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Meth lab result 56ng of meth in mila's urine nms lab april 2010


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Meth lab result 56ng of meth in mila's urine nms lab april 2010

  1. 1. 04l08/2010 18:27 FAX IgJ UU<::/ VUJ NMS Labs CONFIDENTIAL .NMS I LABS 1 3701 Wels/! Road, PO Box 433A, WillOWGrove. PA 19090-0437 PhOne: (215) 657-4900 Fax: (215) 657-2972 a-mall: nms@nmSla!)S.COm RobertA. Middleberg. PhD. DA8FT, DABCC-TC. LabClratory Director Toxicology Report Patient Name MALENKO, MILA Patient 10 NP Report Issued 04/0612010 1B:20 Chain 10061521 Last Report Issued 04/06/201016:00 Age 3Y Gender Female To: M60403 Northern Sun Family Health Care Workorder 10061521 53 Main Street Page or 4 Topsham, ME 04086 Positive Findings: Compound Result .l.!.rl1ti Matrl~ SQUL~ OIL Methamphetamine Ratio SEE COMMENT Urine Theobromine PQsitiYe mcg/mL Urine Methamphetamine 6& ng/mL Urine See Detailed Findings section for eddltlonallnforrnation Testing Requested: Analysis Code DescrIptIon 0329U Amphetamines (DIl RatiO)~TIrlne 1452U Sexual Assault Survey 2, Urine (Forensic) Drug-Facilitated 6945H Drug Screen 5, Hair (ForellSic) Specimens Received: ID TuboJContaim:r Volumel Collection Matrix SOUn:1I MigcellaneoU!a Masa DBtelTime Information 001 White Plastic Container 40mL 03114/201016:30 Urine 002 White Envelope 0.677 9 03/11(201016:00 Head Hair All sample volumes/weights are approximations. specmens received on 03/1612010. v.7
  2. 2. 04/08/2010 18:27 FAX 19JUU6/UU:J CONFIDENTIAL. Workonjer 10061521 .NMS c=TA _L-=oJ A Chain Patient 10 10061521 NP Page 2 of4 Detailed Findings: Rpt. A.nalysls and Comments Rssult Units Limit Specimen Source Anslysill By 19 em 002 - Head Hair ELISA Hair Length OIL Methamphetamine SEE COMMENT 001 - Urine GC/MS Ratio Present in l-forrn only. Theobromine Positive mcgfmL 5.0 001 .. Urine GC/MS Methamphetamine 56 ng/rnL 5.0 001 - Urine LC-MS/MS Other than the above findings, exammatlen ofthB specimen(SI) submitted did not reveal any poslth8 findings of toxicolugical 61gnlflCiJnclt by procedures outlined In the accompan)lng AniJlysls Summary. Reference Comments: 1. OIL Methamphetamine Ratio - Urine; If the D/L Methamphetamine ratio is grealerthan 0. 3, the Methamphetamine found is probably the result of the USB of the DEA Schedule II CNS stimulant (d-methamphetamine). 2. Hair Length - Head Hsir Head Hair: Hair collected from t"le back of the head grows at a rate of appro;(imately 1 centimeter (em) per month with aome individual variability. Body Hair: Body hair grows at a rate of approximately 0.5 centimeters (em) per month. However, because body hair has a longer period of growth latency, the period of time represented by any portion of body hair Is more variable thew for head hair. 3. Methamphetamine - Urine: d-Methamphetarnlne Is a DEA schedule II stimulant drug capable of causing hallucinations, aggressive behavior and irrational reactions. Chemically, there are two forms (isomers) Of methamphetamine: 1- and d- methamphetamine. The l-isomer is used In non-prescription Inhalers as a decoflgBstant and has weak eNS- stimulatory activIty. The d-isomer "as been used therapeutioelly as an anore;<lgenic agent in the treatment of obesity and has potent eNS-, cardiac- and circulatory-stimulatory ectivity. Amphetamine and norephedrine (phenylpropanolamine) are metabolites of methamphetamine. d-Methamphetamine is an abused substance because of Its stimulatory effects and is also addictive. High doses of methamphetamine can also elicit restlessness, confusion, hallUCinations, circulatory collapse and convulsions. 4. Thsobromme (xanmecse) - Urine: Theobromine is a rnethylxanthine alkaloid found in tea and cocoa products and has been reported to pass into the breast milk of nursing mothers. Theobromine has the general properties of the xanthinea, including diuresis and smooth muscle stimulation. Chain of custody documentation has been maintained for the analyses performed by NMS Labe. Unless alternate arrangements are made by you, the remainder of the submitted specimens will be discarded six: (6) weeks from the date of this report; and generated data will be discarded five (5) year!! from the date the analyses were performed. v.7
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL Workorder 100615216NMS[ __ I ABS I ChaIn Patient 10 10061521 NP Page 3 of 4 Workorder 10061521 was electronically signed on 04/06/2010 15:07 by: ./1 . ...- ---------) C/ . Laura M. Labay, Ph.D., DABFT Forensic ToxicologistAnalysis Summary and Reporting Limits: Acode 0329U -Amphetarnines (DfL Ratio), Urine -Analysis by Gas CnrornatographylMess Spectrometry (GC/MS) for: ~ompou[ld Rpl. Limit ComoounQ Rpt. Limit OfLArnphBtamine Ratio N/A OIL Methamphetamine Ratio NfA Acode 1452U - Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Survey 2. Urine (Forensic) -Analysis by Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) for: Compound Rpt. JJmll Compound Bpl, Lirnit Barbiturates 0.30 mcg/mL Methadone 300 ng/rnL Bel1zodiazepinas 50 ngfmL Opiates 300 ngfrnL Cannabinoids 20 ng/mL Phencyc!icline 25 ngfmL Cocaine I Metabolites 300 ng/mL Propoxyphene 300 ng/mL -Analysis by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) for: Compound Bot. Limit Compound Rpt l jrojt Gamrna-Hydroxybutync Acid 2.0 mcg/mL -Analysis by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) for: The following is a general list of compound classes included in the Gas Chromatographic sCreen. The detection of any particular compound is concentration- dependent. Please note that not all known compounds inclucled in each specified class or heading are Induded. Soma specific compounds outside these classes are also included. For a detailed list of all compounds end reporting limits included in this screen, please contact NMS Laba. Amphetamines, Analgesics (opioid and non-optoid), Anorectics, Anesthetics, Antlarrhythmics, Anticholinergic Agents, Anticoagulant Agents, Anticonvulsant Agents, Antidepressants, Antiemetic Agents. Antifungal Agents, Antihistamines, Antihypertensive Agents, Antiparkinscnian Agents, Antipsychotic Agents, Antitussive Agents, Antiviral Agents. Anxlolytlcs (Benzodiazepine and others). Calcium Channel Bloc::king Agents, Cardiovascular Agants (non-<ligitalis), Hallucinogens, Hypnosedafives (Baroituratee, NOn-Benzodiazapine Hypnotics, and others). Local Anesthetics Agents, Muscle Relal(ants, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents (exc::luding Salicylate} and Stimulants (Amphetamine.liKe and others). -Anaiysis by Hsadspaca Gas Chromatography (GC) for: Compound Rpt. Limit Comoound BpI. Limit Acetone 1.0 mgfdL . lsopropanol 1.0 mgfdL Ethanol 10 mgfdL Methanol 5.0 mg/dL -Analysis by High Performance Liquid ChromatographyfTandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for: Compound Rpt. Limit Compound Rpt. Limit 7-Arnino Clonazeparn 2.0 ngfmL 7·Amino Nitrazepam 2.0 ngfmL 7-Amino Flunitrazepam 2.0 ngfmL Clonazeparn 2.0 ng/mL 11.7
  4. 4. 04/08/2010 18:28 FAX i,® UU:JI UU:J i CONFIDENTIAL Workorder 10061521 6NMS C tABS i Chain Patient 10 10061521 NP Page 40f4 Analysis Summary and Reporting Limits: Compouod . Rpt Limit Compound Rpt. Limit Flunitrazeparn 2.0 ng/ml Nortlunltrazepam 2.0 nglrnL Nitrazeparn 2.0 ng/mL -Analysis by High Performance Liquid ChromatographylTandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for Compound Rot. Limit Compound Rpt. Umit 1-Hydroxymidazolam 5.0 ng/mL Estazotarn 5.0 ng/mL Alpha-Hydro)(yalprazolam 10 ngfmL Hydroxyethylflurazapam 5.0 ngfmL Alprazolarn 5.0 ng/ml Hyoroxytrtaaolam 5.0ogfmL Cnlordiazepoxide 20 ngfml Lorazeparn 10 ng/ml Clobazarn 20 ngfmL Nordlazepam 20 ng/mL Desalkyltlurazepam 5.0 ng/ml Oxazepam 20 nglmL Diazepam 20 ngfml Temalepam 20 ng/mL Acode 500,OU -Amphetamines Confirmation, Urine (Forensic) -Analysis by High Performance Liquid Chromatographyrrandem Mass Spectrometry (lC-MS/MS) for: Compound Rpt. Limit Compoynd Rot. Limit Amphetamine 5.0 ng/ml Norpseudoephedrine 5.0 ng/mL Ephedrine 5.0og/mL Phendimetrazme 10 ng/mL MDA 5.0og/ml Phenmetrazl ne 5.0 ng/mL MDEA 10 ngfmL PhentermiOe 10 ng/ml MDMA 5.0 ngfmL Phenylpropanolamine 5.0 ng/mL Methamphetamine 5.0 ng/mL Pseudoephedrine 5.0 ng/ml Methylephedrine 5.0 nglmL Selegiline 5.0 ngfmL Acode 6945H • Drug Screen 5, Hair (Forensic) - Head Hair -Anatysis by Enzyme-Linked Imrnunosorbent Assay (ELISA) ror: ~(lWQynd Bpt Limit Compound Rot. Limit Amphetamines 430 ng/g Cocaine f Metabolites 430 ng/g Barbiturates 0.26 mcg/g Opiates 70 ngfg Benzodiazeplaes 260 ng/g Phencyclidine 260 n9/g -Analysis by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) for: GC/MS Hair Drug Screen Extracts for: Belladonna-, Clnchona-. Methylxanthlne- and Strychnos-Alkaloids; Amphetamine and Amphetamine-like Sympathomlmetics: Antihistamines; Antipsychotics (Including Phenothlazlnes. Tn- and Tetracyclics); Non- Barbiturate Hypnosedatives; LOeB anasthattcs: Muscle Relaxants: Non-Digitalis Cardioregulatories; Non-lSD Hallucinogens; Synthetic AnticholinerQics; Synthetic Morphine; Substitute Narcotic Analgesics; Ketamine; Methdllazlne: Tlletamlne and Trimethobenzamide. 11.7