How to create Ad Campaign in LinkedIn


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How to create Ad Campaign in LinkedIn

  1. 1. LinkedIn Ad campaignUser ManualWednesday, 13th June 2012
  2. 2. Document overviewThis document provides a top line overview of how LinkedIn Adcampaign can be set up and managed.This document covers:•  LinkedIn Ad Campaign Set up: 1.  Campaign Set up 2.  Targeting 3.  Campaign Options 4.  Checkout•  Tracking Results•  LinkedIn Ad Campaign – basic FAQs•  LinkedIn Ad Guidelines 2
  3. 3. How to set up an Ad Campaign on LinkedIn3
  4. 4. Initial Set upIn order to set up your Ad Campaign in LinkedIn:•  Search for LinkedIn Ads in Features•  Once you are in the LinkedIn Ads section press Start button4
  5. 5. Initial Set up - Step 1 - Create Ad Campaign•  Log in to your LinkedIn account•  LinkedIn Ads campaign set up page will appear 1   2   3   1.  Set up consists of 4 steps: 4,  5,  6   •  Set up the add •  Targeting •  Company Options •  Checkout 2.  Add campaign name 3.  The campaign can have up to 15 variations (good for setting up multiple creative to prevent wear out) 7   4.  Add Ad destination – we recommend linking it to the website 5.  Add image (50x50 pxls – PNG or JPEG up to 2 M – if not provided in 50x50 dimensions the image will be re-sized by LinkedIn platform) 6.  Enter headline 25 chars and description of upto 75 chars (over 2 lines) 7.  Add variations to the ad (same copy but different image, etc)5
  6. 6. Initial Set up - Step 2 - Targeting 2   1  1.  Select your target Audience using these filters2.  Shows your audience size. As you narrow your search your audience size will reduce6
  7. 7. Initial Set up - Step 3 – Campaign Options 1  1.  Select campaign payment method – we recommend starting from CPC and LinkedIn will recommend the starting bidding price based on the target audience. Select daily budget – you will only be charged on the amount of clicks generated7
  8. 8. Initial Set up - Step 4 – Checkout•  Select your payment options – note $5 will be added to the total amount for LinkedIn amount activation8
  9. 9. Tracking Results9
  10. 10. LinkedIn Ads – Tracking the resultsIf your goal is to generate clicks to your website at a certain cost per click (CPC), use the My Ad Campaignstab and Reporting tab in LinkedIn Ads to track your progress. You can track the number of clicks youvereceived against your total budget spent.The reporting panel will look like this 10
  11. 11. Tracking conversions on your websitePlease note, that the site you are driving the LinkedIn traffic to needs to be set up with a tracking codein order to report LinkedIn conversions.You can set up Google Analytics or any other website tracking software that allows you to monitorconversions & click throughs.11
  12. 12. LinkedIn Ads – FAQs and Guidelines12
  13. 13. Location of Ads – there will the ads show up?LinkedIn ads appear on prominent pages and on the LinkedIn Audience Network.Up to 3 LinkedIn Ads are shown in each ad placement on the website.Ads are placed on:•  Profile Page - when members view the profile of other LinkedIn members.•  Home Page - the page members see when they sign in to LinkedIn.•  Inbox - the page where members see messages and invitations to connect.•  Search Results Page - the page that results when you search for a member by name.•  Groups - when members view pages in their group..CPC (Cost-Per-Click) Ads could also be shown in a text link advertisement at the top of the home page.Images and logos in the ad may be omitted in this situation.13
  14. 14. LinkedIn Ads Guidelines - creating the adsThese Advertising Guidelines represent an overview of minimally-acceptablestandards for advertising through LinkedIn Ads - any ad that violates ANY of theguidelines below will be removed from the system (and further action may be taken).LinkedIn determines the professionalism and appropriateness of any advertisementon the site, and reserves the right to take appropriate action against anyadvertisement deemed unsuitable for the site.The guidelines cover:•  Accuracy•  Ad Text•  Language•  Link Behavior•  Trademarks•  Content•  Usage of LinkedIn•  Affiliate Advertising•  Data Collection14
  15. 15. LinkedIn Ads Guidelines - creating the adsAccuracy: Do not deceive or lie in your ad•  Your product or service must accurately match the text of your ad - dont lie.•  Do not make deceptive or inaccurate claims about competitive products or services.•  Do not advertise prices or offers that are inaccurate - any advertised discount, offer, or price must be easily discoverable from the Destination URL of your ad.•  Do not imply affiliation with LinkedIn (or any other unaffiliated products or services).Ad Text: Do not use non-standard spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, or repetition in your ad•  Character limits: •  Headline 25 chars •  First and second lines - 75 characters to span 2 lines•  Image – you can include a 50x50 image in your ad•  Do not use excessive capitalization in your ad. With the exception of valid acronyms, words should never be fully capitalized in your ad.•  Do not use excessive or inappropriate punctuation in your ad. Do not repeat punctuation and do not use more than a single exclamation point in your ad.•  Do not use any symbols (i.e. *, @) in a manner that differs from its standard meaning. Do not use a symbol in replacement of a letter (cl!ck).•  Do not repeat words or phrases in your ad.•  Do not use caps.•  Please use correct spelling and grammar in the text of your ad. 15
  16. 16. LinkedIn Ads Guidelines - creating the adsLanguage: Do not use inappropriate or unacceptable language in your ad•  English is currently the only supported language for advertisements.•  Do not use inappropriate or unprofessional language in your ad.•  Do not use language that could be considered offensive by any viewer of your ad.•  LinkedIn is the sole judge of the appropriateness of any words or phrases in your advertisement.Link Behavior: Do not deceive, confuse, or otherwise degrade the experience of members who click onyour ad•  The domain of your Display URL must match the domain of your Destination URL.•  All members must be sent to the same destination URL and landing page from a click on your ad•  Do not send members to a landing page that generates a pop-up•  The landing page must allow users to use the browsers Back button and return to the page that the ad was displayed on16
  17. 17. LinkedIn Ads Guidelines - creating the adsTrademarks: Do not use trademarks that you are not permitted to use•  Your ad must not include any text that may be deemed as infringing upon the trademarks of other parties unless express permission has been granted by the trademark owner•  Trademark owners can send concerns about the use of their trademarks to LinkedIn Customer Service. Any ad found to be infringing on the trademark of a complainant will be removed from LinkedIn.Content: LinkedIn Ads does not allow advertising related to any of the following:•  Illegal products or services of any kind•  Alcoholic beverages•  Tobacco products or cigarettes•  Drugs, illegal substances, and any related products or services•  Prescription pharmaceuticals•  Weapons, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, or any other violent products or services•  Sexual or adult content•  Dating sites•  Ringtones•  Illegal downloads of software, media, or other copyrighted content•  Online gambling•  Hate or violent text advocating against any individual, group, or organization•  Bulk marketing products•  Multi-level Marketing programs, scams, or pyramid schemes•  Inflammatory religious content•  Inflammatory political content17
  18. 18. LinkedIn Ads Guidelines - creating the adsLinkedIn: Do not use LinkedIn in your ad•  Do not refer to LinkedIn (the corporation, brand, or site) in your adAffiliate Advertising: No affiliate advertising through LinkedIn Ads•  Affiliate ads and related programs are not allowed to advertise using LinkedIn AdsData Collection: Do not use an ad to facilitate collection of a members data, including:•  Demographic or usage data•  Usernames or passwords from the member for use on LinkedIn or any other site•  Phishing or other scamming tactics to collect sensitive personal information or money18
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