Mixed Media Contact Center


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Doug Splinter, Chief Technology Strategist at Avtex Solutions, covers technological tools, media, and platforms needed to provide contact center customers with optimal experiences.

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Mixed Media Contact Center

  1. 1. Doug Splinter Chief Technology Strategist Mar 2013Mixed Media Contact CenterIntegrating more than calls and emails in CC frameworks
  2. 2. Before we start – EC 2013• I flew in @ 1am from EC2013 (VoiceCon)• Biggest observations: – Video was about even with voice @ the expo – CC vendors were all about “customer relationship management” and were showcasing CRM integration heavily – Lots of WebRTC discussion; no surprise but the shift from UC > WebRTC was noticeable – Many mobile device management vendors @ the show for the first time
  3. 3. Source: Forbes CIO Network -, Eric Savitz -http://www.forbes.com/sites/ciocentral/2012/05/16/generation-gap-how-technology-has-changed-how-we-talk-about-work/2/
  4. 4. The Optimized Customer Experience It’s not about multi channel Interactive Voice Social Video Portals Next ... Response IVR It’s about cross channel
  5. 5. Why Focus on Customer Experience?The realities of customer experience…
  6. 6. WHEN do you like WHAT?• Web – online/inline chat/search for support/inquiry intitiation• Email – rich text and content• Short Text – alerts, quick reporting• Social – Short text with “followers”• Voice Call – complex human interaction• Video – interpretation, diagnosis
  7. 7. Integrating Mobile Initiating, updating and checking service • Service “App” or text/multi-media Survey Phone Call Result Text MMS MessagePhone Call Dealer Alert Auto Survey
  8. 8. Improving the Fan ExperienceTwin Cities Marathon Over 500 Scans
  9. 9. Contact Centers have evolvedEmerging as the “hub” for many customer interactions• Voice, but not just for CC agents – Other organization employees, not just high volume agents – Outsource partners and dealer/service networks• Text, in many forms – Web and client-based Chat – Email – Text Messaging, both SMS and MMS• Social from many sources – Twitter, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and more• Video – Low-cost kiosks and station + mobile phones/devices• App-based – Video/Text/Web/Chat/Callback• All these interactions should ‘connect’ so service ‘agents’ are aware and can initiate or continue service as needed
  10. 10. ACDIVR
  11. 11. Doug Splinter• Email: dsplinter@avtex.com• W: 952-832-3856• C: 612-810-8710• H: xxx-xxx-xxxx• Lync SIP: dsplinter@avtex.com• Skype: doug.splinter• Live: dsplinter@live.com• Twitter: @dsplinter• Facebook: doug.splinter.1
  12. 12. Your system should:• Support many ID types without breaking data model• Allow for extensible journaling of different activity types (more than just voice/email) to support agent awareness
  13. 13. Technology• Network requirements (video)• Short codes (SMS)• Monitoring Service (social)• Client-side requirements for new medium (software and hardware/thin client)
  14. 14. Agent• Training on new tools• Skills-based routing critical • Social 144 chars limit• Location based routing • Video only to specific locales
  15. 15. Supervisors• New reporting considerations • Agent productivity• Agent scheduling and queue planning • Impact on other media queues • Concurrency• Scoring • New surveys
  16. 16. Requests ACD engineCC Client Agent
  18. 18. RequestNew-gen CC engine CC Client Agent
  19. 19. Voice SocialRequest RequestVoice CC Social CC engine engineCC Client CC Client Agent
  20. 20. Social Event Voice Request Cloud service Voice Email Social CC CC CC engineengine engine Web CC Client App/custom dev. Agent
  21. 21. • What modalities make sense?• Consider modality volume• Consider modality tech requirements• Consider agent impact/training• Leverage existing CC technologies• Expand to more robust tools as warranted