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Drive-in 2015 - Leading by dreaming


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Dreams can be extremely powerful. Use them to trigger imagination and reach beyond the possible!

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Drive-in 2015 - Leading by dreaming

  1. 1. © copyright 2015 Leading by dreaming Drive-In 2015 – Leadership in the Mist October 5th, 2015
  2. 2. Soestdijk Palace
  3. 3. Magic
  4. 4. Self fulfilling prophecy
  5. 5. Our culture
  6. 6. We like to be in control
  7. 7. The CEO and the Gardener The CEO assigns determines what comes available determines the course tries to prevent failure works according to plan controls the individual parts limits the way The Gardener allows for growth makes use of what is available adjusts the course anticipates failure is led by what unfolds considers the whole gives way
  8. 8. Fundamental mindshifts • Energy as fuel • Playing and discovering • Give it time needed • Distributed leadership
  9. 9. Players in a Jazz Orchestra • The art of unlearning • Saying yes to the mess • Performing and experimenting simultaneously • Minimal structure – maximal autonomy • Jamming and hanging out • Taking turns in soloing and supporting • Leadership as provocative competence
  10. 10. Link naar Video - John F. Kennedy – Moon speech
  11. 11. Link naar Video - Simon Sinek on Dr. Martin Luther King (vanaf 15:18)
  12. 12. Link naar Video - Ton Plekkenpol on the world in 2015