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Presentation to students cohort 3 social psych and risk day two - 03.03.2015


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This is a presentation that i shared with new students studying the Social Psychology of Risk at the Australian Catholic University in Canberra, Australia.

I am a post-graduate study in this program of learning also, having commenced my studies under Dr Robert Long in May 2012.

I was privileged to be invited to share my learning adventure story with the new Cohort of Students as they commenced their learning journey.

In just under two short years, I have learnt so much, and sharing my learning with others is a great way for it to continue.

I'd love to hear if you have any questions or would like to know any further details about the post-graduate program in the Social Psychology of Risk

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Presentation to students cohort 3 social psych and risk day two - 03.03.2015

  1. 1. A Learning adventure in understanding risk and people Robert Sams 06 March 2015 Australian Catholic University Social Psychology and Risk – Cohort Three
  2. 2. Key Question How can we influence if we don’t understand how humans make judgments and decisions? • what were they thinking? • why did they do that? • why didn’t they think? • how could you think that?
  3. 3. The start of the journey Yep, that was me!
  4. 4. The start of my adventure
  5. 5. Looking deeper
  6. 6. Control Binary Fear When safety is all about:
  7. 7. Maturing at work and as a person
  8. 8. The Adventure I’m proud to be associated with
  9. 9. Putting things into practice
  10. 10. What we can learn about risk from a line? • Framing • Priming • Bias • Perception • Subjective • Imagination
  11. 11. No more tools No more bureaucracy No new systems Use the ones you have better Engage, connect, listen Dialogue, Influence, Relationships Be a culture change agent The Psychosocial Safety Message
  12. 12. Layers of Hazards and Risks Workspace Headspace Groupspace Primary Physical Secondary Psychological Tertiary Cultural
  13. 13. What are you looking for?
  14. 14. Some of the things I do differently
  15. 15. Being a Student Learning & Unlearning “It’s not much like a Uni course if you’re not much like a student”
  16. 16.