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  1. 1. The third of March Thursday
  2. 4. A trip to the country
  3. 5. Aim: We'll learn Comparatives /long adjectives/ and irregular adjectives
  4. 6. Objectives To review the comparative form of short adjectives To learn comparatives /long adjectives/ and irregular adjectives. To learn new words Read the information sheet. Are these sentences True or False? To do exercise. To listen the dialogue. Revising the comparative adjectives Homework
  5. 8. A trip аялал
  6. 9. Travel agent Аялал жуулчлалын товчооны ажилтан
  7. 10. journey Аялал
  8. 11. To travel аялах
  9. 12. Travel agency Аялал жуулчлалын товчоо
  10. 13. Distance-алсад transport- тээврийн хэрэгсэл place- газар office- албан газар make- хийх
  11. 14. 1.The distance /long or short/ you go by transport- Journey 2. to go by transport- 3. a short visit from and back to one place, usually for fun- 4. the person who makes travel plans for other people- 5. the office where they make travel plans for other people- To travel A trip A travel agent A travel agency
  12. 15. z Welcome to Mongolia Journey in Mongolia /5 th - 12 th June/ Main destination Cost Time Trip A. Trip B. Trip C. <ul><li>to Erdene Zuu
  13. 16. On the Huvsgul lake
  14. 17. Bus tour of Ulaanbaatar city </li></ul>60 180 30 2 days 5 days 1 day
  15. 18. Are these sentences True or False? 1. It's advertising winter trips. 2. The trip to Erdene Zuu is the cheapest. 3. The longest trip is the trip on Huvsgul lake. 4. Trip A is cheaper than Trip C. F F T F
  16. 19. Is trip A longer than trip B? The trip to Erdene Zuu is shorther than the trip on the Huvsgul lake.
  17. 20. Is trip B more expensive than trip A? The trip on the Huvsgul lake is more expensive than the trip to Erdene Zuu.
  18. 21. Which is more unusual, interesting the trip to Ulaanbaatar Or Huvsgul lake? The trip on the Huvsgul lake Is more unusual, interesting than the trip to Ulaanbaatar.
  19. 22. Listen and answer the questions. 1. Why did John ask for advice? John asked for advice because this is his first visit to Mongolia.
  20. 23. Answers: 1. John asked for advice because this is his first visit to Mongolia. 2. The travel agent recommended him a trip to Huvsgul.
  21. 24. Summary We make the comparatives of.. ............................................... + er And more + ............................ Short adjectives Long adjectives
  22. 25. Homework Exercise 5 Write complete sentences. Ex; Country life /interesting /city life Country life is more interesting than city life.