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Media evaluation slide share 2


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Evaluation of Media products

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Media evaluation slide share 2

  2. 3. The costume we used for our main character was a stereotypical indie look. Stylish and individual was the image we were trying to portray and we were successful in representing an indie style, by using costume such as skinny jeans, plimsolls and a modernistic jacket. This subverts the stereotype of a typical busker being scruffy and poorly dressed. This one done to clearly shoe the individuality of the main actor, and portraying his independence We created the look of a busker by using props such as a straw hat and an acoustic guitar to convey the stereotypical busker, the black and white theme we used also enabled us to make the busker look more authentic, as the dull tones of the theme removed the fresh look of the costume and props used . COSTUMES AND PROPS
  3. 4. In this screen shot the visuals and lyrics intertwine perfectly. The actors reaction shows his emotions as he shows he is giving up on the girl he's chasing. The lyrics 'You want something more' is suggesting the boy isn't good enough for the girl and she is , as the lyrics read, looking for something more. Goodwins theory is applied here through linking the visuals and lyrics as the song is in the semantic field of 'giving up' and so is the lyrics at this particular point. LINKS BETWEEN VISUALS AND TRACK
  4. 5. <ul><li>The setting and location was key in allowing us to be able to effectively represent the contrast between the busker and the band themselves. We decided top locate the busker in front of a house but on the main street, this allows us to conform to the typical representation of a bucker being on the main street of the city or village a that's where the most people will walk past. Yet we used a house instead of say a shop or church, to convey the busker being in a small area, this is done so we can represent the busker as being more destitute than a regular busker in a city. This is done to expand the contrast this trying to represented. The location of the 2 nd narrative, the bands performance was also important, as we used a recording studio, this shows the step up that the busker has made, from a small town Busker to performing and recording his track in an opulent music studio. </li></ul>THE SETTING/LOCATION
  5. 6. <ul><li>Camera work was used again to portray individualism and independence in the main character. In this screen shot, the busker is shown to be alone, and curious of where the girl has gone, this shot captures him being alone which can be interpreted either into either individuality or loneliness This is also the case for the actor in the recording studio, who is alone when playing the guitar. This subverts the contrast that we are trying to make between the two actors as it shows rich or poor, talented or talentless you still can be lonely. The camera angles and shots were created to mainly focus upon the central character, (Busker & Lead singer) It allows us to show the contrast between the lives they have upon the field of music, yet also indicates to the audience clearly that the busker and the lead singer of the successful band are the same person, and incorporates the boys rise to fame. </li></ul>CAMERAWORK
  6. 7. HOW NARRATIVE IS INDICATED <ul><li>The narrative is indicate din our music video through the different camera angles used and the theme of the video. These camera angles represent the emotions and feelings of the busker when trailing around the streets of the village searching for that illusive woman. An example would be the close up of the actors face when he can't find the woman, this enables the audience to see his anger and frustration of being left alone again. </li></ul>
  7. 8. MUSICAL GENRE AND HOW THE VIDEO SUGGESTS IT <ul><li>The musical genre is Indie rock, our music video suggests this in a variety of different ways. 'Indie' is an abbreviation of the word Independent, so the main theme of the video was the independence of the main character. The video suggests this musical genre as most of the video consists of the main actor being alone playing his guitar or searching for the mysterious woman. This shows independence as, a busker is independent from the commercial side of music, and most of what the busker plays is their own independent material. </li></ul><ul><li>We looked at a variety of different indie music videos and it showed us that the music videos are predominantly performance based. We used this research and decided to develop a 2 nd narrative, this contained a band performance, yet it still enveloped the key theme of independence throughout. This band performance conforms to the common conventions of an indie music video, having a bassist, lead guitarist and drummer performing. </li></ul>
  8. 9. <ul><li>The special effects we used in our music video that were also typical of other promotional packages was elements such as the saturation effect, we saturated two narratives together to create the effect they were running along side each other. Another effect we used was using a black and white theme, this enables the audience to capture the tone of the track, as it shows the song is emotional and dark. </li></ul>SPECIAL EFFECTS
  9. 10. EDITING <ul><li>Editing was an essential part of creating our music video. This is because we had two separate narratives running alongside each other, so editing was key in establishing the two narratives. Regular cross cutting between the performance and the busker's story was necessary in being able show that the two narratives were running alongside each other, almost happening at the same time. </li></ul>
  10. 11. REPRESENTATION OF ARTIST <ul><li>The front cover of the digi pack is typical of a Indie music promotional package. It clearly state's the name of the band and the name of the Song, the key feature is the dominant image of the lead guitarist and singer. It follows the common conventions of an indie music front cover as it shows the independence and individuality of the lead singer. It represents the artist as being cool, stylish and a role model for the target audience. This is similar to other products as there clothing and style are what attracts a fan to the band almost as much as the music. </li></ul>
  11. 12. MISE EN SCENE OF IMAGES <ul><li>The mise en scene of images in my advertisement is typical of an advert that is presenting indie music. The image used here, establishes the band itself, following the convention we researched in our music video, of a band performing being a key element in distinguishing indie music from other genres. Again the image relates to independence again as the lead singer is the main focus as the drummer has been blurred out, this is to represent him as being unique and different from the rest. The clothing worn by the lead singer fits in with the stereotypical look of an indie role model, skinny jeans retro T-shirts ect.. This can be seen in most promotional packages within the genre of indie music. </li></ul>
  12. 13. COSTUME AND PROPS <ul><li>The use of costume and props in our digi pack was relatively typical of a promotional package as it shows all band members, there different styles, and individuality among each member of the group. In the picture of 'Bombay Bicycle Club' the roles of the band are indicated by the positions in which they are standing, eg; the lead singer is central slightly in front of everyone, the lead guitarist is also central, showing he plays a key role, and the drummer and bassist are almost edged out. </li></ul><ul><li>This isn't the case for out digi pack, as we felt it was important to show the individuality of each member, to convey independence which is the main them throughout indie rock. </li></ul>
  13. 14. USE OF FONT AND STYLE <ul><li>The Font and style used wis type of a promotional package of this genre which is trying to portray a certain tone and mood. The tracks themselves are very emotional and melancholy; this is where we bring in the black and white theme of the ad, to try and convey the emotional tone. The tracks themselves are then bands first, and could be described as simplistic, as they haven't fully developed into a recognized, respected band. We used simple uppercase lettering to try and enable the audience to see we are attempting to convey the simplistic style of the bands tracks across via the font and uncomplicated style used. </li></ul>
  14. 15. MUSIC GENRE AND HOW YOUR ADVERT SUGGESTS IT <ul><li>Our magazine advert suggests the selected music genre of indie rock by using the key theme in most indie rock promotional packages, which is independence, not conforming to the mainstream. The image suggests this independence as the focus is on the lead singer, the blurred images behind him suggest he is the main focus. His individuality is represented by this as he is shown alone with his guitar and microphone. </li></ul><ul><li>The genre is more obviously is represented by the instruments shown in the image, the guitar and drums indicate 'rock' but along side the conventions of independence, and also the clothing that is worn, which is stylish, young, trendy, it allows us to come to the conclusion of an indie rock genre is represented. </li></ul>
  15. 16. MUSIC GENRE AND HOW YOUR DIGI PACK SUGGESTS IT <ul><li>Our digipack suggests the selected music genre of indie rock by using the key theme in most indie rock promotional packages, which is independence, not conforming to the mainstream. We tried to represent this individuality by giving each member a page to themselves, indicating their role in the band, this suggest indie rock as it not only shows they are a rock band, this is indicated by the instruments used, guitars, drums ect.. but that they are individual and shows their independence away from the band itself, the band isn't just the lead singer, which is the case for many others. The genre is indicated again, the same way as the magazine advert by showing the instruments clearly and which member is playing them, this follows the convention of Indie rock being about live music. </li></ul>
  16. 17. LAYOUT <ul><li>The layout of the digi pack conformed to other promotional packages of that genre. The clear indication of the track list slightly off centre, enables the reader to see the songs, and in which order they are in. The bar code is shown as well as websites and information of where you can listen or see the band. There is the common convention of showing the record label logo, and overall the basic structure of the back cover of an Indie rock promotional package, nothing fancy just very ordinary. </li></ul>
  17. 18. <ul><li>In the three images of the band members on the digipack, enhancements have been made. The contrast has been boosted as well as the brightness, this gives the white and black more richer and bolder colour. </li></ul>SPECIAL EFFECTS