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Pitch presentation


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Media Pitch Presentation

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Pitch presentation

  1. 1. The Pitch S
  2. 2. Film Production inc Making films for you. S
  4. 4. S Main Character: S He’s a journalist.Key S Tends to get involved in things he shouldn’tCharacters S ResourcefulMain Character- Journalist S Other Characters:Other Characters- SecretAgent S Never tells anyone his identity S Strong ties to the government S Can get through pretty much any security system S Good with a gun
  5. 5. S Beginning S Journalist gets rumors of a secret government project, to discover the lost city Atlantis. S MiddlePlot Outline S The government becomesFrom the beginning through aware of the journaliststhe middle to the end. activities and seeks to eliminate him. S End S Journalist discovers the location of the city, but gets killed before he can make it public. S However, he does manage to stash a map in a hidden location.
  6. 6. S Continuity Sequence S Set in an old fashioned wooden office.Title S Shots of walking down corridor, a hand on the door ofSequence the office, person sitting down in a chair.The Journalist breaks into angovernment office in search S Titles will appear on a file thatof a file. the character in the scene will flick through. S Camera will track across wall of the office showing newspaper articles and maps. S End of opening sequence will be files closing, cut to black.
  7. 7. Meet Dave, he’s 18 ,he likes thriller movies, he’s also been known to enjoy a bit of sci-fi. Normally Dave spends his time watchingTarget TV, checking facebook and studying.AudienceEqual mix of male andfemale audiencemembers, between the agesof 15-34.
  8. 8. S Do you think there is anything we could add to the plot? S What do you think of the target audience?Feedback S General Suggestions?Give us your feedback.
  9. 9. THE END S