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Article, finished and done

  1. 1. Dominic OB 3D: The Basics for Computer Arts.3D software is a growing industry and becoming more and more popular, 3Dsoftware is used within a wide variety of different fields, from games design, filmproduction too Architecture.Below you will see 5 fields that use 3D software.1. Entertainment (i.e. film)The entertainment field is one of the most common placesyou will find the use of 3D modelling, 3D software isextremely useful within this field as it Is used too createspecial effects such as environments or even whole worldslike seen in Avatar.Using CGI 3D graphics artists can also remove things fromscenes, for example, removing a palm tree from a shot thatis set in England. Animal Logic relied on Maya to complete approximately 800 shots for the Academy Award- winning animated feature film Happy Feet. Maya was used to form the facility’s complete rendering and lighting pipeline. Gaming. /item?siteID=123112&id=9227157Another area that relies highly on 3D modelling software is the field of gaming, videogames are becoming more and more realistic, and you can easily see this simply bycomparing Play Station 1 games too that of the Play Station 2 and 3, you can see howthe graphics have changed.Whether you are driving a car, fighting aliens or playing football, the scenes, propsand even the characters are starting too look more like the real things.There are now a range of Universities and Colleges offering courses in 3D modellingfor gaming.PlayStation 1. PlayStation 2. PlayStation 3By comparing the 3 images above you can clearly see the increase in graphics as the3D software has developed more, you can clearly see the difference of 1-2 and 2-3.Looking at the play station 3 image you can see how much gaming has enhanced and
  2. 2. Dominic OBhow the characters, surroundings and objects are becoming more and more like thereal deal.3. Architecture.For years, renderers would flesh out plans and blueprints intodrawings that would look quite realistic, but now, theserendering can be done using 3D software, the software allowsthe creator too add motion too the object so clients can see afly through that shows all angles of the object (e.g. Birds Eye,Ground Perspective) this also allows the viewer too see insidethe structure too show what too expect on their new project. The above image is an artist rendering of a house through trees, this emphasises4. Publishing. how far architectural rendering has comePublishers of books and textbooks are also making use of from drawing out plans too using 3D3D modelling, this allows them to show pictures that they usually might not be ableto get e.g. copyright issues; these illustrations can help show the artists vision andcreate unique items that people have never before seen.5.Advertising And Marketing.3D modelling is a useful tool for advertisers and marketers, as this can help themdepict their product in a finished state, this allows companies too render newproducts, packaging and prototypes and if the model needs too be changed, this isnt abig problem, it can be easily done by changing the computer model additionally, oncethey have developed the right rendering, they can use that to sell the item before they have to invest capital in production. Note – All above information has been sourced and edited from http://www.steves- software/6-industries-that-use-3d-modeling- software.htmlWhat different 3D software is there available, and what is the best?Below you will find a summery of many popular 3D development software’s.
  3. 3. Dominic OB3D Studio MaxSource: $3,4953DS MAX is perhaps the most well known 3D modelling software outthere. Made by Autodesk, its become the standard in the professionalworld. Many studios use it, and it has a long history behind it, makingit one of the most full-featured and complete packages you could want.The modelling features are quite complete, with support for polygon,NURBS, and surface modelling. It has full animation support, anextensive texturing editor, a physics engine, scripting calledMAXScript, and more. Above a screen shot of a face modelled in 3DS Max.Maya:Source: $3,495Maya is very similar too 3D Studio Max, even the price is the same.Though the interface is slightly different, but otherwise the features arefairly close. In Maya you can do modelling, animation and texturing e.t.cWhile many studios use 3DS MAX for modelling, Maya is morecommonly used for animation.Blender:Source: FreeBlender is a free and open source 3D modelling and animation ap-plication which can be used for multiple things from...model-ling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, water simulations,skinning, animating, rendering, particle and other simulations.Lightwave 3DPrice: $ 895Source: 3D is NewTeks high-end 3D animation and rendering program. Available for both Mac and PC.Lightwave has been a popular program in its field and is actually two products bundled into one (Modler andLayout) Modeller, is responsible for building the objects and the second, Layout, is where the animationproject takes place. This is simpler than it sounds, the user has too simple create a ‘fly through’ of his objectmy moving the camera and adding keyframes by hitting ‘enter’ on the keyboard.
  4. 4. Dominic OBOn the other hand, lightwave is also known for its confusing interface, though the finishing result is in verygood detail, not too that of Maya or 3Ds max though.Cinema 4D:Price: $959 / $3,695Cinema 4D comes for both Mac and PC. Its strong-point is certainly its interface, with customised and pre-set layouts,as well as quick switching between modelling, animation and painting layouts.Cinema 4D has excellent modelling tools, but some users have complained that its rendering can look shiny andartificial although it is well known for its fast rendering time.Cinema 4D comes in many bundles which range in price from $959 too $3695.Google Sketch Up: Free / $495Google sketch up is a fairly simple program too learn and use it’s workflow is differentthan the traditional modelling program, this makes it easier too model objects.The program comes with a free version that allows you too access every feature the pro-gram has too offer except the ‘export’ function, the pro version adds this option too it.However Sketch up is much more limited when it comes too modelling it does not have a‘render’ option, making the program more useful for architecture modelling than anythingelse. Just by comparing this image ofToo some up, all 3D software programs offer the same things but some of- Google Sketchup too that of Mayafers different things, for example, 3DS Max offers animation whereas Cin- or 3DS Max you can see theema 4D does not and Google Sketch up offers a simple interface but does simplicity in Google Sketchup’snot allow rendering. All the programs may encounter problems however, layoutfor example...the amount of polygons within an object can effect the outcome, it can make the file size toolarge which can cause problems and it can also alter the rendering times. The amount of points may also af-fect the object in this way, but this can be easily fixed by merging the points.Geometric theory:Source: basic object used in mesh modelling is a vertex, a point in three dimensional space. Twovertices connected by a straight line become an edge. Three vertices, connected to the each other bythree edges, define a triangle, which is the simplest polygon. More complex polygons can becreated out of multiple triangles, or as a single object with more than 3 vertices.Mesh ConstructionSouce:‘Every 3D scene has some kind of structure in it, which is modelled from a plan, design or idea. This struc-ture is made of a virtual set of lines and faces that can be faceted enough to produce curves and seeminglyorganic shapes’A 3D artist has many tools too aid his model, 3D mesh such as NURBS (A flexable model used in computer
  5. 5. Dominic OBgraphics for generating and representing curves and surfaces (source: but it all comes back to tiny triangles, and squares, that form the structure of a scene or object in 3D.What is a wireframe model?A wireframe model is a visual presentation of a three dimensional or physical object used in 3D computergraphics. It is created by specifying each edge of the physical object where two mathematically continuoussmooth surfaces meet, or by connecting an objects constituent vertices using straight lines or curves