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Eho presentation 140806

  1. 1. EmergencyResponse:The EHO as an OperationalResponder in Civil Emergencies
  2. 2. Introduction: EPU Who we are… Debbie Spargo Dominic Mellon John Howcroft What we do… Planning Preparation Response Recovery How to contactus… 02920 59 66 11 01443 232 270 -ask to page ValeDuty EmergencyPlanning Officer
  3. 3. Civil Contingencies Act 2004 Why is the Actrequired? Outdated legislation:• 11 Acts repealed• 25 amendments Events:• FMD• Fuel Crisis• Fire Strike• Flooding• 9/11 What does the act do? Establishes resilienceframework for UK StatutoryResponsibilities onResponders Defines ‘Emergency’ Enables regulations Empowers centralGovernment to passlegislation under‘Emergency Powers’UK Resilience:
  4. 4. Statutory Duties Council is ‘Category One’ Responder Required to take up duties: Cooperation Information Sharing Risk Assessment Emergency Planning Business Continuity Management (BCM) Communicating with the Public BCM Promotion to Businesses & VoluntaryOrganisations
  5. 5. Risk Assessment Provide planningassumptions Help prioritise… Risk reductionprojects Emergency planningprocesses Response activities Resilience spending High Priority: Pandemic Influenza Major Pollution ofLand/Sea/Air Major LocalisedFluvial/Pluvial/CoastalFlooding Low Priority: SARS WNV Legionella/Meningitis Animal DiseasesLarge scale food poisoning is not currently listed in the SW CRR
  6. 6. Pandemic Influenza 1 High Likelihood: Overdue forpandemic High Impact: Morbidity: 25% Mortality: 0.37% Planning Leads: LHB/NHS Trust NPHSCourtesy of the National Museum of Health andMedicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology,Washington, D.C., Image NCP 1603 Morbidity: 50% Mortality: 0.25%
  7. 7. Pandemic Influenza 2 Multi-agency response Outbreak Control Teams (OCT) to assist withcontact tracing Legal advice Provision of premises and facilities Provision of social services support Assist with public information/advice Establish body holding facilities Address issues relating to increased pressure onregistration/ burial/cremation services Provide environmental health services Have good BCM in placeLocal Authority Roles & Responsibilities:
  8. 8. Major Pollution 1 Barry Chemical ComplexDomino COMAH Site 4 ‘top-tier’ sites 6 ‘lower-tier’ sites Hazardous Chemicals: Formaldehyde Phenol Methanol Chlorosilanes Methyl Chloride Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Acrylonitrile Tert-dodecyl MercaptanImage source:
  9. 9. Major Pollution 2 Liaise with responders Advice on… Scale and nature of risk Possible health effects Health & Safety Hygiene arrangements at Rest Centres Residents safely returning to their houses Environmental monitoring Assistance with handling the mediaEnv Health Roles & Responsibilities:COMAH Off-Site Plan is currently being revised by EPU
  10. 10. Major Flooding 1 High Likelihood: Previous history of flooding Flood risk areas plotted byEA Climate change High Impact: Damage to property Relocation of residents Psychosocial impacts Public health impacts Economic losses Damage to infrastructure Environmental impacts
  11. 11. Major Flooding 2 (Predominantly recoveryphase) Decontamination ofproperty Advice on contaminants Water qualitysampling/monitoring Hygiene/welfare adviceat rest centresEnv Health Roles & Responsibilities:
  12. 12. What not to do…
  13. 13. Summary Council has must discharge statutoryduties under the CCA Environmental Health is an integralpart of the corporate emergencyresponse Identified risks require specific actionsto be taken by EHOs Remember CRITICAL
  14. 14. Thank you! Any questions?