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Ix564 team a unit 4 p-pt


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Ix564 team A Unit 4, Donald, Carlos, Fatenah and Maya

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Ix564 team a unit 4 p-pt

  1. 1. IX564: Team A Case Study McDif Enterprises Canvas Design & Layout Donald Edwards Carlos Hernandez Fatenah Issa Maya Jones 1
  2. 2. Introduction Canvas implementation means decisions on: ● Functionalities to incorporate ● Management Plan to inaugurate ● Launch Plan to initiate ● User Access to identify Workflow User Interface by i a walsh.
  3. 3. LMS Functionality: Home The home page is the base page which allows managers and staff to review the general overview, and navigate to the other pages.
  4. 4. LMS Functionality: Announcement The announcement page is where managers post weekly announcements to the staff.
  5. 5. LMS Functionality: Calendar The calendar is where assignment due dates are posted by the managers.
  6. 6. LMS Functionality: Collaborations The collaborations page is where managers and staff can collaborate on assignments.
  7. 7. LMS Functionality: Conference The conference page is similar to a group discussion page where staff and managers can group chat about collaborations and assignments.
  8. 8. LMS Functionality: Discussion The discussion page is where weekly topic discussions are assigned for class participation.
  9. 9. LMS Functionality: Email The e-mail page is where correspondence between managers and staff can be communicated.
  10. 10. LMS Functionality: Grades The grades page is where managers can post staff grades for assignments, and staff can review their assignment grades. New SCORM content automatically assigns grades upon completion.
  11. 11. LMS Functionality: Pages The Pages page is where the IDs may add additional topic pages not already included in the LMS.
  12. 12. LMS Functionality: People The people page is for a listing of all users including managers and staff, and contains general contact information.
  13. 13. LMS Functionality: Syllabus The course syllabus page contains the general information about the course, the manager, and general course information including textbooks being used.
  14. 14. LMS Functionality: SCORM The SCORM uploader is where managers upload instructional material.
  15. 15. LMS Management Plan: Infrastructure The Canvas Cloud provides an exterior hosting component. “The Canvas Infrastructure is built on Web 2.0 standards”. The Canvas Infrastructure will operate with: Mac OSX 10.6, Windows XP or above. (In office) The ‘Canvas App’ will support mobile (IOs 8.0+, Android 4.0+) Browsers: ‘Chrome (43) & ‘Safari (8) Canvas can be accessed via any mobile browser. The most ideal performance will be achieved via the ‘Canvas App.’ (
  16. 16. Account Maintenance Process The Senior Manager will partner with Human Resources to create and maintain the account hierarchy for the company. The role will consist of completing the following tasks: ● Set up account hierarchy in Canvas ● Maintain account hierarchy in Canvas ● Ensure new employees are correctly added to LMS through automated process between Canvas and McDif’s HR system. ● Make any necessary changes to the roles or permissions of users ● Student group maintenance ● Course-level roles and permissions maintenance
  17. 17. LMS System Management:Personnel The LMS Management will be comprised of both internal & external management. Internally: ● Account set up & Permissions ● Instructional Design ● Human Resources/Training Tools ● Content Management/Legal External: The ‘Canvas Success Manager’ will help facilitate: Data Integration, Data Analysis, Admin/Assistance & Permissions, Canvas Cloud Storage Management
  18. 18. LMS User Support Providing User Support will be facilitated In an Internal & External Capacity. Expanded Support Recommendation: Canvas Support is Available to Internal Administrators via ZenDesk- Will provide support via: Live chat, Phone & email/web support 24/7/365 Premium + Faculty Tier 1 (additional Fee) Internal Cloud Administrative Permissions will be facilitated by: Field Administrators-Content Managers & Instructional Designer/Faculty Internal User Support: Will be facilitated by a ‘Field Administrator’ with permissions to resolve user issues through ‘Service Cloud’
  19. 19. Course Setup Process The instructional design team, led by the Senior Instructional Designer will create and set up courses in Canvas. The high-level process for course creation is pictured on the right.
  20. 20. Grading Scheme Maintenance Process The Senior Manager will partner with Human Resources to create and maintain the grading scheme for the company. The role will consist of completing the following tasks: ● Set up overall grading scheme in Canvas ● Communicate grading scheme to instructional design team, leaders, and employees ● Make any necessary changes to the grading scheme
  21. 21. Question Bank Maintenance Process The Content Manager will own the question bank maintenance process. In this role, the Content Manager will work with the instructional design team to upload new questions to the bank and setting up new assessments/quizzes in Canvas utilizing the process below:
  22. 22. LMS Reporting Process The Senior Manager will partner with the departments administrative assistant to own the LMS reporting process. Distribution of reports will be required during and after training initiatives, business leader requests, and quarterly business reviews. The basic reports provided by Canvas are listed in the picture to the right.
  23. 23. Ongoing LMS Training Process The instructional design team will be responsible for providing initial training on LMS usage to the organization. The Human Resources team will be responsible for providing ongoing training for the following audiences through webinars, conference calls, and live sessions that leverage the Canvas Support Center: ● Business Leaders ● Managers who will be using Canvas as a tool for blended learning ● Employees
  24. 24. Course Marketing Process The human resources team will be responsible for marketing new courses to business managers and employees following the process listed on the right. Business managers will be responsible for communication about mandatory courses.
  25. 25. LMS Management Plan: Access Rights There are four access groupings which are shown in the table to the right. Each group provides different permissions than the other levels, but some may include identical components of other groups. The HR system will enroll staff into the LMS as per their role during the company onboarding process. Access Rights Staff assigned rights Rationale Admin/Owner IT, HR LMS configuration, data migration, debugging the LMS Developer ID Course creation, SCORM uploader, resource library development, incorporation of social media Instructor various department managers Review learning plans of staff, run various reports, assign remedial or supplemental content as necessary. Student various staff across the organization Access to LMS content and resources
  26. 26. LMS Launch Plan The next few screens discuss the overall launch plan. Below is the flow for the process.
  27. 27. LMS Launch Plan ID Senior Manager & Team: ● Develop template for LMS courses ● Identify resources to be uploaded ● Outline LMS course functionalities (Foreman, 2013, Part 1)
  28. 28. LMS Launch Plan ID Senior Manager & Team: ● Utilize template for course development ● Test all course functionality ● Adjust course structure per testing (Foreman, 2013, Part 1)
  29. 29. LMS Launch Plan ID Senior Manager & Team: ● Assist IT/HR to test LMS accessibility as per IT protocols (Foreman, 2013, Part 1) ● Online educational resources in which McDif has invested: test interoperability
  30. 30. LMS Launch Plan ID Senior Manager & Team: ● Upload SCORM content ● Load all course related information (metadata) ● Complete second wave of testing (Foreman, 2013, Part 2)
  31. 31. LMS Launch Plan ID Senior Manager & Team: ● Assist in testing all LMS aspects ● Outline errors to be corrected ● Complete debugging process for course-related items (Foreman, 2013, Part 2)
  32. 32. LMS Launch Plan ID Senior Manager & Team: ● Assist in training on LMS ● Transition LMS training to HR (for new employees) ● Collect additional errors identified ● Debug additional errors (Foreman, 2013, Part 2)
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