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Waxman on line jan 4 2012

  1. 1. More Waxman On-Line January 4 201214 hours agoJohn Large • Sarah Tyrrell Please join and support Mila...https://www.facebook.com/groups/248288318573048/24836793523175 For the Love of Mila This weekend I will be uploading all the documents as a web page so that we can link FB directly to the page. If yall see other people wanting to stop the exploitation out here on FB, please direct them to JOIN us Top of Form LikeUnlike • • Reshare • December 30, 2011 at 10:05pm • 3 people like this. John Large This website is a VIRUS created by WAXMAN, do not fall into this trap, WAXMAN is a predator/stalker trying to shift focus from the truth, Mila belongs with her Mother, Tender Years Doctrine rules, her Father can have involvement and spend time with her, but not Custody. Shes a little girl and deserves to be with her Mother. Any true Father knows that. Bite the bullet Igor, like the rest of us DADS do, youll have plenty of time with her when shes more grown up ! December 30, 2011 at 10:26pm • LikeUnlike • 1 Michael Waxman Mr. Large: The Tender Years Doctrine was rejected years ago. It may be true that most women have more nurturing instincts then most men, but each case needs to be considered from the childs best interest perspective. And I can assure you that I have never seen a more patient, loving, supportive, gentle father than Igor Malenko. I should know because I have four wonderful kids and I am a good dad myself, who changed almost as many diapers as mom, did bath-time and bed time and read books till I fell asleep and got the kids elbow in my tummy, "wake up daddy and finish the book!!" I have no interest in stalking anyone. That sounds exhausting, dangerous and stupid. December 30, 2011 at 10:55pm • LikeUnlike • 2 John Large To see more about the TRUTH, check out Hardy Girls, Healthy Women on FB, and scroll down to Dec 15th, the slide show "It only takes a Girl", a beautiful youtube presentation and then ask yourself after seeing that video and looking at the comments, WHY is Hardy Girls, Healthy Women silent on promoting Mila from being a 1
  2. 2. "Hardy girl" with her Mom, so she can become a "Healthy Woman". In particular, theslide with the Grandmother, the Mother, and the Daughter. In Milas case, Mila is the onemissing. As a Dad myself, I knew in my heart that my children belonged with theirMomma when they were young. And because I loved them so much, I wasnt selfish totry to rip them from their Mommas arms, I agreed to allow them to live with her after ourDivorce. Thats what a Loving Father does for his kids. Its a "Law of Nature" thatMaternal Bonds RULE, not a "Law of the Court" no matter how Corrupt the Courts canbe, as in this case. The only exploitation here is of the Courts - ripping a Child from herMothers arms. Help Mila get back into her Mothers arms, so the cycle of abuse stops,like the "It takes a Girl" video advocates, Invest in the Future, Make a Change, Save aLife, it only takes a Girl, a little girl - Mila. Speak up, use your VOICE !!!December 30, 2011 at 11:03pm • LikeUnlike • 2Michael Waxman I do feel sad, Mr. Large, for your children. It sounds like you havewillfully taken a step back, out of their lives while they are small, thinking that you willhave plenty of time later to catch up. You and they will never get that time back, thoseformative years when a strong bond with their father might have helped them developself-confidence and motivation. I disagree that fathers need to be in the background. Themore love kids can get, the better. I have never been able to get enough of, or get closeenough to, my kids, even while painfully letting them go, letting them grow up to becomeindependent. I think I shall always look back on my child-raising years, which are almostover, as the most amazing, inspiring, miraculous, funny years of my life.December 30, 2011 at 11:04pm • LikeUnlike • 1Dawn Henderson Mr. Large, as a mother, guess what? I would want my child in theenvironment where she was happy, secure, thrived, was safe and free from emotionalabuse and coercion. That would be exactly where she is right now - with her father. Iwould think that as a father,be appalled by the fact this woman has posted nude photos onthe web of her child, has made it very apparent where she lives and has made her a targetfor every troll on the web seeking a - what Lori has made Mila out to be, and is not - agroomed child just waiting for her. As an abuse survivor, if you would ever like to knowexactly why Loris videos prove that the only abuse that has occurred is that which herother perpetuates upon her at every opportunity, please feel free to contact me.December 30, 2011 at 11:16pm • LikeUnlike • 1Dawn Henderson Oh, btw, Waxman didnt create the savingmila.com website andexercises not involvement in it. The creators are MOTHERs and child abuse advocatesthat have been the target of Loris twisted lies as well. Since you are cheering for Lori, doyou also then advocate her & Juan wishing harm to other peoples children? THAT iswhat you are endorsing!December 30, 2011 at 11:18pm • LikeUnlike • 1 2
  3. 3. Corrine Morehead It mothers boyfriends and mothers themselves makin their babiesdissappear and killing them too. So to say its always better to go to mom simply becauseof the bond they should have is scary!December 30, 2011 at 11:20pm • LikeUnlikeJohn Large Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Lawyers are great at putting a spin on things, I never saidI took a step back out of their lives and was in the background, I changed diapers, readbooks, walked them to school, helped them with their homework, played on theplayground, went to school functions, and the list goes on and on Brother, but Mommakept Custody and I didnt fight that. My kids got love from both Parents, no doubt. Andthey are filled with self-confidence and motivation. Tender Years Doctrine may berejected in your mind, but its the "Law of Nature", not a "Law of the Court", and anycompassionate Father understands that - there was a favorite Christmas video my kidsand I would watch, The Year Without a Santa Claus, do you know the one with the Miserbrothers (Heat Miser and Snow Miser) ? Do you remember who straightened it out ?MOTHER NATURE, yes, she was called upon by Mrs.Claus to settle the dispute, The"Law of Nature", you dont mess with Mother Nature and a Mothers bond when childrenare little. I stayed involved diligently with my kids growing up, but they lived withMomma, and I didnt fight that because as much as they loved me, Mom came first, itsjust the way it is - Natural Maternal Bond, she carried them for 9 months, I didnt, youdidnt, Igor didnt. Mothers give them a different kind of Love that we cant. We are theirstrength, but Mom is their Light.December 30, 2011 at 11:51pm • LikeUnlike • 2John Large and you jumping on my comments proves my point of your stalking natureand a need to control every aspect of this. I expected a comment from Sarah, or someoneelse, not you ! but here you are, why dont you stay out of the social media on these issuesand let the public decide what seems proper, and stick tp practicing Law. this is supposedto be a forum for the public to comment on, and your rapid fire comments just has tomake me believe that you are behind this new sway away from Saving Mila. She belongswith her Mom, and when you try to rip a child from a Mothers arms......well, makes mewonder what your motives are ? Dad to Dad, did you take your kids from their Mother ?Saturday at 12:07am • LikeUnlike • 2John Large Dawn and Corrine, do you have children ? Married or Divorced ? and ifDivorced, who do your kids live with ? Nuff saidSaturday at 12:15am • LikeUnlike • 1War Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) John, you cannot tell people on this page wherethey should stick too.. Sorry we here try to be civil and fight against child abuse. Andeveryone can state their opinion here. I blocked certain people becasuse i will not letthem use this page to ruin this child. Your comments are rude and I suggest you read truefacts and testimonies http://savingmila.com/caseSaturday at 12:16am • LikeUnlike 3
  4. 4. Corrine Morehead I am happily married but I d know that if my mindcracked and I leftmy adoring husband he would fight tooth and nail for these kids especially if I wasputting horrible words in their mouths and treating others in ways that are not condusiveto being a good parent. Co parenting should never entail a mother turning the childagainst the father I would not do that and I would not wish harm on others children either.Saturday at 12:29am • LikeUnlike • 3War Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) It doesnt matter married, divorced, have children ornot... Common sence is the key...Saturday at 12:40am • LikeUnlike • 1Michael Waxman Mr. Large, man to man, my kids mother and I have shared the kids50/50, and we have found a way to develop/maintain a great friendship with each other.My kids know that while we cant live together, we love and respect each other. Does thatanswer your question? I tried to do what was best for my kids.Saturday at 12:41am • LikeUnlike • 1John Large Well it seems that is exactly what they are trying to do by using your page tosteer people in one direction or another. Accusing me of wishing harm on children andendorsing it ? where did i say that. Never said anything about endorsing mothers ormothers boyfriends making babys disappear either. That is rude. and completelyinnaccurate ! The issues on your page are quite controversial and evoke a lot of emotion,apparently on both sides of the coin. If you dont want people to express there opinionsabout a certain forum like this issue, then dont allow them to use your page. Peraps yopushould direct both parties to take their battle elsewhere as it would appear both sides areattempting to do that, unless you are taking sides and only want one side of the storyprojected ? My battle is the same as yours, fight child abuse, sometimes the lines are notso clear in a Custody battle, and in this case perhaps you should take the lead and tell usall what the true facts and testimonies are so that we can have a productive discussion andend the abuse of Mila, whoever is responsible for it, because a lot of mud is being slungfrom both sides, and a lot of things dont make sense to me, and Id like to understand.what Ive seen so far is very disturbing.Saturday at 12:46am • LikeUnlike • 2Corrine Morehead I didnt say u wish harm on anyones child but i said" I "would not dothat and Loris page coowner Juan did so please make sure you read the post b4 yourespond.Saturday at 12:50am • LikeUnlikeCorrine Morehead I was speaking about what a mother should not do or have done. Are 4
  5. 5. you a mother No so how in the world could you take that as me accusing you ofanything?Saturday at 12:52am • LikeUnlikeCorrine Morehead Seriously I state an argument of how a mother is not always the bestguardian and you try to make it an accusation.How?Saturday at 12:59am • LikeUnlike • 1John Large Yuo said that is what Im endorsing, and I am certainly NOT. Read what youwrote.Saturday at 1:00am • LikeUnlike • 1War Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) John Large, I posted a link with documents you candownload. I think there will be answers to your questions...after I posted link toObdusman report saving mila page tried to close this page down, asking their supportersto report this page, accusing as of harassment. They play dirty little games and this is nothow the truth has to be told. You should read court documents and testimonies so youcould form an opinion on this case from official facts.Saturday at 1:07am • LikeUnlike • 2John Large Custody disputes are ugly, no doubt about it. Both sides make mistakes. Ihave enough insight to know that alot of the time decisions are made by the Court infavor of who has the better Attorney, who has more $$, whther the Judge likes you or not,whether one side can make the other look bad, or whether one side can push the othersides buttons and create havoc. Certainly that seems to be the case for little Ayla, also inyour state. that is when tragedies happen. It is truly unfortunate when such tragediesoccur, and that case is not clear yet whether Mom or Dad had anything to do with it ,or ifa complete stranger took her. I pray for her safe return. I also know that Attorneys canadd fuel to the fire and make a reasonable Parent do something they wouldnt normallydo. I dont claim to have all the answers but it is CLEAR, that the children are the oneswho suffer. I wish that I could wave a magic wand and make it all stop and bring Peace tothese childrens lives and encourage Parents to suck it up and just get along for the sakeof their kids so they can live a happy and normal life. I Pray for this every day. EVERYDAY ! So kids can just be kids and be happy.Saturday at 1:20am • LikeUnlikeCorrine Morehead The words "endorsing" are no where on there what I said is your ideathat a supposed bond is a reason to leave a baby with a parent I am suggesting that it mustbe more than a bond and mental stability of the parent must be considered. Not only thebond. That in no way said "endorsing" What you are is supporting a woman and hercohorts that are very much so accusing people of heinous thing and wishing harm onchildren and even harming children For God Sake man she had nude pics of her smallchild online for everyone to see. That is abuse and she is endorsing that. If you arent then 5
  6. 6. why are you supporting her because of a bond?Saturday at 1:26am • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups i have not posted about this because I respectWACA.......but pedophile do get custody look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsH-zndX8vcJudge Elliott gave child custody to pedophilewww.youtube.comThere is a crisis in our nations family courts, where judges rule against victi...ms ofdomestic violence and their children and give custody to abusers and pe...See MoreExpand PreviewSaturday at 1:29am • LikeUnlike • 1John Large How do I access that link, on my wall ?Saturday at 1:29am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups all I know is the father right have made upfalse facts and fake Science to help pedophile get custody ..... and for the record I havemy son, his father almost killed him....his father broke 11 bone in his body when he wasonly 6 weeks old .....and the people said I was wrong to end his right he should have50/50Saturday at 1:32am • LikeUnlikeJohn Large You have a Great page and it brings a tremendous awareness of the trulysignificant issues that affect chidrens lives. I wish the abuse would stop and I wish Icould do more to stop it...Saturday at 1:34am • LikeUnlike • 2Corrine Morehead This isnt my state I am in NM and I am just a mom who hates to see achild be exploited for personal gain an attention. I believed Lori at first but somethingdidnt add up. When I questioned the why she waited so long to get her daughter checkedI was expecting a logical explanation to make me understand but instead I wasimmediately blocked from commenting and Juan and Lori accused me of calling the childa liar. Tyen Lori proceeded to state I was the lawyers ex wife. I have never been toMaine. With all of this I did my own research not on her website and found so much thatpointed to Lori lying. So as I said you are correct divorce should never involve harmingthe child by either party.Saturday at 1:35am • LikeUnlike • 2Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I do feel all children should have both parent,unless he has abuse his wife or child ....... I know most FR would like you think that a 6
  7. 7. father has the right to control his family even when it hurt the child....Saturday at 1:37am • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups @waca I do highly respect you....and I thankyou for the work you are doingSaturday at 1:39am • LikeUnlike • 2War Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) Here is the link, John http://savingmila.com/caseSaturday at 1:46am • LikeUnlikeCorrine Morehead No Truth a father should not Control the family and neither should themother it should be a joint effort and not a life threatening occurrance. a single mother orfather can do a better job of caring for a child then two parents where one is abusive.Thats the problem women staying with abusive men so they are a part of the childs life isnot ok and women using heinous unsubstantiated claims to call attention to herself is notright either.Saturday at 1:48am • LikeUnlike • 1War Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) Thank you, Admin of truth about extreme fathersrights, sorry for what happened to your son, I hope he is safe now.. You post are highlyappreciated and shred a light on many important issues. Keep up the good work.Saturday at 1:48am • LikeUnlike • 2Corrine Morehead Yes Truth, you and W.A.C.A are spinners of a web of protection foryoung children who otherwise would have none. Thank You!!!Saturday at 1:52am • LikeUnlike • 2Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups He great the only thing is he blink one eye amore..... but for that he is perfect.... I have ban a two women from my group because Iknew they were telling half the facts .... which was only to mislead..... i do feel theNarcissism will kill any real refrom that need to happen..... I am the first to said that Menare screw more by DCF/CPS.....and some women do not deserve to be mothers ...... Butall safe Haven Domestic violence home will tell you men that abuse their wife ,,,,willfight for custody not because they love the children but to punish the wifeSaturday at 2:00am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups @corrine Morehead have not posted about heruntil i do reseach....It is hard for me because i am only online when my son is asleep...Saturday at 2:12am • LikeUnlike 7
  8. 8. Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups sorry in mths I not posted about herSaturday at 2:20am • LikeUnlikeJohn Large W.A.C.A. thank you for the link, for sure I will study it and hope to get aninformed opinion of the facts, Sorry Corrine, it was Dawn saying that I was "endorsing",I cant type that fast and the messages were coming faster than I could type. I will keep anopen mind in the review, as I have been subjected to some false allegations of my own,that fit the profile on the "SAID" reporting of abuse, "after the Divorce started", so I willhave an idea what to be aware of. Fortunately, I survived the one and only singleallegation with the Truth and my ex-wife never tried it again after that. It was extremelydisconcerting, and she was very angry when she didnt get her way. The Judge eventuallycaught on to her tricks, but my kids remained with her, and I didnt fight it because shewould not let go of the aggression, and so for my kids sake, and some semblence of peacein their lives (not being subjected to continuous personal attacks) I backed off andaccepted the visitation schedule so that I could remain a constant in their lives. Even still,although I wished that I had custody and raised my kids, it would have been a brutalbattle, I guess what Im witnessing here. My ex-wife is a good Mother to my kids and Iguess thats why I felt strongly about a Mothers Bond, but its not always the case as Imlearning....Saturday at 2:24am • LikeUnlikeDawn Henderson Truth, and this is what we are saying. Some people fail to rememberthat in the course of the end of any relationship that the children are the first and primaryconcern. Mila is being used as a weapon against her father. Mr Large, despite theconcerns of the forensic psychologist, the court DID award primary custody of Mila.However, as was predicted by the psychologist, Lori never even attempted to coparent.She moved hours away, provided no school updates, filed several protection orders,subjected Mila to numerous gynecological exams, AND 18 seperate ER visits duringwhich Mila was drug tested and each and every time - with the exception of a mysterysample that Lori provided in absence of Mila - no drugs were detected, no signs of abusewere detected. Such constant misuse of your authority as a parent is as destructive,emotionally, as being beaten OR molested. This little girl has been through far to muchand now to have highly invasive photos and videos of herself on tge web???? Each daythat Lori continues to use Mila to draw attenetion to herself, she is intentionallyendangering her child. John, let me ask you this as a father. What would you do if yourex-wife put naked, spread eagle photos if YOUR child on the web?Saturday at 2:34am • LikeUnlike • 2Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I never saw naked pictures of the baby.....thatis porn you can have that taken down...... but I do know Mr Waxman did Tell the worldthat she has NPD..... which was wrong ...... at this point I do not trust either one of thesides..... 8
  9. 9. Saturday at 3:02am • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups that was a copy and paste...... but this part iftrue in against the law for him...Saturday at 3:19am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups She has been diagnosed with a very severednarcissistic personality disorderSaturday at 3:20am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups and here another reasonSaturday at 3:23am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groupshttp://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/11/29/narcissism-no-longer-a-psychiatric-disorder/Narcissism No Longer a Psychiatric Disorderwell.blogs.nytimes.comNarcissistic personality disorder, characterized by an inflated sense of self-im...portanceand the need for constant attention, has been eliminated from the latest manual of mentaldisorders.See MoreExpand PreviewSaturday at 3:23am • LikeUnlikeCorrine Morehead She apparently did take pictures down...eventually. I will not stateanyone has any disorders but I will comment on what I know for a fact and the horriblethings that have been said to me all for asking simple questions to begin with. You areright do all the research. dont trust me, the lawyer, Dawn or even Sarah only trust thefacts and please do not take the facts from Loris site. Google Igor Malenko and a publiccourt record will show in the search. This will give you a lot of info from the courts sidenot hers or his. I dont want to push my opinion on you I want people to see the truth forthemselves. I will however defend myself from her malicious attacks and will state that Ido not believe for one second that Igor has hurt his child in any way.Saturday at 3:24am • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups outside the part about Igor because I need tolook him up,,,, thank you .... good night ... but most of the mistrust is at Mr Waxman....he has said a fews thing that put up red flag with meSaturday at 3:30am • LikeUnlike • 2 9
  10. 10. Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups look at the post about the judge.....Saturday at 3:39am • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups http://www.morelaw.com/verdicts/case.asp?n=2011 ME 15&s=ME&d=46433MoreLaw.comwww.morelaw.com<!--//<![CDATA[ var m3_u =(location.protocol==https:?https://ads1.morel...aw.com/openx/www/delivery/ajs.php:http://ads1.morelaw.com/openx/www/delivery/ajs.php); var m3_r =Math.floor(Math.random()*99999999999); if (!document.MAX_used)document.MAX_used = ,; document.write ("<scr...See MoreExpand PreviewSaturday at 4:06am • LikeUnlikeJohn Large I did not see any naked, spread eagle photos, perhaps they were removed, butto answer your question, Dawn, I would be furious. 18 trips to the ER seems extreme,multiple OB/GYN visits seems extreme unlesss she believed something convinced her todo such, It seems no one has disputed the initial video of Mila talking to the cat or doll orwhatever it was, and surely would give a Mother alarm to be vigilant. Ive read theDivorce decree and it is quite damning against Lori, yet I know how Judges can bebought and paid for. Some of the stuff Ive read like emails and such from Waxman to herand/or her employer surely raised a red flag with me, as it seems above and beyond thenormal scope of representation, especially considering his Pro Bono work. As I saidbefore, NO Lawyer works for free, maybe a one shot rep at a Magistrate for a speedingticket, but this rep must have cost well over $20,000 easily. As for the POs, they arecommonly used as weapons in Divorce and Custody disputes to gain an upper hand. Yetwhen you have States like Georgia (where Senator Schaffer tried to expose CPS andwound up dead) that are very Corrupted with Court-sanctioned protected sexual abuse,its easy to understand extreme behaviors to protect the child, even if it means multipletrips to the hospital. If a Parent truly believes something is wrong and their concerns aredismissed (for perhaps politcal or prejudicial reasons), what does a Parent do ? When itbecomes so convulated like this, your right, Truth, its hard to know who IS really tellingthe truth. She originally had custody, but because of expressing concerns, that wereapparently ignored, she went off in a tirade. Was she right? Was she wrong? What to do ?Thats when the mistakes on both sides start. tit for tat. How do we stop it before it begins? I guess that is where the Court should have a determined, no BS tolerated approachfrom the start, a way to address either Parents concerns of ANY type of ABUSE by, saytwo independant examiners. Then accept the findings for what they are and Pray that nofuture problems arise. Problem is, some Lawyers add fuel to the fire, usually to pad theirpockets, but in Waxmans case, I find it impossible to believe that he would do this all forfree. so, it doesnt cost Igor a dime and Lori is sponged of every dime. Fuel to the fire.Why isnt she able to have a regular visitation schedule ? Is it because she cant hire a 10
  11. 11. Lawyer ? Is she so prejudiced now in Court that NO Judge will accomodate her in anyway ? Does Igor have so much control now that hes calling all the shots becauseWaxman has rule of the nest in the Courtroom ? Perhaps both Parents need to attend,complete, and pass some type of Co-Parenting classes to learn how to get along, and Idont mean a one-shot visit. I suggest a 6 month minimum, perhaps, with NO Lawyersinvolved until the course is completed and a recommendation is made to the Court. But isthere such a thing ? Not in Pennsylvania, it doesnt exist. It should start there when aDivorce starts, not with two Lawyers ready for battle filling their client with high hopesof total success, fuel to the fire, padded pockets, and resultant children suffering, becauseof being used as pawns. Too many questions that arent simply answered by reading theCourt documents. Look at how many times CPS has failed in protecting children. What amess. What a complete mess ! Something must be done, not just for this case, but acrossthe Country. Just look at the epidemic of Evil happening to our children. This is mylimited insight from what I have read here, what I have personally experienced, and whatI see happening across our Nation. We need to protect our children, and we need to cometogether on this to help them have a happy childhood, and a promise for a bright future.Very challenging, but we must work together to help them !!!Saturday at 4:59am • LikeUnlike • 3Sarah Tyrrell Indeed Mr. Large,. Just to make you aware, the reason unsupervisedvisitation was stopped was because of Lori constant invasive examinations,ER visits andLoris coaching of Mila. Lori refused to attend ANY supervised visits with Mila from the10th May to now..Her reason? She did not want to attend as this may make her seemaccepting of the supervision which would go against her in court??!Such nonsense!! If itwere your daughter and you were convinced shed been abused would you cease allcontact with her? Not even call her on the phone?? Leave the state where she isapparently being abused?..Of course not. Supervised visitation has now beenwithdrawn(she wasnt using it anyway)due to the irrational claims being put forth by Loriabout everyone involved in the case and how when she gets Mila,shell run away withher to Africa etc..She is clearly a very unbalanced,unhinged lady.As a mother myself, Iwould not allow Lori to babysit ,never mind have full custody of Mila. All Lori has to dois seek help for her own issues then drop the drama and be prepared to co parenteffectively with Igor. I am not happy about taking up a lot of this page with this debate,but we really have no choice, we are trying to inform people who are wasting their goodintentions on Loris "cause" and not Milas. We have all been blocked and accused of allsorts of ridiculous things for daring to disagree. I particularly feel bad for Malenko andWaxman, they have stuck together from the start to do whats best for Mila and peopleare too blinded by Loris malicious campaign to appreciate that.Is the world so selfish aplace now in your eyes that Waxmans willingness to work for free is immediately metwith suspicion?Saturday at 9:24am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups South Portland Police Beat: Feb. 25 | TheForecasterwww.theforecaster.net/node/49810Cached - Similar 11
  12. 12. You +1d this publicly. UndoFeb 25, 2010 – 2/16 at 6 p.m. Igor Malenko, 37, was summonsed on Preble Street byOfficer Kenneth Cronin on a charge of theft by unauthorized taking. ...Saturday at 10:40am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups now I Know not to trust Mr Waxman .....Ifound in the court papers that two Expert said that Igor should not be Unsupervised....because There a moderate level that the father did sexual abuse his child and post ithere......now it is gone off the morelaw.comSaturday at 10:52am • LikeUnlike • 2Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups and Lori was not in court the Day he won....that was in the paper too....now it is goneSaturday at 10:53am • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I wonder who put in the comment about theguy that was kick in the head by Igor Malenko that it is not important because she knewand still marry him......and she is crazy..... no one said anything about the real abuse tothis old manSaturday at 11:09am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups for the record I am with opsafe kid....mths agoif I saw a naked child on a web page it would have been reportedSaturday at 11:13am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR4pMTwTXg0Breaking the Silence: Childrens Storieswww.youtube.comTrailer for a PBS documentary about women who lose their children to abusive fathers.Expand PreviewSaturday at 11:16am • LikeUnlikeWar Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) Only me can moderate comments and I didntdelete anything. You comment with morelaw link is posted 7 hours ago and is in thistread. And it was not moderate level of abuse, please.. it was about level of evidence....read all court documents - i provided the link above.Saturday at 11:51am • LikeUnlike 12
  13. 13. Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups no you delete ...it was on the lawmore.comgroupSaturday at 11:59am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups sorry for the typo...you did not delete .....itwas posted in MORELAW.com now it is goneSaturday at 12:00pm • LikeUnlike • 1War Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) http://www.morelaw.com/verdicts/case.asp?n=2011 this one? it is in your post above...Saturday at 12:01pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups it was the court finding ....16 and 19 in thefinding now it is goneSaturday at 12:01pm • LikeUnlikeWar Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) may be you posted it not here, I didn;t deleteanything, whats the point?Saturday at 12:03pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups and two expert did think that there was abuseto the child but Lori was not in court that Day.....Saturday at 12:03pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups which is the day he got custodySaturday at 12:05pm • LikeUnlikeSarah Tyrrell Youre not reading everything thoroughly TruthSaturday at 12:06pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups the only link I see is her web page......WACAdid you see the naked picturesSaturday at 12:06pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups I would trust you..... but if Mr Waxman hasnothing to hide why did he remove it!!! 13
  14. 14. Saturday at 12:08pm • LikeUnlikeMichael Waxman Hey Truth, I dont remove anything, and I think you are confused aboutthe evidence. Frankly, the first document you ought to read should be the secondOmbudsman report, from 2011. That gives an excellent summary of what this case hasbeen. You seem very committed to viewing this case through the prism of Handrahansperspective, which may may you feel paranoid. Nobody here is attacking anyone orhiding evidence. That is how Handrahan and her cohorts roll. Not here. Do you have aquestion for me? Would you like me to explain something? Feel free to ask away, eitherhere on by email. My email address is: mjwaxy@aol.comSaturday at 12:15pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups I have a law suit here in CT because theOmBudsman Office here support letting a man in getting away with breaking a 6 weekold baby skull....and if you think i am a liar ..... go to CHRO and look it up..... then goPSOW they try to get a bill pass because of the crime that was allow against my son......so most people, and that is NPR PBS 20/20 will tell you the Ombudman report onlydesign to protect the state from a lawsuit...... and as a Lawyer telling the world about herNPD was a low blow and Illegal .......Saturday at 12:24pm • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups oh by the way they said I was a bad motherbecause the decon at the church who sexaul assauted me over 30 years ago was thereason..... and never let the Criminal courts get the second MRI letting the man get awaywith breaking my son skull .....unlike Lori most people supported me, but theOmBudsman OfficeSaturday at 12:32pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups one more thing because he was some younghe did not have any bruises and i had to push the issuse ....my son Doctor said there wasnothing wrong then Waterbury Hospital said nothing was wrong..... and was not until abeg them to look harder that found 11 fractures bones ..... and then I called the policeSaturday at 12:44pm • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups sorry my son is up from his NAP....I will beon laterSaturday at 12:50pm • LikeUnlikeMichael Waxman Truth, I am very sorry to hear of the ordeal you have been through.Truly. But your case is not the Mila Malenko case. And I dont know what you are talking 14
  15. 15. about when you claim that stating the truth -- that Handrhan has been diagnosed assuffering from a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder -- is somehow illegal.You are incorrect. And knowing of that diagnosis EXPLAINS her entire site. Thisdiagnosis is public knowledge, since it was testified to in court and published in publicdecisions.Saturday at 1:08pm • LikeUnlikeMichael Waxman Handrahan has had MORE than her fair chance of presenting her case.She has employed in excess of 10 different attorneys, including some of the best andmost expensive in the State. There is no conspiracy against her. She is her own worstenemy, as her site doggedly demonstrates. She is truly the most selfish, angry andmalicious person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. Mila deserves a loving,healthy momma. All she needs to do is back away from the computer screen, seek outsome help, and make an authentice effort to coparent this lovely child with the father. Butshe would rather attack everyone and manipulate people like you in order to bask inattention and adulation. Classic symptoms of NPD -- no empathy and need for attentionand adoration. Just the facts.Saturday at 1:16pm • LikeUnlikeMichael Waxman Truth, I see that you are asking Handrahan to give you the case inwhich she was not present and the Court found no abuse. That is the Protection fromAbuse case she fileda against Igor. You can find that the savingmila.com site under theOther Relevant Findings heading. It is entitled supremecourt.pdf. And Handrhan CHOSEnot to attend the final hearing on her PFA case against Igor. Can you imagine being amomma who fervently believes some monster is sexually abusing her little girl, and youdont attend the hearing to testify, to look him in the eyes and call him out??? Of coursenot. That is because Handrahan KNEW that her claims were false. There is NO OTHEREXPLANATION.Saturday at 1:26pm • LikeUnlikeWar Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) just curious Truth.. If you would ask her on thepage why she waited for two weeks to report sexual abuse and took her child nakedcovered in sand o ER? Of course there will be vaginal trauma from seating nakedrestrained in a car seat. Ask her to explain how her daughter got the bruise (hematoma) asshe calls it, on her forehead on Sunday if Friday she was picked up from daycare withoutit - confirmed fact by daycare workers)and all the time girl was in her custody? I amcuriuos how fast your questions will be deleted and you will be blocked from that page...And answering your question about If I saw personally naked picture, I will say that no, Ididnt. But there are many people who saw them and commented on this page about it.What I know that when I posted Obdusman report they tried to destroy WACA page andI have proof of it.Saturday at 2:53pm • LikeUnlike 15
  16. 16. Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I never talk to her before Mr Waxman tookthe info off that page.... and I do know that DSM 5 will not have NPD and that most ofthe mental health worker overseas find that here in US our people are being over DRUGbecause we have lobby who try to get lower standard to steal from medicare.... rememberthe story that 20 20 did about children in foster care ..... how about Mr Waxman postit....the hearing finding that i am talking about..... they just posted 10 pages on my group,and I not going to hunt for it....... rights now I think the child should be taken from themboth and Mr Waxman is no better then her because he is posting all over the net too.....plus his groupies are jumping down any one that ask or said anything about looking tofind the truth.... look at the page posted on this tread anyone that support her is crazy....the other EXPLANATION? maybe was did she not get paper work.... i did see Igor isfriends with Mike Nowacki, maybe the same games his wife did to him they did her ....SoI do not know .... and To WACA it was because they(saving Mila) attack you that Istarted thinking something may be wrong.... and out of respect to your page I did supporther..... because I saw you took a strong stand not to support her...... but I am not going toget the truth from either of them....... so the thing that i am sure of ,,,,,,,is Mr waxmanhand are dirty in this mess too..... if he has nothing to hide posted it..... because it did notsaid court did not find there not abuse ....it said two expert said there was abuse that Igoris part of ....but the court gave him custody.......and she was not thereSaturday at 6:09pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups sorry for the typo.... I did not ...out of respectto WACASaturday at 6:14pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups good night and Happy New Year....... i hopeMr Waxman posted itSaturday at 6:15pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups Truth about extreme Father Right’s groupsHello,.. Mr Waxman has posted on child abuse group about your case ..... I told them Iwould do some research and I found in morelaw.com the paper work that said you werenot in court and that two expert said he should be not alone with the child....... now canyou please post that on my group and then I will repost it there ....LikeUnlike • • 7 hours ago • Saving Mila likes this..Saving Mila Yep. Just did. Let me know if you want me to post more. I didnt want toflood your page--we have got much more evidence--of Milas trafficking by Waxman,DHHS and Maine courts.... http://www.lorihandrahan.com/5 hours ago • LikeUnlike. Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I would like (1) thereport from the last hearing ..... the one she was not at..... (2) why was she not there....(3)and why did she not take her child for 2 days to the hopital and THE BABY was cover 16
  17. 17. with sand and naked .....(4) please go WACA and tell them you are sorry I do not wantthe people helping her "if what she said is true to hurt the cause"........ because alot ofwomen has lost custody to pedophile and Mr Waxman is dirty down to the cord and wewill kill any chance to stop this abuse if we do treat the good people like WACA likedirt .....so I know the Obudman report is crap..... anyone who has any dealing with familycourt know that but WACA did not know that and I am going to find some things aboutthat and give it to them...(5) i am going to cut and paste this to WACA.... let us all try toget the bottom of this.......thank you....Saving Milalorihandrahan.comThe truth about Lori and MilaExpand PreviewSaturday at 6:48pm • LikeUnlikeJohn Large Waxman, I thoroughlly read the Supreme Juducial Court, Board of Overseersof the Bar vs. YOU. It does not exonerate your actions, in fact, it finds you in Violationof Unprofessional Conduct of M. Bar. 3.1; 3.2(f)(4); 3.6(c) and M.R. Prof. Conduct 8.4(d) and (e). Of course as expected how Lawyers cover for each other, the Panel finds only"minor" misconduct, and dismisses it with a "warning to Attorney Michael J. Waxman torefrain from such misconduct in the future, and such dismissal with a warning is notDiscipline, and will be treated as Confidential". (LOL). Fuel on the fire. thats how Kidsfor Cash (Conahan and Ciavarella) got away with it for years in Pa. COVER-UP. Slap onthe wrist for you, just like the admitted slapping around of Lori by your client andadmitted by him in the RO Court. I read the transcript. But an agreement to an ROwithout an admission of Guilt? Clever ! Just like Jerry Sanduskys Lawyer did when hewaived the Prelim Hrg, so he wouldnt have to face the sex-abuse allegations from at least8 victims, and so your client wouldnt face deportation. Because you know the admitteddomestic violence (not once either) and the theft charges would come out. Why does hehave to steal when your services are free ? Pseudoephidrine (in cough syrup) is used formakin meth, thats why most Pharmacys require ID for that purchase. Fired by theYMCA swimming program for aggressive behavior ? Swimming coach, huh ? Agrooming technique (like Sandusky) typical of pedophiles, not that I have any proof he is.If your so confident of your clients Innocence, please explain why you would stoop tosuch unethical practices of attack. If a pro se litigant would have done what you did, hedbe arrested for harassment and intimidation. But your an officer of the Court, so you slidewith a reprimand. It says "your too personally involved, ready to use you vast familyfortune to crush Lori, and too personally interested in Mila". Very bizarre. Thats right,she hired some of the best Lawyers to help her and they BELIEVED in her. And shefought to protect her daughter. Not one , but 3 reports of suspected physical and sexualabuse, that were silenced, and a "right" to see DHHS files sealed by the AG, why ? Is thathow the Justice system works - he who has the Gold makes the rules. Wonder how itwould have went if your client had to pay for you out of his own pocket like Lori did ?Well, easy answer, you explained that in the review. He would have been Deported forhis Criminal activity. Bruises on Milas arm, cheek, forehead and no explanation. Verysuspicious, especially since the allegations of Domestic Violence occurred well before 17
  18. 18. the Divorce started, and continued after. Look at the video from Truth. That guy hadeverybody fooled, even the Judge admitted she was dooped. First rule in Law school -when you have NO Defense, Abuse the Plaintiff, so after your client Abused Lori andMila, you added insult to injury. He admitted to severe physical abuse as a kid by hisFather, suffers from PTSD, and thats why hes a ticking time-bomb, or do I have thatwrong too. children of sexual abuse either disappear or are murdered before they reachthe age of 10, because thats when they start talking to friends. Lets pray that doesnthappen to Mila !!! How will you feel then ? ZEALOUS ???Saturday at 7:27pm • LikeUnlike • 1Michael Waxman Mr. Large, you are clearly incapable of simply reading a document andunderstanding it. Remarkable. I was NOT found by Justice Alexander to have violatedANY ethical rules. I am not "dirty," but clearly your mind is. It is clear to me that factsand evidence provide not even the slightest hurdle to you and the Handrahan followers.You will always find some shadow, something sinister, no matter how clear the evidence.EVERY SINGLE COURT who has seen Handrahan or heard her case has decidedagainst her. Not because I have bribed the judges, either. That is a ludicrous claim. AndNOT ONE medical provider has made a report of suspected abuse to DHHS. If thephysical harm you claim and Handrahan claims were present, they would have beenREQUIRED BY LAW to make those reports to DHHS. Look, you can fill whateveremptiness you have in your life by buying into conspiracy theories if you want. It is a freecountry. But usually, things are much simpler than conspiracy theorists want to believe.Mila is safe and happy and loved by a nurturing, gentle father. Handrahan wants todestroy Igor at any cost, including the emotional and physical health of her child. That isthe entire case. Have a great New Year. I wont be wasting my time writing you anymore.Saturday at 7:46pm • LikeUnlike • 1Michael Waxman And Truth? You do not speak of truth at all. You have an agenda,borne of your own terrible experience. You automatically conclude that the Ombudsmanin THIS case must be incompetent because you claim the one in YOUR case was. That isnot a sound logical leap. And as for your speculation that Handrahan did not attend thePFA hearing because she did not "get notification?" Incorrect. She later testified that shedid not come because she might have had a hard time finding a baby sitter. She failed toshow, she testfied because it was "inconvenient." Interesting. If I believed my child werebeing sexually abused by the other parent, I would move heaven and earth to be at thathearing. Wild horses could not drag me away. Again, however, like Mr. Large, youwould rather indulge in speculation, than review and consider the actual facts andevidence in this case. I dont know how to respond to willful ignorance. I do not believe itis bliss, and arguing with you is like smashing my head against a wall. I am all done.Have a great life. I need to get back to my meeting with my Jewish friends about how totake over the worlds financial systems, after which we shall forge additional "evidence"of Obamas citizenship.Saturday at 7:52pm • LikeUnlike • 1 18
  19. 19. John Large Google: Board of Overseers of the Bar vs. Waxman, dated January 8, 2010,RE: GFC 09-365, is that document fake ? Or do you think I made it up ? 2nd Paragraphclearly states your Violation of Professional Conduct and a "warning to refrain from suchmisconduct in the future". It goes on to say that the Board will dismiss with said warning,but its not cosidered discipline. In the real world when you break the rules, people AREsubject to Discipline, but in the Good Ole Boys Bar Club, its just a slap on the wrist.Perhaps you dont want the rest of the World to see how the Dismissal was Qualified -violation of Professional Conduct and a Warning to refrain from such misconduct in thefuture, or have I misinterpreted that somehow ?????Saturday at 10:53pm • LikeUnlike • 1Michael Waxman Read the decision from the actual trial that was produced by thatmeritless complaint, my good friend. Funny, in your preceding post you claimed to have"thoroughly read" the case. If that is what you call a "thorough reading" then pardon mefor not being terribly impressed with your reading comprehension.Saturday at 11:59pm • LikeUnlike • 1John Large I specifcally said that I read the Boeard of Overseer of the Bar vs. YOU, andit wasnt an exonerated, complete dismissal as you would want the World to believe. Youwere reprimanded for Unprofessional Conduct. slap on the wrist, eh... then again, anyonewho knows how the Court system works - KNOWS its CROOKED ! Where would Milabe if your client had to pay for this, and didnt have your PRO BONO rep ? Deported andwith her Mother !!! Did you and your friends figure out how to take over the Worldsfinancial system ? Was that Judge one of your so-called "friends" ?????? Id bet on it.EVIL DEEDS, CROOKED and distasteful ! Thats why there are so many hatefulLawyer jokes that you so despise. I just have one word For ya Brother --KARMA !!!!!Sunday at 9:40am • LikeUnlike • 1Michael Waxman Happy New Year, Mr. Large. I wont be debating you this year. Idrather give myself paper cuts. But I shall simply correct your misimpression, and thenenjoy the rest of the day with my children and ex-wife (and her husband). In your"research" you stopped too soon. The merit less grievances filed by Handrahan, werefinally heard in a full, two day trial -- which by the way, Handrahan did NOT attend. Theculmination of that trial was a 65 page decision by Maine Supreme Court Justice DonaldAlexander, completely exonerating me of the 14 separate ethical violations she and theBoard accused me of. I shall try to provide the link here, but if that fails, just go theMaine Judicial Branch page, go to Opinions, choose Bar Decisions, and look at 2010.You will find it. You may deliver a correction and an apology to me at any time today. http://www.courts.state.me.us/opinions_orders/opinions/documents/Bar-10-5WaxmanOrder.pdfSunday at 10:16am • LikeUnlike • 1 19
  20. 20. Corrine Morehead HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!Sunday at 1:07pm • LikeUnlike • 3Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups shame on you Mr. Waxman, you have aagenda too...... your job is not for the child it is for Igor..... If you were 100% for the childIgor could sue you......second for the Obudman report there now are report from CA toCT about why the kids in foster care are being over drug....and there is one from the badlands about how they onlytake baby and how they take them at a higher rate then otherpart of the state..... (2) you knew why she did not go to court that day but you told halfthe truth to mislead then said not having someone to take of the child is a inconvenient.....(3) casey anthony the court found her not guilty....OJ got his kids in his custody wartoo .......(4) two expert said he more likely did sexaul abuse the girl....(5) you are a victimblaming, spin master, you have posted on your law firm page about this case and otherlawyer pages so you point the finger she is wrong to have her page and you are doing thesame thing ...... and the best part Lori posted on my page about ER picture that she took itdown ...you are the reason everyone know about the pictures because it had been postedand you tell everyone they are still there ......(6) you do remind me of the jewsih lawyersin westchester who said after a friend of his killed his wife and his two children.... i couldhave supported him if he only killed his wife.....Sunday at 1:49pm • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groupshttp://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/beaten_daddy_finally_snapped_P4Y5SsvRP4sK7eT8FeuGON‘Beaten’ daddy finally snappedwww.nypost.com“He did a monstrous thing.”Expand PreviewSunday at 1:51pm • LikeUnlikeMichael Waxman Truth, you are a cynic and a conspiracy theorist. Enjoy living life inblackness and anger. I choose the path of happiness. But if you care to expand yourhorizons a bit, why dont you read my recently published article in the Maine Bar Journalentitled Childrens Voices, Fathers Hearts: Cahallenges Faced in Implementing the BestInterest Standard. You will see that I AM representing BOTH Igor AND Mila.Sunday at 1:54pm • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups and if that is true .... that is very wrong..... andforget to call me a chick here .....Sunday at 2:39pm • LikeUnlike 20
  21. 21. Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups the little girl should have had her own lawyerthat care only about her and no one elseSunday at 2:41pm • UnlikeLike • 2Michael Waxman Truth, the child DID have a representative -- a guardian ad litemnamed Elizabeth Stout. She had no choice but to withdraw from the case after Handrahanslandered her after the divorce at a legislative hearing in Augusta Maine. Before and afterthat Handrahan tried to have her fired, and also did her best to torpedo Ms. Stoutsattempt to become a Family Law Magistrate. This is what Handrahan does when youcross her . . . she attacks you with as much malice and force as she can. And please,before you announce your conclusions, just try and find out if you are correct. I CAN andDO represent both Igor and his child. Let me explain -- a child has TWO naturalguardians, mom and dad. Those guardians have the obligation of speaking for their childuntil the child is a legal adult. Thus, Igor speaks for his child, especially since he is thecustodial parent with ultimate decision-making authority, and I represent Igor. By thetransitive law of inequality (that was some geometry humor, by the way), I represent IgorAND Mila. Some states do require that children have a separate legal representative.Maine is not one of those states. This is what I do for work. I know what I am talkingabout. I am sure that you have areas in which you feel competent and confident. But,clearly, the law is not one of them.Sunday at 4:56pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups It is still wrong that you can do both.....thechild need a lawyer that care about her rights and not Igor..... what ever you said if twopeople are fighting for one child that child should have someone who fight forher.....nothing you can said will ever make this right.....Sunday at 5:51pm • UnlikeLike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups and for the record you are not any better, readsome of the crazy things you wrote about jewish people and Obama..... I try to be fair butyou have been very rude and Unprofessional ......Sunday at 5:58pm • UnlikeLike • 2Michael Waxman Truth, I could tell you that I have a small skin tag on my left underarm, and you would absolutely call me a liar. You are not interested in the facts orevidence. You like to be told a story by a distraught mother which gives you theopportunity to portray yourself as some kind of crusader swooping in to help a poor littlegirl. I honestly am sorry you have been through a devastating ordeal. But your experiencehas nothing to do with this case. And frankly, NONE of this cyber blogging has anythingto do with the case either. If Handrahan truly wanted custody of her child, her lawyerwould be in court demanding a hearing. She is not doing that because she knows that 21
  22. 22. Exhibit A in the hearing is going to be the bile, the lunacy which Handrahan is spewingon these threads, bile which may persuade a court to involuntarily commit her to a mentalinstitution. She needs help . . . but not from her followers on the internet. She needsprofessional help so that she can be a loving and safe mommy to her little girl.Sunday at 6:00pm • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I never called you a liar ...what I said is youare rude and tell half truth to spin what you think peoplle need to hear.....to get what youwantSunday at 6:02pm • UnlikeLike • 2Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups And if she was 100% wrong you would havea writ of mandamus to have her arrestedSunday at 6:05pm • UnlikeLike • 1Dawn Henderson Truth - Below please find the link to the official DSM 5 website, whereit denotes the criteria for a finding of Narcissistic personality disorder. Please, before youmake absolute claims that a diagnosis does not exist, do your research.http://www.dsm5.org/ProposedRevisions/Pages/proposedrevision.aspx?rid=19Sunday at 6:09pm • LikeUnlike • 1Dawn Henderson Note: I do not represent Igor. I AM FIGHTING FOR MILA and herright not to be used as a tool to inflict harm, to be endangered because her mother caresnot about protecting her from predators but only about drawing attention to herself, ANDMOST ESPECIALLY the right of the child not to have her nude photos posted on theweb for her own personal gain. I HAVE seen those pictures. Those pictures HAVE beenreported. Mila absolutely DOES need protection but not from who you think. Do asWACA suggests. As the questions that need to be asked on Loris facebook site. Then beprepared for what she does - it is ugly.Sunday at 6:11pm • LikeUnlike • 1Michael Waxman Truth, a "writ of mandamus" has NO application to this case,especially since the Courts have all done the right thing. Seriously, take your energy,your passion, and channel it into reading the documents on the savingmila.com site. Youare being manipulated by a very sick woman, and you are assisting her in exploiting achild. You are doing the exact opposite of what you claim to be focused on doing.Sunday at 6:30pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups ...Proposed Revision....of NPD for the DSM5.....is what you just post,,,,,, just like a Proposed Revision was put into the DSM 2 took 22
  23. 23. out being gay as a mental illness.Sunday at 7:24pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups the DSM 5 is coming in may 2013......andthey are taking out NPD because only crackpot use it......Sunday at 7:27pm • UnlikeLike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups http://www.psych.org/dsmv.aspxDSM-5: The Future Manualwww.psych.org<body> Information about the development process of DSM-5 can be found here.</body>Expand PreviewSunday at 7:27pm • LikeUnlikeCorrine Morehead Sad is they say a video of a child you cant see telling in a happy mooda stuffed cat something is proof and if she on video told the world what her mother wassaying and those werent her words not just on paper they still wouldnt believe her. Thatis who I believe. Not waxman Not Igor Not experts or psychologists I believe a little girlwho said that was stuff her MOMMY told her to say!!!!Sunday at 7:30pm • LikeUnlike • 1Dawn Henderson Amen Corrine, Amen.Sunday at 7:32pm • LikeUnlikeCorrine Morehead And why didnt Lori answer your question of why she waited to takethe baby to the hospital or why she moved 8hrs away when her baby supposedly in gravedanger?Truth,she did not answer those questions she went off about SAND!!!Sunday at 7:33pm • LikeUnlike • 2Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups Latin, We comand.] A writ or order that isissued from a court of superior jurisdiction that commands an inferior tribunal,corporation, Municipal Corporation, or individual to perform, or refrain from performing,a particular act, the performance or omission of which is required by law as an obligation.A writ or order of mandamus is an extraordinary court order because it is made withoutthe benefit of full judicial process, or before a case has concluded. It may be issued by acourt at any time that it is appropriate, but it is usually issued in a case that has already 23
  24. 24. begun.http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/writ+of+mandamuswrit of mandamuslegal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.comDefinition of writ of mandamus in the Legal Dictionary by TheFreeDictionary.comExpand PreviewSunday at 7:46pm • UnlikeLike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups maybe i am wrong as Mr Waxman haspointed out I am only a chickSunday at 7:47pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups and all us silly little broken chick are unableto think for ourselfSunday at 7:49pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups @ Dawn if you only care about the child whyhave you not said anything about the child not having her own lawyer...... someone whoonly care about her rights ....and tell Igor, Mr waxman and Lorri to stop the warSunday at 7:57pm • UnlikeLike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups @ Corrine I agree the sand stuff is silly....Sunday at 8:05pm • LikeUnlikeDawn Henderson Truth - Mila was originally represented by a Guardian Ad Litem. Thatis how many states handle representation for the child themselves during adivorce/custody case. The GAL expressed her concerns about Loris ability to effectivelyparent Mila and engage in an effective co-parenting relationship that would be in the bestinterests of the child. Her predictions proved correct. If I had the money, I would hireMila her own attorney - to stop her mother from using her image, name and location onthe web which is clearly not in the best interest of the child.Sunday at 8:43pm • LikeUnlike • 1Dawn Henderson PS Igor has not engaged in any of this. He knows it is happening. Hisonly focus is on raising his daughter and it shows. Mr. Waxman is doing his best toprotect Igor AND Mila. He is very vocal in his defense of both, but he has never - that Ihave seen - personally attacked Lori, such as she has himself and everyone that dares tostand up for MILA. In case you have not been out to the savingmila.com site, as clearly 24
  25. 25. you have not read all the court documents (I know the life of a mom and how busy it canbe), pay attention to what we are saying out there. We are fighting for Mila (yes, thoseare her pictures -- from the back only, not disclosing her identity) -- primarily to have anymention of Milas name, pictures and location removed from the web - once and for all.This little girl does not deserve what is happening to her. No, i Do not mean sexual abuse.I quite obviously do not believe that is happening (and coming from a sexual abusesurvivors standpoint that should count for A LOT). I mean the harm that will come to herone day when she sees what her mother has used her to do....the harm that has been donewith the coaching...but even more so, the harm that can very well come to her at thehands of a predator when her other leads them to her front door.Sunday at 8:51pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups most state give a child a Guardian Ad Litemin high Conflict cases....and i do not belive Mr Waxman about Lori with theGuardian AdLitem ..... here in Ct ...there is Supreme Court case with Dan Gross, so I know that theyhave immunity for almost anything they do.....so how can a woman who everyone thinkis crazy have so much power over a lawyer for a child unless there is more to the story....and I am not going to ask because I do not want 100 post on my group.... that does notanswer why you not think it wrong that the baby has no lawyer now.....Sunday at 9:08pm • UnlikeLike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups it would be free from the state ....Sunday at 9:15pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups you should read this before you knock mygroup and who we are ....http://www.now.org/nnt/03-97/father.htmlFathers Rights Groups: Beware Their Real Agendawww.now.orgFathers Rights Groups: Beware Their Real AgendaExpand PreviewSunday at 9:34pm • LikeUnlikeCorrine Morehead No one can Lori wont allow it. She makes thier lofe miserable andwhy would they need to if someone who has the backbone to deal with her can legally doit and will.Sunday at 9:39pm • LikeUnlikeWar Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) Truth, nobody called you chick.. I am sorry, I cantfind it... but "cynic" - is a person who believes that only selfishness motivates humanactions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view.Sunday at 9:40pm • LikeUnlike • 1 25
  26. 26. Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups @ WACA go the the group and see what they are posting about what is said..........copy and paste .....Michael Waxman The problem with Large and also the Truth chick is that they have endured some kind of very difficult situation in their own lives, which animates their passion for Lori. Sunday at 9:46pm • UnlikeLike • 2 Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups that is as sexist as you can be Sunday at 9:48pm • LikeUnlike Corrine Morehead Ive been called a chick its just slang here in U.S for girl, woman, female. Nothing is meant by it in fact me as a female may have been the one to say chick first. Its not really what the point of all this is about is it? Sunday at 9:58pm • LikeUnlike • 1 Truth about• extreme Father Right’s groups in the same way as a man is called a pig Sunday at 10:02pm • UnlikeLike • 1 War Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) I agree, it is not the point and according to urban dictionary it is non-offensive.. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php? term=chick Sunday at 10:04pm • LikeUnlike Corrine Morehead I get called a chick all the time Well inthe point of all of it tonight mila is safely with her daddy and i need to feed , my girls, so this chick is getting off fb. gn all and Sleep wel mila. Sunday at 10:09pm • LikeUnlike • 1 Michael Waxman I meant no offense at all. I call my friends, sisters and mom "chick." Sunday at 10:15pm • LikeUnlike Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I dare you call a judge it.... and you will get the point Sunday at 10:19pm • UnlikeLike • 1 Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups Is your mother part Of DAR greenwich like 26
  27. 27. my mother .....if so i will ask her......Sunday at 10:25pm • LikeUnlikeDawn Henderson Truth - Honestly, you are going to use the word "chick" as the basis forjudging a person and hence his standing in this case? The issue at hand is Mila, and Milaonly. You have not tangled with Lori, you do not know the misery she intentionally triesto bring. Let me explain, in response to my one comment on her page, which was quiteinnocent, along the lines of "Why did you wait to take Mila to the doctors" during aperiod of time when I was doing the research of ALL information out there, I wasviciously attacked. First, Lori accused me of being some nurse. I still dont know who sheis talking about. Then Juan put up a picture of me claiming that I was a criminal fromFlorida. Then Lori called me a child trafficker. Then one of them actually said I wasWaxman. After that they THOUGHT they were publishing my phone number and askedpeople start calling to harass me. Lori and Juan have posted Sarahs information askingthat people harass her. Juan made an implied threat towards corrines children. I think it isclear that WACA is one of the largest child advocacy sites on the web. Lori has attackedthem, because they have come out in defense of MILA and her right not to be subjectedto what her mother is doing. There are more petitions than I can count out there,supporting child abuse issues with my signature and the moderators of WACAssignatures out there. I have been a fighting against child abuse my entire life. Do youthink any of us decided lightly and uninformatively to take a stand against Lori? NO, wedid not. We decided to take a very determined stand WITH MILA! Please, again, askLori to provide the medical reports from Milas 15 visits to the hospital and to indicate onthose where sexual abuse has been sustained. She wont do it, because there has NEVERbeen medical proof of it. Spurnwick states a moderate risk because the child said so. Thisis standard for so many "old school" places. Isnt it far more important what the childherself has said now that she is old enough to differentiate between a story and real life, atruth and a lie "My mommy said it happened, but I know it didnt." Ask Lori exactlyWHY she is not willing to do third party visitation with Mila? Dont let her give yousome lame answer like "because I shouldnt have to." IF this were YOUR child, and youwere not coaching her, were not subjecting her to unneeded and frightening exams, andyou believed she wasnt beingn harmed, wouldnt you see her and speak to her ANYWAY AND ANY TIME YOU COULD? Would you MOVE a days drive away from thechild you believed was being sexually assaulted by the father? Use rationality, not youremotions. Because once you objectively look at all the facts, your emotions will dictatethat you need to do whatever it takes to save MILA from further exploitation by herMother!Sunday at 10:38pm • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I took your side because of WACA ,,,,,butthen you attack my group, who I am and alot of what Mr Waxman said is just sowrong...... that why i think Mr Waxman is no better then Lori....and I do need a 100 poston my group that prove that both sides are acting very foul....this is not black andwhite ....this is just very wrong all of it....and I hope someone read all these post and give 27
  28. 28. the baby a laywer that tell you all to grow up and end this war ....Sunday at 10:50pm • LikeUnlike • 1Kimm Moon seriously.... if I suspected my childs father of molestation and sex abuse onmy child i would not be able to engage in effective co=parenting either. I pray for thisbaby.Sunday at 10:52pm • UnlikeLike • 2Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I just wish all the people would stop using hername, I think it is unfair to the little girl to post all this on the web .....this take her choiceawaySunday at 11:08pm • LikeUnlike • 2Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups and I feel she need a lawyer who care abouther.... not mr waxmanSunday at 11:09pm • UnlikeLike • 2Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups and I do feel Lori is wrong to post herName ..... I do feel she is should fight for her child ..... and i hope she go to bar and tellthem about Mr Waxman posting on these group tooSunday at 11:13pm • UnlikeLike • 2War Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A) Truth, your group was never under attack from ourside, I respect what you are doing.. I researched this case for months, Before I made mydecision. Her claims, her "proof" , her actions convinced me that she is the one who islying. If not Mr.Waxman, Innocent man would be accused of a crime, deported justbecause he decided to divorce the woman who was trying to treat him as mentally ill..And as it was written in one of the documents, bar decision, I believe, that such acommitment to the case in pro-Bono cases is what is expected from a lawyer. It is blackor white when we speak about child sexual abuse. Because it can be true or fabricated.Sorry for my misspells I am typing from my iPad....and it is frustrating.... When I readcourt document it is not just decision, there are plenty of examples and facts andsupportive documents that will show you where the truth is.. I agree that little girls nameshould be erased from www and her well being is the most important thing in this case.Sunday at 11:31pm • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups they took all the post off about my groupshould be called against all father rights .....and how we are mindless fool..... I told Lorishe should not attack you and ask her to said sorry .... i do feel both side are beingharmful this child ..... do you remember Elizabeth Smart people said she would have been 28
  29. 29. better off found dead ..... people treat child sex Survivors like damage garabge ......theStigma for the victim is just so hard on teenager ..... and which all these post someonegoing to google her name and think she is damage garbage which is what break my heartfor this little girl.....Yesterday at 12:00am • LikeUnlikeSarah Tyrrell Kimm, research the case yourself.Yesterday at 7:53am • LikeUnlikeSammie Jones Im sickened that you did not post the sister site... The one with all theproof. You know, legal documents from reputable doctors and nurses that are concernedabout Mila being abused.Yesterday at 8:35am • LikeUnlike • 1Sarah Tyrrell So the legal documents we have are not reputable??Yesterday at 8:36am • LikeUnlikeSammie Jones Be careful, Waxman may threaten to use his "family fortune" to keep youchild away from you. Its only a matter of time, Waxman. Your bullying and threatscannot continue indefinitely. What kind of lawyer get personally involved to the pointthat they smear themselves to look as bad to the general public as you do right now? Itblows me away that YOU are crusading against Lori more than Igor is. Oh, and makingyour own visitation rules when a judge has not ordered it is illegal. This case is anotherexample of he who has the money having control. You know youve violated the BARthousands of times. The only reason you are allowed to even be a lawyer is because youhave a powerful family. I hope the people put you where you belong (in jail) soon. Wethe people will not tolerate abuses of power like this man does. It will end.Yesterday at 8:42am • UnlikeLike • 2Sarah Tyrrell And that site is not our sister site, it is full of defamatory statements andlies. Sammie, it is frustrating that you obviously have not bothered to read anything otherthan what is on Loris blog.Yesterday at 8:43am • LikeUnlikeSammie Jones Go ahead, guys, look at what Waxman is REALLY doing. This other sitehe has created is a lie. He has also contacted many of Loris supporters and requestedgossip to smear her. He is a horrible person, and honestly, I have wondered what hisextreme interest in Mila is. He has a restraining order against her once. He wasnt allowedto come near her.Yesterday at 8:44am • LikeUnlike 29
  30. 30. Sarah Tyrrell Its only a matter of time before Waxman uses his family fortune to keepmy child from me? Do you not realise how crazy that sounds? If you insist on believingLori at any cost and want to speak for her, youre doing her and her fake cause no favoursmaking ridiculous comments like that.Yesterday at 8:48am • LikeUnlikeSarah Tyrrell Stop giving Waxman credit for our hard work!!! : ) He did NOT create anysite.Yesterday at 8:49am • LikeUnlikeSammie Jones In fulfilling his or her primary duties to the client, a lawyer must be everconscious of thebroader duty to the legal system and how it is perceived by the public. Effectiverepresentationdoes not require antagonistic or obnoxious behavior. Such behavior interferes withefficiencyand degrades the profession. Lawyers should conform to the standard of professionalismthatjudges, fellow attorneys, clients, and the public may rightfully expect. Honor, respect,civility,and courtesy are the hallmarks of professional behavior. With that in mind, the MaineStateBar Association has established the following guidelines. These are grounded in thestandardsthat historically have been adhered to by Maine’s finest lawyers. They should assist alllawyersin the pursuit of their common objective of representing their clients in a civil andeffectiveway.Yesterday at 8:54am • UnlikeLike • 2Sammie Jones This portion of the Maine State Bars Association Guidelines forProfessional Courtesy were put in to specifically addess Waxmans behavior. Since theBAR is having such a difficult time violating him (there is plenty of evidence, they justcant seem to get a specific possibly bribed judge to convict him), they are addressing itthis way.Yesterday at 8:56am • UnlikeLike • 2Sarah Tyrrell you deleted your own post? SO you obviously know how crazy it sounds?Yesterday at 8:57am • LikeUnlike 30
  31. 31. Sarah Tyrrell That is nonsense Sammie....I have one question for you..Have you readANY of the legal documents, ombudsman reports,DHSS findings etc on the website? Orhave you just read Handrahans blog?Yesterday at 8:58am • LikeUnlikeMichael Waxman Sarah, facts and evidence mean nothing to Handrahan and herfollowers. Despite the demonstrable truth, they will continue to believe and trumpet that1) Michael Waxman launched the savingmila.com site, 2) I am spending my familysmoney on this case (at the same time I am a pro bono attorney), 3) judge Moskowitz,Justice Alexander, DHHS, the office of the Ombudsman, Igor and I are selling childreninto a pedophile ring, and that 4) the entire state of Maine has a vendetta against LoriHandrahan. Asking them for ONE fact, ONE piece of evidence supporting ANY of theseclaims will get you nowhere. They dont need facts when Lori Handrahan TELLS themthese claims are true.Yesterday at 9:07am • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups I never had a chance to read her blog, but I doknow if you care about the little girl these records would be seal.....and your follower areso blind they said anything not to get this little girl her own lawyer ....and I hope one thatis not a sexistYesterday at 10:56am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups and I will said it again Casey Anthony byfacts and court of law got away with killing her child.....and Florida DCF ombudsman didsaid they did not see anything that was wrong too.....Yesterday at 11:02am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups Mr Waxman you deleted the post about thetwo experts from morelaw.com......but I will said it again you are as bad as LoriYesterday at 11:07am • LikeUnlikeMichael Waxman Truth, I am amazed by the level of ignorance of which you proudlyBOAST!! You have not read the evidence? Yet you have the temerity to come on hereand blog away as if you are the revealer of truth??? THIS CASE IS NOT YOURCASE!!!! You cannot simply cut and paste YOUR facts or Casey Anthonys facts ontothis one. And it very telling that you do not speak from a place of truth . . . you actuallyhave to fasten upon my use of the word "chick" as damning evidence that I am a sexist?Are you serious? "Chick" is a funny, playful word, like "guys and dolls." Do you have asense of humor at all? I have a daughter, ex wife, sisters and female friends who think I 31
  32. 32. am a pretty cool cat and who dont lose their mind when I use a term like "chick." Take adeep breath. And then, PLEASE take the time to read the Ombudsman Report. I would behappy to share it with you. Ill do just that right now, as a matter of fact.Yesterday at 11:13am • LikeUnlikeMichael Waxman Nope, your site does not permit me to add content. And you dontbother disclosing your actual name. Well, if youd like to see the best documentexplaining this case, then go to savingmila.com and read the Ombudsman Report fromSeptemter 22, 2011. I KNOW that you abhor the Ombudsman in YOUR case. I get it. Butthis is a completely different case. Ombudsman are just human beings. Some are goodand some are bad. The one in the Handrahan case took great pains to read and understandALL the evidence.Yesterday at 11:22am • LikeUnlikeSarah Tyrrell In fairness Truth,it is Loris followers who are being blinded. We are notWaxmans "followers", we are like minded individuals who are united in our commongoal to support Mila and have Loris exploitative site removed from the web.Yesterday at 11:26am • LikeUnlikeMichael Waxman I did not delete ANYTHING, Truth. And if you would simply read theOmbudsman Report, you will learn about the various experts Handrahan refers to andwhy the Courts, DHHS, and the Ombudsman did not find their opinions credible.Yesterday at 11:30am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups Nice victim blaming ....so i am now damagefor that reason anything i said about this has to be wrong...... chick is at the level ofdisrepect as if I called you BOY... now Take a deep breath, I am not a stepford wife thatfall down and think you are a god because you pass the bar.... the big fact is you and lorishould not be posted any report of this case on the web......it should all be sealed.......andIf you care about her the little girl you would being filing a motion to stop this but youare on the web acting like ego Maniac with your follower who use the dumbest Excuseson why this child does not have her own lawyer .....Yesterday at 11:32am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups come on Penn st did not find the victimmother credidble 9 years ago ...I an not going to read any court paper ....I do feel you areno better the Lori.... that none of it should be on the web..... and you being the lawyer isworst because you should know betterYesterday at 11:45am • LikeUnlike 32
  33. 33. Sarah Tyrrell You are not going to read any court papers??? Well then your thoughts andopinions cannot be relevant im afraid.Yesterday at 11:57am • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups anyone can post on my group...... so that wasa nice try to get my name..... but I care for my two children to post my name and hurt my16 yeay old and later my 2 year old....Yesterday at 1:42pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups wow Sarah you are posting that you only careabout the Little girl and that Lori is so wrong to post about this....but it is okay for youand your group to take this little girl private life away from her...... I do not have the rightto read them and I respect this child and will not join this witch hunt that care more aboutgrow up ego, then what you are doing this child that one day someone will have a friendor boyfriend google her name and find this crap...... you should all be ashame of what youare doing to this little girl ....you are no better then LoriYesterday at 1:52pm • LikeUnlikeDawn Henderson Sammie Jones, your groundless and uneducated rants only perpetuatewhat we have continually said about Loris followers being blind and biased. You havecompleted ZERO RESEARCH. You have read only the reports Lori has PAID for --some of which even involve urine that her own cannot prove came from the child. Youhave failed to recognize that not one of the 15 -- FIFTEEN -- medical reports, all examsnot only of her request but where she wanted the done -- find NO EVIDENCE OFABUSE. You have failed to read a single OFFICIAL DOCUMENT -- court reports,DHHS findings, Ombudsman findings, etc. You are blathering on, and only recitingLoris ficticious and malicious claims. So, let me clear up a couple of thing really fast. 1)savingmila.com is NOT a sister site, as you call it, to loris site. That would imply wesupport Lori - a thought that make me ill. 2) savingmila.com is NOT Michael Waxmanssite. It is mine, It is Sarahs. 3) An attorney vehemently defending his client againstmalicious allegations and his clients child from the abuse - emotional and physical (yes,constant subjection to unnecessary, invasive medical exams is physically abusive) is notcorrupt, it is ADMIRABLE. Since you seem to want to have a discourse on this matter,please answer the following questions for me: 1) Why has Lori not published any of theofficial court records, DHHS findings, Ombusdman reports, Overseer of the Bar Reports,modified custody orders, the 15 medical records mentioned above on HERE SITE? 2)How do you justify placing nude, spread eagle pictures of a child on the www by HEROWN MOTHER? 3) Why did Lori wait 3 days after an alleged physical assault of herchild to take the ER? 4) Why did Lori drop Mila off, directly after a gyn exam to herfather, not wearing underpants? 5) Why does Lori, Juan and Willow attack people ontheir site, delete their posts (which makes them look like they are just to themselves) andthen claim they do not do this? 6) Why exactly is it that when Mila was old enough todistinguish between a story and reality that she said "I know my Papa didnt do it, my 33
  34. 34. mommy told me to say he did? and 7) Why does the daycare report a well adjustd, happylittle girl in her fathers care but anxious near her mother? Let me knowYesterday at 1:57pm • LikeUnlike • 1Sarah Tyrrell No I think her mother took her private life away when she posted NAKEDPICTURES of her on the web exposing her genitals and anus. The whole point of OURwebsite is to have Mila removed from the web. note how we dont put any pictures of herface or even use her surname. This is what we want and when we achieve that,our sitewill also come down.Truth-- this is like banging my head off a brick wall. I am donetalking to you about this.Yesterday at 2:02pm • LikeUnlikeSarah Tyrrell Sammie, your steadfast ignorance exasperates me.Yesterday at 2:04pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups and once again now that pic are not on the site..... world still and will alway know..... how would you like if I post that someone postednaked pic of you ...... this need to be in court with the child having her own lawyer andLori can not do anything about thatYesterday at 2:08pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups really how would you like all these peopletelling the world their are naked pictures of you......Yesterday at 2:09pm • LikeUnlikeSarah Tyrrell Truth!! Youre annoyed with me for commenting about the photos, yet yousupport Lori and she PUT THEM ON THE WEB..Seriously. Its been nice talking you,lets agree to disagree.. You can continue to support Lori, I, on the other hand will notstop campaigning for Mila until the site is down. Happy New Year.Yesterday at 2:11pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups My first name is Kimberly...... you do need tokeep calling me truthYesterday at 2:12pm • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups not sorry for the typoYesterday at 2:12pm • LikeUnlike 34
  35. 35. Sarah Tyrrell Happy New Year to you and yours Kimberly.Yesterday at 2:14pm • LikeUnlike • 1Dawn Henderson There are still sexually suggestive videos and comments about her onthe web - placed there by her own mother. We will keep fighting until Mila is no longer avictim of her mother and there is no information on the web that will lead a predator toher front door.Yesterday at 2:15pm • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups that why I think someone should get the littlegirl a lawyer and get them off..... and go to my group you will see, I have told this to lorithat she need to stop saying her name and posting that take privite life of this childaway..... i Think she is wrong to post anything that people know is about her child.....butif she belive that her child is being hurt then fight for her but she has no right to harm thechild in the fight23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups and that goes for Mr Waxman23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups ....cut and paste......from my group.....LoriHandrahan Just a question--are you blaming me? Stigma Mila will have from both hermother and Mr. Waxman? Are you comparing me with Waxman?Yesterday at 3:30am •23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups it was her following that got the pic off hersite..... and she has alot of follower because there are alot of women who have lost therechildren to abuse of DV or to a pedophile .... people belive her because they know whatgoes on in family court and DCF/CPS23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups I think starting a war with people like them isjust sad.... i do not support Cherly Monrone here in CT....she has been fighting andposting her son picture all over the web for 5 years...if you read his facebook page all hetalk about is how he want to die......23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeSarah Tyrrell I have no idea what you are talking about kimberly. 35
  36. 36. 23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups cut one paste ....is what lori posted on mygroup23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups sorry for typo my son is awake the typo arefrom dealing with him and posting to you......23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups he will hit key and I playing with him with hiscars .....sorry for trying to multi task23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups the second one is how people in her grouptold her to take down the pictures.....go read the post23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeDawn Henderson Hey Kimberly, nice to meet you. I understand what you are sayingabout her followers. I have said straight along that the people supporting are either havinga need of their own filled or have felt/been abused by the court system. But, the reality is,you have to look at EVERYTHING on a case by case basis. And in this particular case,Mila is not being abused by the system, but protected by it correctly. But lets just takewhether or not Mila is being abused out of the conversation for a moment. Is there ever areason substantial enough to post sexually suggestive material, along with nude pictures(I can only give you my word on this. To publish them or ask that they be publishedagain would be committing child pornography in my opinion), her full name, her fathersfull name, and her location? It cannot be justified. Remember, while I will argue until theend of time that there is substantial proof Igor is a good father that has not committedabuse, and that Lori needs some serious psyhological help if she can ever parenteffectively -- I have screamed this often. MY PURPOSE, SARAHs PURPOSE,CORRINEs PURPOSE, WACAs PURPOSE, etc is to have any and all reference toMilas name, image, location removed from the internet FOREVER. I do not want her tobe that little boy that just wants to die23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups here is someone like lori...... but 5 years laterand her son want to kill himself.....23 hours ago • LikeUnlike 36
  37. 37. Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups Cheryl MartoneMy sons life is not being promoted properly by his father is why I started "WeCareAboutJustinMartone" FB pageShare • December 28, 2011 at 4:14pm • Kathleen Dunn likes this..Cheryl Martone please request friend there so u can keep up as to what the tyrants aredoing to him. I will be posting all the court proceedings so others can learn from it.December 28, 2011 at 4:21pm.23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeDawn Henderson Sarah Tyrrell apparently a mother in CT has done something similar inre: to her son, and now that her son is old enough to see it and understand it, the damagehas be irreperable. Kimberly, we are not starting a war, we are taking a stand and sayingEND THIS for Milas sake.23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups this 16 year old has been in the middle of hellfor 5 ...now he talk about killing himself and he pull a knife on his mother ....23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups yes but stop using her name and postingthings that you know will hurt later23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups if Mr waxman care about the little girl heshould file that this all should be remove and all the record seal23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeSarah Tyrrell We dont use her full name or any images of her Kimberly. Lori does. Geton to her about it. You will then be insulted and blocked.23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeDawn Henderson Kimberly, I only use the name Mila. I do NOT post her full identifyinginformation when I speak with people, nor do I disclose her location. The pictures on mysite are all from the back, you will never see her face. Is there somewhere that I havereferenced her full name?23 hours ago • LikeUnlike 37
  38. 38. Dawn Henderson Sarah, I dont know if the claims are true or false, only that he has nowseen what he has become on the web, based on what Kimberly stated, and is now veryangry and suicidal...which is what I have said straight along I dont want waiting for Mila.23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups but if you google her whole name all this willcome up23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeSarah Tyrrell Its a dirty game these parents play. Just to hurt each other. Noconsideration for the children they made. Makes me so mad.23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeDawn Henderson Kimberly, Waxman HAS filed and is working on that. It is notmentioned often simply because the case has not been heard yet, so there is nodocumentation to accompany this.23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups yes and it hard to see what right and what iswrong..... i do think Igor should take a DV case.... and Lori need help in dealing with this23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeDawn Henderson Sarah Tyrrell - I think you want to quantify that to mean some parents.Igor has not once spoken about this on the web. His concentration is on raising Mila andhoping people will put a stop to Milas exploitation.23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1Truth about extreme Father Right’s groups and the help is with a mental health worker23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups and I do give that to Igor he is a very goodfreind to Mr Waxman ....and never ask him to stop23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeTruth about extreme Father Right’s groups @sarah do you know some lawyer are turningsome of these cases as wars.....look up Father rights lawyer they will tell a person to gofile a false compiant just to get back at the person 38