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Perfect Aviation Presentation1


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Perfect Aviation Presentation1

  1. 1. Your one stop solution
  2. 2. Perfect Holding SA SwissSix Stock Exchange Perfect Aviation SA Switzerland Perfect Aviation Ltd. United Kingdom Perfect Aviation S.A. Portugal
  3. 3. Perfect Aviation Services Aircraft Management Private Jet & Helicopter Charter
  4. 4. Aircraft Management Aircraft Maintenance Flight Operations Crew Management Accounts Aircraft Charter Perfect Aviation’s operations are conducted to the very highest standards of safety and professionalism All flights operate in accordance with international procedures that cover every aspect of aircraft maintenance, flight operations, pilot training and proficiency.
  5. 5. Private Jet Charter The Perfect Fleet
  6. 6. Learjet 60XR (CS-DTH) YOM 2010 6 seats Max Range: 2,091nm Base: London Luton, United Kingdom
  7. 7. • Global Express XRS (2010) Challenger 604 (CS-DTJ) YOM 2002 9 seats Max Range: 3,558 nm Base: Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia
  8. 8. YOM 2003 10 seats Max Range: ~3,744 nm Base: London Luton, United Kingdom Falcon 2000EX (CS-DTF) YOM 2007 8 seats Max Range: 3,775nm Base: London Luton, United Kingdom
  9. 9. Global XRS (CS-DTG) YOM 2010 14 seats or 6 beds Max Range: 5,940nm Base: Riga, Latvia
  10. 10. With access to a fleet of over 5’000 private jets and helicopters across the World, Perfect Aviation can offer you and your clients the best solution, wherever they might be. Global Fleet
  11. 11. The Benefits of Private Aviation • Access to a Global Fleet of Luxury Aircraft • Faster Check-In & Check-Out • Greater Flexibility • Guaranteed Privacy • Personalised Services • Maximum Safety & Security • Minimal Stress
  12. 12. Perfect Aviation SA Summary • Public Company - Listed on the Swiss Six Stock Exchange. • Experienced team of industry professionals • Comprehensive portfolio of private aviation services • Access to a global network of charter jets & helicopters For more information please visit our home page
  13. 13. At your service 24/7 +41 44 5000 888