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Todoist is a sleek yet powerful online task manager that organizes your to-do lists across all your devices. This presentation shows the individual features of this robust GTD software that's available across 11 platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows and Outlook.

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Todoist - Personal Task Management

  1. 1. The only To Do ListYou’ll Ever Need
  2. 2. Personal Task-Management on Nine Platforms›  Todoist is one of the most prolific task-managers on the market with applications availableon nine different platforms including desktop, mobile– native apps for iOS and Android,email systems like Outlook, and more.›  With plug-ins for Google Chrome and Firefox, you’ll better manage your email and be ableto save websites as tasks with just one click.›  With Todoist, your tasks across all your devices are automatically synchronized so youalways have up-to-date access.Never lose track ofyour tasks.Your to do list isalways on hand.
  3. 3. Todoist– Beautifully simple, technically robust›  Todoist was the first task-managerto offer complete off-line access totasks, seamless updating and datasynchronization thanks to theinnovative HTML5 technologyframework.›  Getting things done has neverbeen easier with Todoist’snumerous features such as:arranging tasks into projects, duedates, subtasks, task priorities,colored projects, and cloudsynchronization.Todoist is available in 12 languages:English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Russian, Chinese (Traditional),Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean and Hindi.
  4. 4. Todoist PremiumTodoist Premium offers, for just $29/year:›  Easier and more effective task organization with coloredlabels and search filters›  Track and improve your productivity on›  Unlimited task notes and file attachments›  SMS, email or mobile push reminders›  SSL Encryption›  Task search›  iCalendar task access›  Add emails as tasks›  Project templates
  5. 5. Todoist Karma›  Keep detailed, daily track of your productivity with the new Todoist Karma.›  Todoist is the first and only task-manager to have implemented this typeof feature to its software.From beginner to enlightened, keep completing tasks to reach higher karma levels.
  6. 6. “Wonderfully designed andfantastically functional.”GearBurn“One of the bestproductivity appsin 2012.”The Next Web“Should be onevery organizedperson’s radar.”PC Mag“20 Best iPhoneand iPad apps.”The GuardianMore reasons to love Todoist›  Todoist has managed nearly 25,000,000 tasks since it’s beginning in2007 as one of the first online task-managers on the market.›  More than 700,000 people including many from Fortune 100 companiesaround the world use Todoist as their #1 task-manager.
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