Waxman may be stalking people who post on saving mila


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Waxman may be stalking people who post on saving mila

  1. 1. It appears Waxman may be stalking people who post on SavingMila. A Maine mother just forwarded this to me. I do not know this mother and had no contact with her (except to thank her on the Facebook wall when she posted) until she forwarded me this conversation.If this is happening to others, please forward these messages (if youare able/willing) to MamaofMila@gmail.com or send via Facebook in-box. We are collecting all and will personally deliver (with or without your name—as you prefer please let us know) to the Maine Overseers of the Bar next week. Saving Mila and Mila’s Mama Lori are so sorry to hear that supporters of Saving Mila appear to be harassed and possiblystalked by Waxman. Please contact your local Police Department if you feel threatened, scared, or harassed.God bless. Stay in the light. Celebrate the love of the holiday season. Thank you for your support for Mila. _________________________________________________________ "I have had no further contact with him, thank GOD! Best of luck to you, I hopethis helps in some small way. I cant imagine a minute without my boys in my arms. My heart aches for you!"From:Sent: Saturday, December 24, 2011 1:16 PMTo: Lori HandrahanSubject: Re: I posted on your page last nightWaxman to me December 23, 2011 @ 623am ….. Handrahans site is not what itseems. She is not helping her child, she is exploiting her. Before you help her anyfurther, please just read the attached report. This is the most recent report from the
  2. 2. Office of the Ombudsman in Maine and gives a very accurate account of what hasbeen happening in this case. You clearly have a good heart. Handrahan seeks tomanipulate people like you. ombudsman.reportII.pdfMe to Waxman December 23, 2011 @ 1014a ……….. Listen, I dont know what istrue. I DO know that I am a mother and I would fight for my children as sheappears to fight for hers. And if you are an attorney for her ex husband and if thereis a fight to be fought I would assume that your energies would be best spent notmessaging everyone who posts on her page. Honestly, it takes credibility awayfrom you, as a professional.Waxman to me December 23, 2011 @ 1109a………… I am glad that you are acaring mother. Please simply read the document I attached. I promise that you willfeel very differently about this case. If you are a fair minded person you mustunderstand that there are two sides to every issue. Is reading an 8 page doucmenttoo much to ask of someone who wants to help a child?Me to Waxman December 23, 2011 @ 1118a………….I read it, it is no more realthan anything else anyone has posted. You could easily draft something like that tosay what you want it to say. This whole situation stinks from both sidesWaxman to Me December 23, 2011 @ 1124a……………That kind of statement iscompletely unfair. THAT is an official document from an agency in Maine whichis charged with reviewing DHHS investigations. Are you suggesting I forged thatdocument? Are you serious? Handrahan has been diagnosed as suffering from asevere narcissistic personality disorder and that entire site is NOT about helpingher child, but rather exploiting her in order to feed Handrahans insatiable need forattention. This notioin that the entire state of Maine is conspiring against her andthat I have bought all the judges and DHHS workers is too ludicrous for anyonewith a brain to believe.Me to Waxman December 23, 2011 @ 1138a………..I didnt say that I believedALL of anything. All I DID say is that you (or I, or anyone) could easily draft adocument and slap DHHSs address on it and email it around FB. I just DO have ahard time believing you because you are so adamantly messaging me on FB. I amno one. I am no one of any authority, I am no one of any importance. I havenothing to do with this situation at all. You are supposedly an attorney for someoneinvolved in this mess and you are messaging me. I assume because I posted on herwall, which you are obviously trolling. Every attorney I know would never do this.My sister is an attorney, and I have some friends who practice law. I get that you
  3. 3. say she is defaming you and you feel that she is spreading lies about you. I postednothing about you on her wall. I said nothing about you. I DO know that thingsthat she claims happen, do happen ALL THE time. Pedophiles are real. Men worktogether to coerce and keep children ALL THE TIME. Our government is corruptand for profit. Do I think every court, DHHS branch and judge is workingtogether? No. I dont know you, I dont know Milas mother, I dont know Milasfather, I dont know little Mila. I DO know that she is only a few months older thanmy oldest son and that pulls a cord for me. I do know that if there is a little girl tobe saved I would help any way I could. I do not believe that every person is goodand honest. While you continue to message me it just further discredits you. Milasmother hasnt contacted me further than her wall to thank me for my concern andjust to spread the word, which is exactly what I would do in her position. You andanother person messaged me almost as soon as I posted, making different claims.Honestly, my first thought was that you were a desperate man trying to containthis. I dont know what is going on but it smells bad in every way.Waxman to Me December 23, 2011 @ 106p………I messaged you because youasked WHERE the child lived and you mentioned where you live, and it only takesONE lunatic to take Handrahans message to heart and try and do something crazy,like take her child. Thats why I messaged you. If you dont want me reaching outto you then dont make it sound like you are willing to help a woman you dontknow take a child you have never met from a man you would not know if youbumped into him.Me to Waxman December 23, 2011 @ 114p……………Rest assured that I wouldnever take a child or help anyone else take a child. I have my own family to carefor. I can see what she is talking about with you twisting shit up. You are a lunatic,grasping at strawsWaxman to Me December 23, 2011 @ 334p…………..Look, you care about kids,and I applaud that and respect you for that. I have four of my own. There havebeen several of Handrahans "followers who have said scary, threatening things onher sites, and Igor is justifiably concerned. Your comment sounded threatening too,but now I am relieved to learn that you have no intention of doing anything toharm Igor or Mila, and that is all I care about. Merry Christmas and happy NewYear. ###