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  1. 1. Ethel Chadwick Host of "Bagels and Blessings" When I first met Ethel Chadwick, about six years ago, I could tell that she was a woman on a mission. I remember that she described herself as "a nice Jewish girl who loves Yeshua". Ethel has never been one to hide her affection for Jesus. She speaks of him lovingly and often. I asked Ethel how she came to know Jesus. "In 1976 I was working at Kodak. There was a girl there that worked with me. She was very peaceful. She would sit and read her bible during lunch. It was at a time where I really needed some peace in my life. My personal life was a struggle and she had so much peace. I was drawn to her. When I first read the New Testament, I was amazed to find out that the disciples were Jewish, that Jesus had no plans to change his religion, and that the Last Supper was a Jewish Seder! Who knew!?!" At the time of this interview, we were sitting in the studio ofWDCZ radio, where Ethel's show was birthed. "Bagels and Blessings" started when Ethel submitted an idea to WDCZ to be "Host for a Day". Ethel did the show, got a great audience response, and as they say, the rest is history. That was back on August 2, 1997. Since then Ethel has been raising her own support for the show. A big support is Ethel's messianic congregation "Shema Yisrael," who sponsors the program. This is more than just a show to Ethel. Her objective is to be a crystal-clear witness to those of Jewish heritage and it is a crystal-clear calling to anyone who has a Jewish friend or relative to help them tell about the Messiah. This show is not just for those who have a Jewish background. Ethel explains it this way, "It's important to spread the Jewishness of the Gospel. More and more Jewish people are learning about Jesus. It is up to all of us to tell our Jewish brothers and sisters about Messiah. I don't want to be responsible for those who don't know about Messiah." Ethel's show is broadcast on Sundays from 2 to 3 p.m. on WDCZ 102.7. Guests include localmessianic believers, music celebrities such as Paul Wilbur, Marty Goetz, Joel Chernoff, Jonathan Settel, and many Messianic leaders, such as Jack Farber, Messianic Rabbi of Melech Yisrael in Toronto, Canada. Messianic Rabbi Jim Appel of Shema Yisrael is a regular on the program, explaining many of the Jewish holidays. "Bagels and Blessings" is a great mixture of messianic music, biblical trivia, and encouraging guests. Be sure to tune in and see for yourself, the Jewishness of the Gospel. We as Gentiles miss a lot when we don't study about Jesus' heritage. It can only help us to grow in our relationship with Christ. If you would like to support Ethel and her ministry, please send donations to: Bagels and Blessings P.O. Box 192 Scottsville, NY 14546-0192 Checks should be made out to "Shema Yisrael," and just mark the memo section with "Bagels and Blessings." How long will "Bagels and Blessings" stay on the air? That's pretty much up to the listeners. Ethel's closing motto is ''Every Day of Your Life is an Opportunity to Be a Blessing to Someone." Right now we have an opportunity to be a blessing to her. Be sure to listen in this week!
  2. 2. Making Rochester A Better Place - Rochester Family Mission by Dodie Greer Have you been to the city lately? Walked down Main Street? For many of us, we visit the city dally to go to work, but for some the city is just a place seen on the news. There is much talk about ways of creating a better Rochester, a better downtown, by building new buildings, making the city a better place to visit. What about those who already live downtown? How are their lives being impacted on a daily basis? Many live not only from paycheck to paycheck, but also from meal to meal. Some live on the streets, some in shelters, and those fortunate enough, live in rundown homes with sparse furnishings and inadequate amenities. For one Ministry in the Tremont Street area, serving these needs is their main objective. Rochester Family Mission was established to meet both material and spiritual needs of families and has been doing just that for over 73 years. Barbara Thomas is the Mission's Executive Director. "1 am excited by what the Lord is doing," she says. Thomas has been with the mission for three years and would love to see it continue to grow. Barbara's key phrase is, "I'm stepping out in faith!" RFM is supported solely by contributions from individuals and Rochester area Churches, which means every day faith is what they must live and work by. Barbara states that they need new carpeting. Anyone know any carpet dealers in Rochester? "We just had eight new computers donated to our Computer School anonymously," Barbara tells me, so the Lord does provide. Inaddition to'the Mission, the Tremont Street building also houses RI.C.E. (Rochester Institute of Christian Education). Classes will be starting again in the Fall and are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am to 12 noon, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9:30 pm. Studies include Old and New Testament as well as Doctrine and Theology courses. Classes are $25 a semester hour plus the cost of textbooks. Anyone is eligible to attend. For more information contact RFM at 436-7523 Rochester Family Mission provides many personal services such as food for families in need, a clothing cupboard, Men and Women's Support Groups and Bible Studies, as well as tutoring, computer, and Health classes. When asked what Barbara would like to see most for the future ofRFM, she talks about her vision of a new campus for more space. Currently every inch of the property is used "It would be great to have an area for the Mission and for RIC.E. and a place for the kids," she states. '1want to create an atmosphere fOTlearning, safety, and enjoyment." Southwest FestlBack to School JAM will be held in collaboration with RFM, SWAN (South West Area Neighborhood), and the Church of God by Faith and will be held at the
  3. 3. James Madison School Campus on Saturday, September 6 from 10 am to 4 pm. "It's a back to school jam," Thomas says. There will be information on health issues, drug and alcohol awareness, arts and crafts for the kids, and hot dogs. The goal is to give out 1000 backpacks tined with school supplies for our area kids. Donations of backpacks, school supplies, or money will help to achieve this goal. For more information or to donate to the cause contact RFM at 436-7523. Rochester Family Mission is a light inan area of Rochester that is often left inthe dark. The mission of making Rochester a better place to live will take all of our help and support, whether we live inthe city or not. How about asking your church to collect some backpacks, or have a food drive or perhaps find that carpet salesman? Who knows? We could all be part of making Rochester a better place to live and we might be blessed in return, The Word August 2003