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Executive EducationProgramsASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTBasic Management ProgramThree-week ProgramThe Basic Management Pro...
ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTEnterprise-Wide RiskManagement ProgramOne-week ProgramA course is designed to help the partic...
ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTManaging SuccessfulInnovation StrategyProgramThree-day ProgramThe program aims to train corpo...
EntrepreneurshipDevelopment ProgramsASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTEntrepreneurshipDevelopment ProgramTwo-week ProgramThe En...
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Asian Institute of Management (AIM) brochure 2013


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EXECUTIVE EDUCATION and LIFELONG LEARNING CENTER - ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (AIM) Brochure 2013. For an in-house program, company my choose the program topics that are suitable to its needs and adjust accordingly the duration of the program and can be run in a modular format. Pls, contact us : or +62 21 29655888 or +62 8161858888. Thank You.

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Asian Institute of Management (AIM) brochure 2013

  1. 1. h t t p : / / e x c e l l . a i m . e d uASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTEXECUTIVE EDUCATION& LIFELONG LEARNINGCENTERThink exceptionally.Lead real-time.Seize opportunities.
  2. 2. Executive EducationProgramsASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTBasic Management ProgramThree-week ProgramThe Basic Management Program (BMP) is an interactive training program designedfor organizations that need to equip their first level managers with a broadermanagement perspective through an understanding of the basic managementprinciples and skills. It will teach the participants to understand the overall functionalorganization of the company as well as the cross-functional relationship among itsunits for an integrated approach to management.First-line managers, Unitsupervisor, EntrepreneursManagement DevelopmentProgramSix-week ProgramThe Management Development Program primes the participating executive forpersonal transformation in the strategy and leadership of the business, industry,country and Asia in the global context. The progression oh themes, modules, topicsand learning activities deliberately become more complex, as the participantengages co-participants, faculty, resource persons and alumni as learning partners.The design of the six-week program challenges vigor, rigor and humor of individualsand encourages collaborative thinking and action.Middle-to-upper levelmanagers, Functionalspecialists, Staff officers,Entrepreneurs, Executivesof family-owned firmsTop ManagementProgramOne-week ProgramThe 2011 Top Management Program of the Asian Institute of Management is not theusual executive training course that espouses management buzzwords and fads likeBlue Ocean, 7-S, SWOT, Porter, CSR. Rather, this is a workshop cum work-outlaboratory for executives who would like to address their existing problems withfresh ideas and innovative approaches. It is an intense, interactive 5-day programdesigned to develop organizational culture that innovates and executes.CEOs, COOs, ManagingDirectors, General Managers,Vice President and DirectorsGENERAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM OVERVIEW RECOMMENDED FORLEADERSHIP PROGRAM OVERVIEW RECOMMENDED FORHuman CapitalManagementEight-day ProgramHuman Capital Management : Making HR and Business Partnership Work is aneight-day program that examines in depth the HR Value Proposition. It will provideHR professionals with a clear line of sight to the marketplace by linking HR activitiesto what the stakeholders value-and not what HR is prepared to deliver. Indeed, valueis defined by the receiver, not by the giver. To enable HR professionals to deliver value to its stakeholders, the program willexplore the perspectives of the customers who buy the product or service; theshareholders who provide capital; the functional executives in marketing,operations and finance who create wealth for the enterprise; and the employees whoproduce the product and deliver the service.HR Practitioners andConsultants, Senior Staff,and Line Leaders who wishto maximize the performanceand potential of theirhuman capital.NEGOTIATIONS : Changingthe Rules of the Game…Winning the GameOne-week ProgramIn today’s collaborative environment of mergers, strategic alliances, and corporatechange, it is essential to build negotiation skills to attain corporate goals. This 5-daycourse will provide negotiation skills as a critical framework for corporate capabilityat all levels of the organization. The course on Negotiation will benefit companiesand individuals in various fields of operations, as well as those involved in strategicbusiness planning of joint ventures, alliances and other strategic partnerships.Companies and individuals insales, Human resourcedevelopment, Law, Banking,Franchise operations,Strategic businessplanning units.Leadership Coaching CourseSkills for Strategic &Effective CoachingThree day ProgramThe Leadership Coaching course is highly experiential, effectively combining mini-lectures with extensive group work and structured learning exercises. Participantswill discover ways to identify coaching opportunities, give and receive feedback, anddevelop actions plans for improvement. They will learn how to strengthen theirlistening skills, use appreciative inquiry, and other methods to get to the core of anissue, and to measure success. Participants will gain the necessary insight toharness their own self-awareness and deal with emotions, enabling them toimprove their interactions and successfully manage their employees and teams. Theywill return to the workplace with knowledge and a new set of skills than can beapplied and shared with colleagues.Business leaders, Managers,and professionals workingwith and in a team.BANKING & FINANCE PROGRAM OVERVIEW RECOMMENDED FORFinance for SeniorExecutives ProgramOne-week ProgramFinance for Senior Executives (FSE) addresses the needs of Non Finance SeniorExecutives from various fields of specialization who want to gain a more integratedperspective of the inter-related functions of a firm. The course provides anunderstanding of the underpinning financial concepts in strategic decisions. Theprogram’s tiered structure is appropriate for executives with varying levels offamiliarity with financial concepts.Senior Executives fromnon-finance functions.
  3. 3. ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTEnterprise-Wide RiskManagement ProgramOne-week ProgramA course is designed to help the participant develop an integrated, firm-wide, andrisk-aware view of firm strategy and implementation. At the end of the course, theparticipant will be able to use the tools of risk management to identify majoruncertainties facing his organization, assess opportunities and potential losses,develop alternatives for risk handling and assess these alternatives in light of hisorganization’s business goals.Senior Executives of majorfunctional areas or businessunits.Measuring and ManagingCorporate PerformanceProgramOne-week ProgramThe course offers the participants a deeper understanding of the company’sintegrated strategy involving markets, competitors, employees, and customers. Theparticipants leave the program prepared to create value by leveraging theirorganizations, financial, physical, and human capital. It also presents the frameworkand models for integrating systems across all business functions and initiatives. Thecourse provides tools and techniques that are used by organizations to implementstrategy and sustain competitive advantage.Senior Finance and PlanningExecutives, as well as otherleaders-managers.Strategic InvestmentManagement ProgramOne-week ProgramA highly rewarding course leading to a broad range of various opportunities withinthe financial sector. It covers the syllabus of general investment management anddevelops an extensive understanding in a range of specialized areas such as themanagement of equity and bond portfolios, company and project valuation,commodities and foreign exchange products, alternative investments includingderivatives and structured products, and hedge funds.Fund Managers, Investors,Relationship Officers,Compliance and Internal Auditspecialists and Executivesin the area of privatebanking/wealthmanagement.Strategic FinancialAnalysis for BusinessEvaluationFour-day ProgramUnder current economic climate many companies are reevaluating their businessmodels. Executives are required to apply vigorous financial analysis as theyevaluate business performance, weigh potential acquisitions, and assess globalcompetition. This program focuses on the frameworks required to monitorperformance, forecast capital utilization, value strategic assets, and reviewrestructuring opportunities. You will return to your company better prepared to makethe key financial decisions that drive organizational performance.Strategists interested inindustry and competitoranalysis, Financialprofessionals or financiallyoriented general managersundertaking merger-and-acquisition transactions,and analysts or otherprofessionals researchinginvestment opportunities.Fixed Income InvestmentTwo-day ProgramThe fixed income markets have witnessed significant changes and innovations,resulting from factors such as the rapidly maturing swaps market and demand forstructured products. The increasing commoditization of the swaps market, alongwith recent innovations in the credit derivatives market, has led to fundamental shiftsin core relationships. This course offers a comprehensive and compact coverageon bond investment and risk management. Real-life cases of sovereign bonds(including ROP bonds) will be used throughout the course.Professionals in the followingareas : Corporate Finance,Corporate Treasury, CapitalMarkets, Audit, ProductControl, Risk Management,Research and analysis,Sales and trading,Investment management.Finance for TechnicalExecutives ProgramThree-day ProgramBeyond technical knowledge, today’s executive be able to use finance to persuadecorporate financial officers to fund projects, and use financial tools to address seniormanagement’s concern about risk. Applying basic principles of finance andaccounting to day-to-day and longer-term management activities will transform atechnical manager’s ability to achieve goals.CIOs, head Scientist, R&D andProduct DevelopmentDirectors, Engineering andManufacturing Vice Presidents,Corporate Strategists,Project Managers, SystemInformation Managers.MARKETING PROGRAM OVERVIEW RECOMMENDED FORStrategic BrandManagementThree-day ProgramA course that is designed to improve participant’s marketing skills andunderstanding of customer based brand equity, building brand equity, brand equityresearch and measurement, leveraging on primary and secondary brandassociations to build brand equity, branding strategies across the Brand-Productmatrix, managing brands over time and managing brands across geographicalbarriers.Business owners andExecutives with primaryknowledge of marketingconcepts and practice.Strategic FinanceProgramOne-week ProgramA course designed to help the Senior Finance Executive play a key role inmeasuring, creating and protecting firm value through the Finance function. Theparticipant will come to understand the role of the available tools for measuringperformance, assessing risk, increasing firm value, and creating strategicalignment.Senior Finance Executives.Marketing Management forBusiness GrowthOne-week ProgramThe AIM Marketing Management for Business Growth brings the marketingpractitioner or aficionado to a new level of marketing thinking. It expands theircurrent understanding of new marketing concepts such as viral marketing,marketing analytics and neuromarketing while at the same time uncovering newdimensions in marketing mix optimization, international marketing and brandmanagement.Marketing Executives/Senior ExecutivesStrategic MarketingManagementOne-week ProgramThe course is designed to enable non-marketing officers and staff to understand thebasic principles of marketing as applied in marketing mix optimization, marketsegmentation, product differentiation, consumer behavior control processes and themeasurement of marketing efficiency. Topics covered also include executingadvertising and promotions programs and leveraging customer and product lifecycles.Marketing Executives/Senior Executives.Analytics for MarketLeadershipOne-week ProgramThe course is designed to enable business managers and senior marketingexecutives to understand the importance of business intelligence and analytics (BIA)in day-to-day market decision making. The focus of BIA is to investigate the causalfactors behind organized business data. BIA applications in CRM, scoring andpredictive modeling will be introduced to participants as well as tools to measureand assess market performance.Middle to Upper LevelManagers.
  4. 4. ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTManaging SuccessfulInnovation StrategyProgramThree-day ProgramThe program aims to train corporate teams to apply innovative approaches inidentifying and organizing business opportunities to unlock their commercialpotential through organic growth. Participants will learn how innovation is aligned with strategy, how it isoperationalized through structures and processes and how external innovation canbe effectively tapped. They be challenged to develop insights on their respective company culture,practices and strategies, to identify areas for improvement in innovation practice,and to apply what they’ve learned toward their companies innovation needs andconcerns.Middle to Upper LevelManagers.Strategic InnovationProgramThree-day ProgramStrategic Innovation should be the result of a creative but organized process thatarrives at breakthroughs which are implementable and sustainable. It is driven by aholistic corporate strategy and is aligned to a unifying vision, thereby possessing thestrategic fit required for its successful implementation. A culture of innovation needsto be developed and nurtured, the innovative organization has to be crafted, and topmanagement must conduct this process.Middle to Upper LevelManagers.Achieving BusinessExcellence ProgramThree-day ProgramThe program will offer insight to those companies in search of sustainableprosperity and dedicated to providing the highest levels of service quality tocustomers and clients. The course program will provide a roadmap and essential tools for the challengingbut rewarding journey while offering a wonderful opportunity for participants tonetwork and benchmark with colleagues in their respective business.Young high potentials, Middleto Senior Level Managers,HR Directors, CFO’s, VP’s,Plant Directors.Project ManagementProgramOne-week ProgramManaging projects is critical skill which all managers need as more business useprojects to implement change in their organizations in order to stay ahead of thecompetition, or at the least, stay in the game. Project management competency, nolonger optional, is essential for all managers. The program is designed to helpmanagers learn how a project management life cycle methodology and bestpractices, that can be used for large and small projects, can help them cover criticalcomponents of initiating, planning, executing and closing a project; learn generalmanagement and leadership skills that can help them lead a project moresuccessfully and learn about adaptive project management, a new approach beyondthe traditional project management approach for implementing strategic and morecomplex projects.Mid-level and Senior-levelManagers who are assignedto manage projects.EXECUTIVE MBA PROGRAM OVERVIEW RECOMMENDED FORBusiness AnalyticsTwo-day ProgramToday organizations have massive amounts of data at their disposal, not onlyinternally within the organization, but also from many other sources includingsuppliers, customers, government and regulatory agencies and publicly searchabledatabases. The challenge is to utilize this data in a meaningful way to assist inmaking key decisions and driving organizational improvement. The Business Analytics Program will not only demonstrate how organizations canexploit business analytics to remain agile, but also suggest tools and techniques thatcan be used across organization.CFOs/General Managers,Finance Professionals,Business Analysts, BusinessPlanning Managers, CustomerProfitability Analysis, BusinessUnit Managers, ManagementAccountants, FinanceManagers, Sales andMarketing.Business ManagementProgram : PreparatoryManagement Course forCollege Students and FreshGraduatesThree-week ProgramThe Business Management Program for College Students aims to introduce itsparticipants to basic management skills and principles. The program is designed tohelp students acquire the habit of critical thinking and to hone their problem solvingskills through case discussions. The program will also deepen the students’appreciation for and understanding of accounting and finance, marketing,economics, and project management.College students and graduatesof business and non-businessdisciplines such as science andengineering, arts and humanities,social science, publicadministration, education andhealthcare.Strategic Positioning forEducation LeadersOne-week ProgramThe program will expose educational decision-makers to best practices ineducational leadership and management leading to effective and efficient schoolsystems in a global environment. It aims to facilitate the transformation ofeducation into one that gives premium to excellence, ethics and sustainability. At theend of the program, each participant will bring home a workable strategic plan forone’s area of leadership accountability (the school or a department/unit) guided bythe processes of VMO-KRAPI-SPATRES.Top Executives, Managersand Administrators ofboth public and privateeducational institutions.Executive Master in BusinessAdministrationEighteen-month ProgramThe EMBA degree program transforms into change agents through a tripartiterelationship; managers/student, company’s top management, and AIM Faculty. Theprogram enhances the manager’s skills and competencies in four fronts :environmental scanning for competitive advantage, critical thinking for best results,creating customer and shareholder value, and organizational leadership.Executives or promisingmanagers nominated byorganizations to becomestrategic change agents.SPECIAL PROGRAMS PROGRAM OVERVIEW RECOMMENDED FOR
  5. 5. EntrepreneurshipDevelopment ProgramsASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTEntrepreneurshipDevelopment ProgramTwo-week ProgramThe Entrepreneurship Development Program seeks to provide owner-managers ofnew ventures, family corporations as well as corporate entrepreneurs with thestrategic management expertise, cross-functional business know-how, andleadership skills to ensure the growth and financial stability of their businesses,especially in tough economic times. Participants will learn how to manage their newor existing venture so it has, both, the innovativeness and speed of entrepreneurialfirms as well as the managerial expertise and financial soundness of big companies.Owner-managers to becomestrategic changeentrepreneurs.Financing Growth forEntrepreneurial CompaniesThree-day ProgramThe program addresses the challenges of entrepreneurial finance, especially in start-up ventures and growing companies. It aims to enable entrepreneurs, businessowners, and venture capitalists to make key financing decisions. e.g., what and howmuch funds can and should be raised, when and from whom, in what form and atwhat cost, how the capital should be structured, and what realistic businessvaluation is. The course will help participants assess the financial health andcreditworthiness of their business, the risks that are financial and inherent to theventure, and how to manage these risks.Companies and individuals inSales, Banking, Franchiseoperators, Entrepreneurs.Creating WinningBusiness PlansThree-day ProgramThe course seeks to enable participants from start-up and growing companies todevelop business plans that will convincingly sell the concept for the new venture toinvestors, creditors, partners, customers, managers, and employees. Such businessplans include analysis of the business opportunity and competition, a compellingbusiness model and strategy, as well as clear marketing, operations, and financialinitiatives with projected profitability and cash flow outcomes. An analysis ofenterprise risks as well as organizational and management plans to address suchrisks make the business plan more convincing. Creating Winning Business Plans alsohelp management track, measure, and evaluate progress during implementation.Companies and individuals inSales, Banking, Franchiseoperators, Entrepreneurs.PROGRAMS PROGRAM OVERVIEW RECOMMENDED FOR• Executives come to AIM because of the Institutes four decades ofexperience in imparting and enhancing knowledge and skills on howto operate effectively in Asia, what business opportunities arepresented by Asian regional economic integration, and how todevelop sensitivity to the diverse cultures/belief systems, businessstructures, as well as governance and regulatory environment inAsia. • AIM employs highly participative, interactive methods ofmanagement training rather than one-way lectures. AIM makesrigorous use of the case method and group projects. Theseeffectively simulate real world versus merely theoretical situations.• AIM faculty have had extensive teaching, consulting andmanagement experience in Asia;• AIM offers a multicultural, international experience. While many otherregional Asian programs are homogeneous within the country, AIMstudent population is multinational.• An appreciation of the distinct cultural heritage of Asia is stronglyencouraged at AIM.WhyExecutive Educationat AIM?
  6. 6. About AIMASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTAIM IS THE PREMIERE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSand management in Asia, offering world-class graduateeducation that has molded Asia’s business, development, andentrepreneurial leaders and managers for more than 40 years.AIM is the acknowledged authority on Asian managementsystems, which it infuses with a global perspective. AIM leads inthe region’s socioeconomic transformation by offering uniqueeducational opportunities and cross-cultural experience tocitizens from developing and developed economies. As an Asianinstitute, AIM has created programs specifically for Asian needsand uses an approach attuned to the Asian mind and to Asianissues. AIM began as a school of business management, but overthe years, as it strove to be more responsive to Asia’s concerns,AIM expanded the scope of its interests and activities toencompass the management of government agencies, non-profitorganization, and small and medium enterprises.Established in 1968 in partnership with Harvard BusinessSchool, the Ford Foundation, and visionaries of the Asianacademic and business communities, AIM consistently makes itto the best-of-the-best lists for exceptional quality of its full-timeMBA, executive education, Executive MBA Programs.AIM’s commitment to management excellence has beenrecognized by international organizations. AIM has been awardedaccreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schoolof Business (ACCSB).In 2002, the World Bank selected AIM as its strategic partner inAsia with the establishment of the AIM-World Bank GlobalDistance Learning Center. This makes AIM the first privatemanagement education institution in the world to partner with theWorld Bank. The Asian Development Bank has also designatedAIM as center of excellence and collaborator in deliveringprograms that cultivate progress in Asian societies.As a proof of AIM’s pledge to set world-class standards andcontribute to the community and to the world, AIM has receivednumerous citations, including the 1995 Ramon MagsaysayAward, the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize, for its role inpromoting international understanding and setting region-widestandards for excellence. In 2001, AIM was honored with the firstBeyond Grey Pinstripes Award for Business SchoolInnovation in Social Impact Management. In 2003, the samegroup singled out AIM for Excellence in Integration in CoreCurriculum. AIM is also the first graduate school of managementin the world to be awarded ISO 14001 Certification for itsEnvironmental Management System.LEADERSHIP. EXCELLENCE. COMMITMENTEXECUTIVE EDUCATION ANDLIFELONG LEARNING CENTERASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTJoseph R. McMicking Campus,Eugenio Lopez Foundation Bldg,123 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City,PhilippinesTel. nos : +632 8924011Telefax : +632 8932050, 8932031For inquiries, please contact :Yola Genuino, Apple Ani or Ria GonzalesTel. nos : +632 8932050; 8924011ext. 526, 228, 347, 345, or 365EASY WAYS TO REGISTER :Fax : +632 8932031 / 8923260Email : excell@aim.eduOnline : http://execed.aim.eduIN PERSON :EXCELL Office3/F, Asian Institute of Management123 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines.All participants receive :• Instructional materials• Lunch, morning and afternoon snacks• Certificate of attendance
  7. 7. ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT• Ayala Land, Inc• AVON• Bangko Sentral ng Philippines• Department of Education• CEMEX Philippines• Chevron Philippines• Intel Philippines• JG Summit, Inc• Philippine Airlines• Wyeth Philippines• Sanofi Aventis Philippines• Sun Life of Canada (Philippines)• Solvay Pharma Philippines• Globe Telecoms• La Farge Semento• Lopez Group• Mirant Philippines• Metro Bank Philippines• Pfizer Philippines• Jollibee Foods Corporation• Glaxosmith Kline• St Luke’s Medical Center• SMART Telecoms• SGV• Shopping Center Management Corporation• Starcom Media VestList of Corporate Clients - Philippines :• Axis Bank of India• Government of India• JP Morgan India• Syndicate Bank of India• Raisoni Group of Institutions, India• Dow Chemical, Japan• DRB Hicom, Malaysia• Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), India• FELDA, Malaysia• Koram Bank, Korea• Emerson Electric Asia Pasific, Hongkong• Padiberas Nasional Berhad, Malaysia• Citibank Asia• Pfizer Asia• Association of Authorized Land Surveyors of Malaysia• Asia Pulp and Paper, Indonesia• PT Bakrie and Brothers Services, Indonesia• PT. Pfizer, Indonesia• ASTRA International, Indonesia• PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk - Indonesia• PT. Bank Niaga, Indonesia• PT. Bogasari, Indonesia• PT. Sinar Mas, Indonesia• PT. Telkom, Indonesia• PT. Excelcomindo Pratama, Indonesia• PT. Austindo Nusantara Jaya, Indonesia• PT. London Sumatra Plantation, Indonesia• China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Indonesia• CT Corpora (PARA Group), Indonesia• Ciputra Group of Companies, Indonesia• National Population and  Family Planning Board(BKKBN)• Ordo Sanctae Ursula (OSU), Indonesia• PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk• PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk• PT Telkom, IndonesiaList of Corporate Clients - Overseas :h t t p : / / e x c e l l . a i m . e d u