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Magazine advertisement


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Magazine advertisement

  1. 1. Analysing A Magazine Advertisement For An Album By Dominika Kalafutova
  2. 2. I really like black-white background- simple design; as well asit match with the music he produce. HEADLINE- the name ofsinger; red colour – the same colour used in the title of „‟THEMULTI-PLATINUM ALBUM OF THE YEAR‟‟- gives simplelook, as well as it looks good in overall page. The list of thesongs in white- stands out very well from black background,with the starts before each name. The white colour has alsobeen used in the name of the CD cover „‟THE DEFAMATIONOF STRICKLAND BANKS‟‟.The CD cover is on the bottom,left side, with the white frame as the CD cover has got a blackbackground, and without the frame, the CD wouldn‟t standsout. The singer- looking smart, serious, medium close-up,looking in the left side, while holding the microphone-„‟microphone‟‟ which has been used in 60‟s 70‟s , very oldfashion- even though this is Plan B new CD cover for 2010.The design match with the music the singer produce as wellas with the song list. The idea of old fashion style- becomingpopular even in 21st century, black and white background withthe singer. Good quality, soulful music, stylish representinggolden age, jazz clubs (night clubs) Billie Holiday.
  3. 3. The medium close-up of the singer, looking directly down- giving hermysterious feel that matches with her CD cover as well as could representher age and rebellion side- the idea of her being able to surprise people andbring something new in music industry. This links to her, covering face withbig sunglasses, bright red messy hair, and hand covering her lips, with amassive ring which look like a pink rose- betrays that all attention is wantedon her. Throughout the magazine advertisement and CD cover has beenused the same conventional features as well as colour- easy to recognizeby seeing familiar features. The idea of giving both simple designs, as wellas represent the beauty in herself. The CD cover is in the bottom, on theright side- the close-up of the singer face, looking down again just like in themagazine advertisement, wearing bright red lipstick – matching with herhair colour and white title of her CD Cover „‟LOUD‟‟- which is very un-noticed in colour white, compare to her skin tone, and bright pink lips andhair which attracts more attention; therefore people will pay less attentionon her name of album which she is selling, and rather will focus on thesinger‟s photo instead. But, because there isn‟t a name of who‟s album thisis, is very unconventional, and the only message which suggests who‟salbum this is, is Rihanna‟s face being the main point, and drag the most •attention- the idea of her feel comfortable about her popularity within themusic industry; the idea of being known. The colour scheme- mostly usedpink, red, and white- girly colour‟s- drag people‟s attention. Those colourscheme‟s match with the singer‟s song lists, as well as in the music video of„‟ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD) where the singer used the same outfit,clothes design.
  4. 4. The singer in white and black colour; looking directly to the audience-drag people‟s attention; while looking young, fresh, as well as flyingmessy hair could suggest that she still got something to offer in musicindustry, the power, confident by showing the images of her previousCD covers- represent successful times; why she is famous for or whathave made her famous and why she‟s got that far within the musicindustry. The black box on the bottom of the page, includinginformation‟s about her new CD Cover called „‟Celebration‟‟ – in blackcolour. Within the box, those information‟s are in wide range of colourfulscheme, such as: yellow, purple, blue, pink- stands out very well, whileusing the same type of writing but in different size‟s. Interesting are thesmall pictures on the left side from the singer- very unconventional,show‟s the producer creativity; original idea something that haven‟t beenseen in magazine advertisement yet; while promoting the CD cover.There are lot of pictures of the singer, such as: the picture of Madonnain Andy Warhol style etc. To show the different stages of the singercareer, as well as being thankful to her fans still listening to her songs-catch people‟s attention. The the title‟s of „‟MADONNA‟‟ – white colourscheme, & “CELEBRATION”- simple- matching design, black colourscheme; can see the same font type; while using the same size‟s. Itstands out well with the black box and the background; easy torecognized who‟s album this is, and what it‟s called, even though thereisn‟t an image of the CD album of „‟Celebration‟‟- which seems to bevery unconventional and can be seen as disadvantages ; when peoplewill buy her new album.
  5. 5. The first image, medium close-up of the singer smoking cigarette, wearing sun glasses; looking down to read something. This shows him being in control, well organisated, knowledgeable. The second image, long shot of the singer standing outside of building covered writing „‟graffiti art‟‟- match with the music he produce; gives a feel of Hip-Hop, Pop genre.There are two main pictures of this magazine advertisement, with two image of CD cover, one is in themiddle with the massive title of the name of the album „‟HEADLINES‟‟ in white, bold writing- makes itwell stands out and match with the another title of the singer‟s name „‟DRAKE‟‟ using the same typefont, but in different sizes, the name of the singer would stands out better from the name of the album-to drag people‟s attention, as well as it gives clear information who‟s album this is, and what it‟s called.The second image of the CD cover, is in the bottom, under the first image, with the title on the rightside, which says „‟AVAILABLE NOV.15TH). This is very unconventional showing two different images forone CD album; but it gives the whole magazine advertisement a new feel, perspective, look, anddesign= which leads us to originality, but can leads to people‟s confusion, aren‟t sure of which one isCD cover.It is interesting to say that the producer uses a different font type in the title of the name of the song„‟TakeCare‟‟ which is included in the album. We can see a italic, white writing- stands out very well, dragpeople‟s attention, as there haven‟t been used any other titles which has been written in italictechnique.