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A personal portfolio overviewing the highlights of academic and professional career. CV at the end of the document.

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Domantas Stukas Portfolio

  1. 1. DOMANTAS STUKASUrban Planner M.Sc Urbanism @ TU Delft, The NetherlandsArchitect B.Arch @ VGTU, Lithuania
  2. 2. Content Hello! 1. Graduate Projects It took a long way for this experience to deliver open 2. Undergraduate Projects portfolio to reach your minded solutions based on a multi- perspective and scientific approach. 3. Practice Work hands! Nevertheless, I invite you to take a look on the highlights of As a graduate in Master of Science I 4. Curriculum Vitae it in the following pages. But first feel competent with conducting I would like to introduce a research and analysing myself. a specific context in order to carry out reasoned and deliberate My name is Domantas Stukas. I design proposals. What is more, am an enthusiastic young I have good written and spoken professional in the fields of English skills which allow me to freely communicate in a professional architecture, urbanism and environment. spatial strategic planning. As a motivated young graduate I Extensive software and am looking forward to engage my future partners and clients with a computer skills allow meI have studied in in I have studied to be flexible and efficient in a great quality of work and dynamic working environment, thoroughness to achieve tailored so as proefficiency in three results. languages and basics in other During my career I have personally two. What is more, I am strongly The Netherlands Norway determined to learn the Norwegian TU Delft experienced workingmethods Lithuania language due to broader and Lithuania from three different distinguishable possibilities in my The Netherlands architecture schools and future career. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Germany have collaborated in workshops with students from world renowned I am hopping that this introduction France Spain universities. In addition, I have gaves a better insight about me. Polytechnic University Spain worked on international projects You can find additional detailed of Valencia Albania while studying and in professional information in my CV. Not to mention, I would be very happy to answer Ghana I am willing practice. Therefore, more of your questions personally in Argentina to apply my broad academic an interview. and international work I I have done projects in have done projects in
  3. 3. GRADUATE M.Sc Urbanism TU Delft
  4. 4. A Project for Valencia Master thesis, 2012 Valencia, Spain Keywords: Spatial strategic This project defines a spatial strategic vision and strategy to rehabilitate the built environment of a socially vulnerable neighbourhood in Valencia, Key strategic interventions and newly established neighbourhood vocations Bio Market and vital Young start-ups planning, large urban to tackle the stagnating real estate neighbourhood centrality & Hip urban life projects, urban vulnerability, development and address the issue neighbourhood revitalization. of public gain distribution from the construction of large urban projects (LUPs). Future Green Accessible Heart of Valencia daily activities for the citizens Identified main problems Social centre, skill learning, workshops & Local landscape self employment and agri-production € x € awareness info centre °C ! REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT VULNERABLE # STAGNATION NEIGHBOURHOOD Strategy: capturing the economic vitality of the large urban projects Three strategic layers Green Redevelopment Convention Centre / Barcelona New Central Market New Stadium Park Old Co Town Tempo New lla Formula 1 / rary bo green Rede Market spaces ve prop loped rat America’s Cup erties ion Huerta Port Info Madrid / Centre Airport Central Park Employment 0 1km Young City of Arts Start-ups and Science C Hub Ar ity o t Sc s an f ien d Project Area Key Strategic ce Upgraded Existing LUP Projects Public L ink Connections ing Spaces Cycl Main LUPs een Gr N Key Project MI 10 Interventions New LUP Alicante Albufera Works hop Connections 0 1km Centre
  5. 5. Project ‘New Market’ neighbourhood redevelopment plan Start-ups Centre new functions Existing situation 1 300 000 000 € complex Under used parking space Strateg ic loca for you tion entrep ng reneur s CITY OF ARTS AND S NEW BUILDINGS Existing buildings Built space CIE Key project N Abandoned / CE deteriorating property New functions Demolished property Public space networkNew Public Space Network Detail plan of the public space park ra nt Vib err ss Cal me f t cce e dd ac ow roo lic a nt raf fic b str i Pu eet W i-F Stre Free et c afé s en rd il ga nqu Tra n ta tio es y bik Cit 0 50m
  6. 6. Access Buenos Aires Group Project / Workshop, 2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina Keywords: Neighbourhood Project plan proposes enhanced local road network and improved public transportation in order to increase accessibility into the deteriorating Focus area masterplan Main avenue integration, fragmentation, and poor southern Buenos Aires. Cargo road informal city, connectivity, New and rehabilitated public spaces Secondary roads redevelopment, accessibility. with greeneries are improved New road links BRT by identifying new routes and Metro destinations for the public access. Slow traffic Greeneries Sport Transformed area Culture/workshop Site visit analysis Commercial zone Transport hubs Market Education Residential/Mixed use Preserved buildings Centralities 0 200m Regional strategic plan A.1 A.2 A.3 Masterplan for the informal neighbourhood integration DIY-UPGRADING URBAN CATALYST NEW DWELLING The upgrading carried out by New buildings will be implanted into New dwellings will be built by loal local inhabitants. The groud floor will be gradually the site and work as the urban catalyst to create attrative point for inhabitants themselves. Better living conditionscan help to New bridge to the commercial district slum area attrative more people to boom the transformed into commercial or creational space for informal atmosphere Rehabilitation economy and change the urban and identity. sectors. Municipality shoud give some help of the informal in this process neighbourhood o ch uel B.1 SURFACE UPGRADE B.2 CONNECTIVITY using a self- Ria Focus Area The façade of public space will be upgrade. A more interactive public surface will be The connectivity of buildings and public space will be improved upgrading model A forged. through the functional transformation and public space redevelopment. BUILDING RE G KIN S HA LIN PIN SELF- RE C.1 C.2 G C UPGRADING B IMPROVING ACTIVES LINKING ACTIVES Through the regeneration of built New actives will be sparked through the environment, urban actives and redevelopment of public space and linked events will happen in those places. together. ACTIVITY SPACE REVALUATING Culture centre, fo rmer railway d epot ve ou ed pm g de e h mix t lo sin en us ew e Saenz N ed Development area Religion New road links b ish and r ur n ge oad local r d d Water Education Railway ef atio en line Main Avenida R t ss einf orce Green Culture New railway links s a in f the r rk Upgraded slum Health Care Metro in p tra ra ew Part o road netwo t dary Park Slow trafic link New metro links n secon 0 1km Sport Green link New bus line 0 100 m
  7. 7. Individual assignment, 2010/2011 This project incorporates the suburb Project masterplan Nijmegen, The Netherlands Existing buildings of Lent into Nijmegen by establishing spatial characteristics of a city and New buildings Keywords: Settlement creating strong local identity. New Private property development, urbanisation, urban development incorporates Formed urban blocks strategic development, visual the existing built environment, while Important sight lines axes, identity, feasibility. maintaining the local urban space l qualities and making the project more Sch o o * Local landmarks Commerce centrality * feasible. ess Civic / cultureProject Lent centrality usin * B Re Project location Existing situation ta Market il Lent m erce Com station ket Train Mar re a squ Nijmegen ch ur * Ch 0 1km ry ra Lib are qu B s TR City AN SF OR M ED BO ed Plann ont U erfr LE New Street View A wat 0 100 m Kinder- VA garten RD A t on terfr wa 0 100 m w New Street View B Ne
  8. 8. Detail of the transformed boulevard Detail plan for the city square and 0 50 m the transformed boulevard 0 10 mDevelopment strategy for a house block Project 1 1 Project Gross Building Gross Building Project 1 Project 1 Gross Building Gross Building Value floor floor Value floor Value floor Value space space space space 2910 m² 2910 m² 1 455 000 € 1 455 000 € 2910 2910 m² m² 1 455 000 € 1 455 000 € 540 000 € 540 000 € 800 m² 800 m² OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW 540 000 € 540 000 € 800 m² m² 800 Project 2 Project 2 OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW 6600 m² Project 2 2 Project 6600 m² 3 300 000 € 3 300 000 € 6600 6600 m² m² 3 300 000 € 3 300 000 € 1830 m² 1830 m² 400 000 € 400 000 € Project 3 Project 3 OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW 1830 1830 m² m² 400 000 € 400 000 € Project 3 3 Project 5788 m² 5788 m² 2 894 000 € 2 894 000 € OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW 915 000 € 915 000 € 1080 m² 1080 m² OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW 57885788 m² m² 2 894 000 € 2 894 000 € Project area Existing property line Existing building New property line 915 000 € 915 000 € 10801080 m² m² Demolished building New roads OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW New buildingAerial view
  10. 10. Forming the Centrality Bachelor thesis, 2010 Šiauliai, Lithuania Keywords: Neighbourhood This projects uses the railway bridge as a part of urban landscape in order to create new pedestrian links and Masterplan attract vitality to the area. Proposed development, railway, bridge, urban development increases density housing, mixed use, visual axes, in the city centre with mixed use under development. buildings and improves connectivity across the railway while preserving and enhancing main visual and compositional axes. Development idea View from the residential building
  11. 11. Residential block scale modelFloorplans & section Inner courtyardDetailed plan of theneighbourhood A A
  12. 12. Individual assignment, 2009 River banks of Vilnius, nature sounds Project model school volumeElementary beauty Vilnius, Lithuania Keywords: Elementary school, and the colours of changing seasons. These are the aesthetic and didactic elements displayed to the pupils of 3D model of the nature, view, terraces, natural this school. 4 individual cubic volumes sunlight, landscape, colours. contain classrooms oriented towards the river and natural sunlight. A sinking curved stylobate creates roof terraces and serves as the main interior space containing other school facilities. Inspiration Panoramic view from the classrooms Concept sketches Project surroundings