Convergence culture


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Convergence culture

  1. 1. CONVERGENCE CULTURE Nicky, Lucy, Sadiyah and Mehreen
  2. 2. WHAT IS CONVERGENCE CULTURE?  Convergence is the combination of media and communication technologies  ‘...where old media and new media collide...’ (Henry Jenkins, pp.259-260)  From this we can interpret convergence culture to be a new form of media containing aspects of old and new media.
  3. 3. EXAMPLES...  Internet The internet can be accessed through computers, mobiles, PDA’s, internet, gaming consoles etc.
  4. 4. OLD MEDIA / NEW MEDIA?  Old media is restricted, meaning that the audience is not able to interact with it. (eg. Books)  However, new media allows the users to be interactive and also create their own forms (eg. Digital tv)  Some old medias (such as radio) have become more advanced and are now forms of new media (such as internet streaming and DAB radio).
  5. 5. HENRY JENKINS...  Henry Jenkins suggests that there will never be one ‘ black box’ which control all media, and from which we can get all of our media from.  He says that ‘media convergence is an ongoing process’
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGICAL CONVERGENCE...  Technological convergence is where old media is becoming digitalized.  Nicholas Negroponte described this process as “atoms to bits”.
  7. 7. ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE...  Economic convergence is where a company controls aspects of more than one media, for example tv, radio, internet and film.  An example of this is BBC, as they create films, television series, radio, news and a website.  This is also know as synergy.
  8. 8. SOCIAL OR ORGANIC CONVERGENCE...  Social or organic convergence is when a user multitasks with their media. For example, a user could be listening to their iPod whilst on facebook.
  9. 9. CULTURAL CONVERGENCE...  Cultural convergence is when different forms of media can be experienced on multiple platforms.  For example, films can be viewed or downloaded using the internet, on gaming consoles, televisions and computers.
  10. 10. GLOBAL CONVERGENCE...  Global convergence is where media contains more than one culture within it. For example, it is possible to witness more than one cultural aspect in music. For example, the song ‘Jai Ho’, by the Pussycat Dolls combines aspects of Hindu and English culture.
  11. 11. WHAT CONVERGENCE CULTURE MEANS FOR THE FUTURE...  Convergence culture is leading to many disagreements about social, political, legal and economical factors. This is due to producers and consumers having different goals and aims.
  12. 12. SUMMARY...  Convergence is the combination of media and communication technologies (eg. Internet)  There are 5 different processes of convergence. -Technological -Economic -Social or Organic -Cultural -Global  Convergence is leading to many disputes.
  13. 13. REFERENCES...  “Convergence, I diverge” (Henry Jenkins, 2001)  Image of a blackberry - phones-2011  Image of an iPhone -  Image of an xbox -  Image of an -  Image of Henry Jenkins - copyblogger-can-teach-us-about-popular-scholarship/  Image of Nicholas Negroponte -  Image of BBC -  Image of boy multi tasking - news.html  Image of Pussycat Dolls - jai-ho-music-video/