Agile Testing at eBay


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  • Call out shapes can be found on pg. 56 and 57Arrows can be found on pg. 59
  • Instant Feedback is the key enabler for AGILE TESTING.Automated tests are early feedback for the whole teamQuickly detect destabilizing changes in new buildsMinimize the execution time of your test suite (max 1hour) Expose regression bugs as quickly as possibleFindings bugs early is saving money
  • Talk hereaboutwhywefocus on parallel execution.Weare asmallteamWehavetotest multiple appsfor multiple sites on different platformsWewantedtoadaptthelearningsfromthe web to mobile‚Build in Scalability“ veryimportant
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  • Agile Testing at eBay

    1. 1. Agile Testing at eBayDominik DaryQuality Engineering EuropeeBay International AGUser Group: Softwaretest und QualitätssicherungSeptember 2012
    2. 2. Facts about eBayeBay Inc. Facts: Platform Facts: 104 million active buyers and sellers Founded in 1995 worldwide 68 billion USD Based in San Jose, California transaction volume 2011 2000 USD transaction volume every 27770 Employees worldwide second 2 billion page views each day
    3. 3. Quality Engineering Team Europe We are responsible for the software quality of 12 European sites We are testing the Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Native Apps and Win32 We use a combination of End-to- End test automation together with manual exploratory testing
    4. 4. Who I am Dominik Dary Staff Software Engineer in Test E-mail:
    5. 5. Agenda Project Setup Testing in an Agile World Automated and Manual Testing Working in a cross functional team
    6. 6. The Setup DISTRIBUTED(Zürich, London, Berlin, Chennai, Pune, San Jose … and some more) OUTSOURCED (Development, Scrum Master, Product Owner) AGILE TEAM
    7. 7. Software Development + Testing = Scrum?Development Q Development QA Development QA Development ADev Q Dev Q Dev Q Dev Q Dev Q Dev Q Dev Q Dev Q A A A A A A A AAutomation is a key enabler for proper SCRUM:• Regression runs at any time• Eliminate Mini-Waterfall• Eliminate test slippage into next Sprint
    8. 8. Flip the testing triangle Manual Tests Manual Tests E2E Tests E2E Automation Tests Integration Tests Unit Tests Unit Tests Inspiration:
    9. 9. Test Automation? To get early and instant Feedback We automate the regression tests It is our safety net to save time & this is reinvested into manual testing
    10. 10. Our Guide for End-to-End Test Automation 3. Test Implementation 2. Modeling of the Biz Domain Layer 1. Design the Automated Test with Test Aspects
    11. 11. 1. Design the Automated Tests with Test AspectsUse Test Aspects** Advantages• Test aspects briefly describe • Clear overview for all team “why” and “what” has to be members about test coverage tested, without describing • Simplicity helps you to do “how” quick reviews and• Enables for early testing walkthroughs with your product because tests can be written at owner the same time the user story is • Enables you to identify manual created and automated test duplicates• Test aspects are structurally • Traceability between test derived cases and specification **Swiss Testing Day Presentation 2010: “Mit Testaspekten früh, intelligent und redundanzfrei testen” Melanie Späth Image Source:
    12. 12. Test Aspect Example
    13. 13. 2. Modeling of the Biz Domain Layer Tests • Modularization and reuse of components: Flow Objects maintainable & Biz Domain extendable e2e tests Layer Page Objects • Crucial to have in Biz Domain Layer depth knowledge of WebDriver the domain Browser • Enable data driven testing by generic test cases
    14. 14. Pages and Flows e-Commerce shopping site like eBay Select View Order Review Payment Category Summary Provider Search View View Update Item Category Orderlist View Delete Product View Item Shopping Cart Page Page Checkout Page Success Page
    15. 15. 3. Test Implementation using Selenium Tests Flow ObjectsObjects Page
    16. 16. The importance of parallel Test Execution • Instant Feedback is essential • 12 European Sites • Multiple Products • Web • Win32 • Mobile Native Apps • Mobile Web • Multiple OS • Windows • Linux • iOS • AndroidPicture Source:
    17. 17. Technical High Level Overview
    18. 18. Manual testing is very important Automated tests only do what you have implemented: at the same speed, same order, with exactly the same mouse clicks Manual testing allows you to go off the beaten path Test automation in combination with exploratory testing combine the best of both worlds
    19. 19. Speak the same language as the developers Use the same programming language as development Developers can write or maintain tests if needed Enables for a cross functional team where everyone can work on nearly every task
    20. 20. Applying Agile Principles and Values Provide Continuous Feedback Deliver Value to the Customer Have Courage Practice Continuous Improvement Self Organize Focus on People Enjoy
    21. 21. Conclusion Applying Agile Principles and Values Open source is your best friend Flip the testing triangle Treat automation as a software project Work with the right people Whole Team approach
    22. 22. Thank You!Questions or Comments?