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Doherty University | Effective Business Writing Teaser


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Effective Business Writing | Communication is key, no matter your position

Today, effective writing skills are more important than ever because most employees are using e-mail to handle everything from simple communication to providing critical instructions. Add this to the traditional need for well written letters, proposals and research reports, and there is no doubt that effective writing skills are a necessity in today’s business world. This course is designed to introduce you to the important components of skillful business writing. This fast-paced session will allow you to learn and practice the basic concepts which will immediately improve the clarity and impact of your writing projects. You will receive a valuable, easy-to-use workbook that can serve as a reference guide as you continue to refine your writing skills back on the job. This course will include the following topics:

Business Writing Basics
• Principles of business writing
• Organizing communication
General Writing Tips
• Grammar, spelling and punctuation overviews
• Capitalization rules
• Most common grammar mistakes

E-mail Etiquette
• Communication by e-mail – how to send the right message
• E-mail rules
• Verbal conversations vs. e-mail conversations

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Doherty University | Effective Business Writing Teaser

  1. 1. Effective Business Writing
  2. 2. WELCME TO DOHERTY EMPLOYMENT GROUP! PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS WRITING 1. Understand business writing basics 2. Have a clear purpose 3. Organize the writing to benefit the reader 4. Use appropriate words 5. Write clear and simple sentences 6. Edit and format
  3. 3. WELCME TO DOHERTY EMPLOYMENT GROUP! KEYS TO BEING CONCISE • Eliminate redundant sentences/words • Shorten wordy sentences − Twitter rule: every sentence should be 140 characters or less • Use words that your readers will understand • Avoid starting multiple sentences with the same word – “I” • List items in columns or with bullets • Make action items obvious
  4. 4. WELCME TO DOHERTY EMPLOYMENT GROUP! E-MAIL ETIQUETTE • Write a meaningful subject line • Messages should be concise and to the point • Answer all questions to preempt further questions • Make it personal while remaining professional • Tone and intent − Politeness is the key • Use plain text formatting • No shaded or artisanal backgrounds
  5. 5. WELCME TO DOHERTY EMPLOYMENT GROUP! WRONG WORDS • Myself • Your vs. you’re • Possessive vs. plural − Employee’s vs. employees • Weather vs. whether • Loose vs. lose • Do vs. due • There vs. their • Or vs. nor • It’s vs. its • In regards to • Ensure, assure, insure • Affect vs. effect
  6. 6. WELCME TO DOHERTY EMPLOYMENT GROUP! PUNCTUATION • Comma − With the word “and” • To my parents, Britney Spears and God • To my parents, Britney Spears, and God • Semicolon • Spaces between sentences − 1 space or 2 spaces
  7. 7. WELCME TO DOHERTY EMPLOYMENT GROUP! CONCLUSION Being able to communicate in a professional manner through e-mail and other forms of business writing is essential to employee and company success! Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding Effective Business Writing or other organizational development questions. 952-835-8888