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Waxman emails threatening little earth


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Waxman emails threatening little earth

  1. 1. From: Stephanie Wright []Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 7:29 AMTo: Handrahan, LoriSubject: FW: Child Care-----Original Message-----From: Neil Jamieson []Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 1:23 PMTo: Stephanie WrightSubject: Fw: Child CareStephanie,This is my response sent to Waxman today. Unfortunately, I was not in the office to intervene with hisplanned visit. It is highly unusual for an atty to place himself in the middle of this situation. In any event, Iwant to apologize that you had to experience this incident.The letter has gone out to childs--I will have Cindy e-mail you a copy.Regards,Neil----- Original Message -----From: Neil JamiesonTo: mjwaxy@aol.comSent: Friday, May 15, 2009 1:09 PMSubject: Re: Child CareMichael,I have been in court the past two days and am only now reading your e-mails. No, it is not ok for you andyour client to go to the preschool/day care. I am also shocked that you would go to my clients place ofbusiness. Please be advised that your client IS NOT to go to my clients residence or business at anytime. I suggest that you and your client focus on the search for a new day care and stop attempting toforce something that will not occur.Neil----- Original Message -----From: mjwaxy@aol.comTo: njlaw@maine.rr.comCc: ; ; igormalenko@hotmail.comSent: Friday, May 15, 2009 11:28 AMSubject: Child CareNeil:You called two days ago to tell me that your client was "exercising her right to terminatethe contract" regarding providing child care to Mila Malenko. You told me she wasgiving her "8 week notice." I completely understand your client not wanting to be in themiddle of Igors and Loris disputes. I told you that. I also told you that Igor would bemaking efforts to find and agree upon substitute day care much sooner than 8 weeks.Then, yesterday, I wrote you an email informing you that Igor and I would need to dropMila off today. This is what I wrote:
  2. 2. During this transitional period, Igor will need to drop off and pick up Mila at theday care sometimes. In fact, tomorrow, he plans on picking up Mila at 9:00 andbringing her over to Little Earth, then picking her up after work, around 2:30 or3:00.Can you please just let Stephanie know about this, and confirm that this is ok? Ishall be with him in the morning, just to make sure that all goes smoothly. Hetruly is a gentle, good man, Neil, and I consider him a friend. Despite whateverMs. Handrahan may have said about him, your client has absolutely nothing tofear from him. Neither does he harbor any animosity towards her, since she isonly acting based on the information made available to her by Ms. Handrahan.Please confirm that you received this email, and that our plans are acceptable.Thanks.You never responded to my email.This morning, we arrived at Little Earth at around 9:45 with Mila. The door was lockedand no one answered our ringing of the doorbell or our knocks for about 5 minutes.Finally, a woman in a bathrobe who indicated she was Stephanie, opened the door andinformed us that she was sick today and the day care was closed. This, by the way,was the first time your client and Mr. Malenko had ever laid eyes on one another orspoken. She explained to me that she was sorry about the situation, but that she had togive her 8 week notice. I told her that I completely understood, and that we would befinding another day care. I also told her that in the meantime, there would be days liketoday, when he would need to drop Mila off and/or pick her up. She shook her headand told me that was not ok. I tried to understand what she was telling us, since Ithought we were given an 8 week notice, and now she was saying that apparently Milais not welcome at all at the child care.nbsp; I was confused. At that point, her boyfriend"Michael" came out and looked at me and said, "get a real job. We are all done here."They then closed the door.I need to understand what your clients position is, because if she is insisting that shecan unilaterally terminate the contract with no notice at all, then I really must tell you thatI think the Department of Health and Human Services ought to get involved here. Thisis completely unacceptable.Michael J. Waxman, Esq.One Monument Way, Ste. 206P.O. Box 375Portland, Maine 04112-0375(207) 772-9558 phone(207) 772-9567