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The Revolutions


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Keynote on The Revolutions.

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The Revolutions

  1. 1. The Revolutions The War of 1812A revolution is a force of change from the existing government. Marissa Dodd
  2. 2. Magna CartaIt was written for the country named France.It was written in 1215.It preserved the basic legal rights of all free menin England.The Magna Carta recognized a law greater thanthe will of the king.
  3. 3. Glorious RevolutionIt took place at the British Isles.William of Orange took over the James II duringthe Glorious Revolution.The Bill of Rights.
  4. 4. The English Bill of RightsThe English Bill of Rights was written in 1689.It largely settled the political and religious thathad convulsed Scotland, England and Ireland inthe 17th Century. The Bill was prepared withthe aim of ensuring certain rights to whichcitizens and permanent residents would beentitled to.
  5. 5. The EnlightenmentThe Enlightenment was a philosophical movement ofthe eighteenth century which stressed humanreasoning over blind faith. It then spread to haveeventual influence over all sections of the world.It took place around 1650-1700 in the WesternWorld.It promoted intellectual interchange and opposedintolerance and abuses in Church and state.
  6. 6. Charles-Louis Montesquieu He was from Château de la Brède, La Brède, Gironde, France. He was famous for his articulation of the theory of separation of powers.
  7. 7. John LockeHe was from Wrington, England.His lifespan was from August 29, 1632 toOctober 28, 1704. (Aged 72)Natural Rights are considered to be self-evidentand universal. The widely held view is thatnature endows every human.
  8. 8. Jean Jacques RousseauHe was from Geneva, Switzerland.His lifespan was from June 28, 1712 to July 2, 1778.(Aged 66)The social contract is an intellectual device intended toexplain the appropriate relationship between individualsand their governments. Social contract arguments assertthat individuals unite into political societies by a processof mutual consent.
  9. 9. Thomas JeffersonHe was from Shadwell, Virginia.He is most famous for writing the Declaration ofIndependence.He switched the words from “property” to“pursuit of happiness” because he wanted tobroaden the idea and make it more meaningful.