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Bullhorn engage 2015

Ebsta at bullhorn engage

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Bullhorn engage 2015

  1. 1. ebsta for Bullhorn
  2. 2. For Chrome Three Tools For MS Word For Outlook
  3. 3. For Chrome
  4. 4. For Outlook • Imports documents directly from your emails into Bullhorn • Add candidates Outlook directly into Bullhorn • One-click to record emails straight into Bullhorn
  5. 5. For MS Word • Imports documents directly from your emails into Bullhorn • One-click to add candidates & MS Word Resumes into Bullhorn • Access Bullhorn records from within MS Word documents
  6. 6. Our Partners
  7. 7. Advance in IT Shelli Gafan EBSTA is genius! Saves so much time allowing me to do my day job instead of switching screens constantly! Outlook for Ebsta is brilliant and really time- saver.
  8. 8. HireMinds David Hayes Business Development calls have increased by 23% since implementing Ebsta due in large part to the ease with which Consultants can create and update Bullhorn records.
  9. 9. Elliott Browne Paul Heslop Ebsta has turned consultants that spent all their time on LinkedIn into CRM super users. We’ve already seen a c300% rise in candidates shortlisted against jobs.
  10. 10. Come and meet Brooke Brook Weinberg Hi I’m Brook and I love puppies!