. The titles of artists names and name of CDcovers are fairly interesting, as it links to their characterisation, such as:Britney Spears CD’s cover from the picture 1- very girly, sweet, using brightgirly colours-pink- stereotypical features, links to her type of music she creates. On other side; Rihanna CD’s cover from the picture 1; just ‘’R’’ -simple,great colour, not having clear but messy lines- links to her music , ones shecreated very sweet song ‘’California king’’ and then very vulgar, sexy ‘’S&M’’-represent her age and youth characterisation, could perhaps be argued thatshe still doesn’t know what she wants? Represent her rebellion side as well?