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Training Academy multi-skills | StreetGames Wales Conference 2012 workshop


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Presentation by Justyn Price (@justynprice), Training Academy Manager at StreetGames

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Training Academy multi-skills | StreetGames Wales Conference 2012 workshop

  1. 1. StreetGames Training Academy< Research – Innovate – Empower >
  2. 2. Research < We Lead & We Follow >“…adopting doorstepsport approach hashelped us reach intocommunities andincrease participation…”
  3. 3. The Training Menu < Supporting Your Communities’ Work > Doorstep Sport Skills Sports Specific Skills Accredited Qualifications1. Doorstep Sport Induction 14. Athletics Activator Writing contextualised learning2. Retention programmes for accredited3. Organising & Managing Events 15. Street Rugby Activator qualifications & institutions4. Fundraising & Small Grants5. Intro to Behavioural Change 16. Street Tennis Activator6. Setting up a Volunteer Project 23. L2 Doorstep Sport Coaching7.Managing Volunteers 17. Basketball Activator Cert.8. Mentoring Volunteers9. Youth Action with Volunteers 18. Indoor Rowing Activator (1st4Sport: L2 Principles &10. Volunteer Retention preparation for coaching sport11. Making DSC Deaf Friendly 19. Table Tennis Activator +12. Working with Challenging 1st4Sport L2 Award in Multi-SkillBehaviour 20. Street Golf Activator Development)13. Working with Women & Girls 21. Handball Activator 22. Rounders Activator Abbreviated Level 2 NGB Courses Tennis, TT, Basketball, Handball
  4. 4. Workforce < Experienced & Respected Tutors >“The Level 2 course was fantastic for ourvolunteers. It improved their confidence andskill level …they are now on the coachingpathway to enable them to get some paidwork. My volunteers felt comfortable on thecourse and spoke highly of the course tutor.The tutor was highly engaging andmotivating.”Kimberley ClarkDirector, Maddisons CIC
  5. 5. StreetGames & Multi-Skills < Developing Physical Literacy > Sports Specific Skills Basketball, Tennis, Football, Netball, Table Tennis , Rugby League, Golf, etc Fundamental Sports SkillsNet/Wall games, Invasion games, Striking & fielding games, Athletics, Creative movement Multi-skill Fundamental Movement Skills Travelling, Jumping, Sending, Receiving, Striking Fundamentals of Movement Balance, Co-ordination & Agility
  6. 6. The 5Cs for Coaching < Sessions with Multiple Outcomes > Character &Competence Confidence Connection Creativity Caring Source: Côté et al., Coaching the Whole Child: Positive Development Through Sport
  7. 7. What Our Learners Say…“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this week, I have “Learnt a lot, coached a lot, had thoroughly enjoyed myself and great fun.” learnt so much! It showed at the session tonight that we have all Josh - University of Wales,benefitted from this week and are Newport all an awful lot more confident when coaching.” Natalie – University of Cumbria “I have learnt about different coaching techniques, learning styles and a variety of sports…I thought the course was going to be scary and a lot of pressure. My biggest challenge was the assessment as I had to coach young people from the community who were a bit older than me. Now I have done it my confidence has grown so much and I want say thanks to StreetGames.” Thomas – Duffryn Community Project
  8. 8. What the industry says… “The approach the StreetGames team “The insight and quality of training that the Doorstep took with the delivery of Doorstep SportsSport Coaching Programme has provided to our regional and Multi-skills Level 2 was excellent. development team has helped us rethink the way in Tutor support, pastoral care and specialistwhich we train young people ourselves as well as in the delivery enabled a real course delivered in design of our Street Golf workshop that is currently a real situation with young people.” being piloted in 20 Doorstep projects.” Rus Smith Brendon Pyle Community and Sports Development Development Manager, Golf Foundation Manager, George Salter Academy “I have been to visit and provide feedback on the quality of the tutor delivery and assessment and have been able to report that they are an example of good practice in coach education. The tutors are all well-attuned to the needs of the learners that are attending the course. Their ability to deal with a diverse range of learner needs is extremely impressive. In particular, they have a natural empathy for encouraging and supporting learners that had previous negative experiences of mainstream compulsory education and in some cases had dropped out before the age of 16. Andy Grant – Coach Education Adviser – Sports Coach UK
  9. 9. Questions?