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Waxman emails december 10 2011 (1) doc


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Published in: News & Politics
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Waxman emails december 10 2011 (1) doc

  1. 1. To: judy356@msn.comSubject: New postingFrom: mjwaxy@aol.comCC:; Igor-Malenko@idexx.comDate: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 18:27:52 -0500Judy:I do not know how you can be expected to advocate for Handrahan when she is doing everything in herpower to burn every possible bridge in Maine. Check out the latest: is calling for a criminal investigation into Michael Waxman, Judge Moskowitz, Judge Alexander, DeanCrocker, Dan Despard and Janet Mills. She addressed this to Chief Judge LaVerdierre, Governor PaulLePage, Attorney General William Schneider, Maine State Senate President Kevin Raye, Maine StateHouse Leader Robert Nutting and Scott Davis.And she thinks that when she appears before Judge Moskowitz or any other Maine judge (you think theentire community of judges is not discussing this?) she is going to be well received? Sorry, Judy, you areone good lawyer, but you are being asked to scale Mount Everest wearing a one piece bathing suit, flipflops and a back pack with a few granola bars and some Juicy Juice. Her self-declared war reminds meof Major General William Tecumseh Shermans "March to the Sea," except that hers is a virtual marchthrough Maine, burning everything in sight.Have a good weekend.Michael