An Introduction to DocuSign for Salesforce


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DocuSign for Salesforce is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to send, track and store documents with Salesforce. Learn how DocuSign for Salesforce can help you reduce paper waste, shorten the sales cycle, and increase close rates by up to 30 percent. See firsthand DocuSign’s integration with Salesforce and why DocuSign is the global standard in eSignature.

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An Introduction to DocuSign for Salesforce

  1. 1. DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIALIntroduction to DocuSign for SalesforceNovember 27, 2012
  2. 2. Questions? Email: 2
  3. 3. Common ChallengesQuestions? Email: 3§  “Our employees spend too much time getting contracts signed aftergetting to ‘yes.’”§  “We completely lose visibility into contract status after emailing/ faxing/overnighting.”§  “We love Salesforce. We need to work within our existing system, notadd a new one.”§  “We ‘get’ eSignature, but we don’t have technical bandwidth right now”
  4. 4. Why eSignature?Questions? Email: 4Printing, faxingShipping(Multiple Signers)Rekeying dataMissing signaturesLost contractsAccurate & SecureTransactionsReducedOperating CostsDelightedCustomersIncreased Speedto ResultsError prone &unsecureCostly operationsSlow executionPoor customerexperience
  5. 5. About DocuSign0"10"20"30"2007" 2008" 2009" 2010" 2011" 2012"Our VisionEmpower anyone tosign anything, anywhere, anytime.“DocuSign continues tobuild its lead”2012UserMillions60K New Unique UsersEvery Day, 20M Thus FarQuestions? Email:
  6. 6. eSignature & BeyondQuestions? Email: 6DocuSign eSignature Transaction Management PlatformeForms DataPreparationWorkflow1ePaymentIdentity eSignExecution2RetentionCompletion3Audit TrailReportingLOBCRMERPPlatformIntegrationsAnyone, Anything,Anywhere,Anytime
  7. 7. Why Customers Choose DocuSignQuestions? Email: 7
  8. 8. DocuSign delivers extraordinary ROIQuestions? Email: 8Cut Days To Cash From 120 to 30Reduced Contract Signing Time from Weeks to Less than 48 HoursReduced Contract Turnaround by 78%; Increase Compliance to 100%Decreased Paper Cost by 90% at Each FacilityIncreased Revenue by $3.094M Annually90% of Deals Close in 1 Day; 71% Close in 1 hourUse Of Salesforce Up 300%; 500 Non-Productive Admin Hours Slashed
  9. 9. About LinkedInQuestions? Email: 9Talent Solutions Customers
  10. 10. The problem10Talent SolutionsCustomer1.  Account executivescomplete contract withlimited information2.  Signed and returnedincomplete3.  Contracts returned toAR department with outcritical information$Result:•  Inaccurate and incomplete information•  Hassle of tracking down information•  Lack of visibility•  +25 days to billing cycleQuestions? Email:
  11. 11. The solution11Talent SolutionsCustomer1.  Contract automaticallygenerated in Salesforce withclick of a button2.  Contract automaticallypopulated from Opportunity3.  Signed and returnedcomplete contract4.  Contracts returned to ARand immediatelyprocessed$+Results:•  Convenient, secure process•  Works seamlessly with existing product – no need tolog into another system•  Data flows back to Salesforce•  Headache free! Complete and accurate informationthe first time25 days à 5 days = $1M in working capitalQuestions? Email:
  12. 12. Overview of DocuSign for SalesforceAppExchange Package that allows you to useDocuSign service within the native Salesforce.comenvironment§  Here is what you can do:§  Manage users§  Merge data from any object§  Create automated workflows§  Send documents for signature§  Real time deal updates via Chatter§  Get status and data back into SalesforceQuestions? Email:
  13. 13. Easy implementation & fast ROIQuestions? Email: 13§  Installation (minutes / hours)§  AppExchange installation, connection to DS, option selection§  Configuration (hours+)§  Drag and drop buttons, or fully automated processes§  Out of the box placement, or attached to any Object§  Deployment (hours+)§  As little as zero training
  14. 14. Essential elements of Use CasesQuestions? Email: 14§  Data§  Account and opportunity fields, deal terms, products, etc.§  Documents§  Contracts, NDAs, applications, etc.§  People§  Contacts, roles
  15. 15. How DocuSign Use Cases Align With Salesforce CloudsQuestions? Email: 1515Sales•  Sales Order Processing•  Customer AccountProvisioning•  Special Deal Terms•  Partner Agreements•  Referral Agreements•  Reseller AgreementsHR•  New Hire Paperwork•  Candidate NDA•  On/Off-boarding Checklist•  PTO Management•  Employee Policy Distributionand Signature•  Contractor Agreements•  Non-disclosureProcurement•  Purchase Order•  Statement Of Work•  Master Service Agreement•  RFP Sign Off•  Supplier ComplianceSupport•  Account Change•  Service / Work orders•  Terms Change•  Self Service Requests•  Compliance•  Field serviceLegal•  Contracts•  Non Disclosures•  Internal Compliance•  Intellectual PropertyLicensing•  Outside CounselAgreementsFinance•  Invoice Processing•  Expense Reporting•  Capitalization Management•  Audit Signoff•  Policy Management•  Inventory Signoff•  Asset Transfer/RetirementIT / Operations•  Asset Tracking•  Change Requests•  Requirements Sign Off•  Access Management•  Incident Reporting•  Production ChangeAuthorization•  Maintenance AuthorizationProductManagement•  Change Management•  Release Management•  Code Review Reporting•  Requirements Acceptance•  Release ScopeCommitment•  Front Desk Sign-in•  Work Orders•  Lease Agreements•  Move In / Move OutRequests•  Parking PermitsFacilities•  Event Registration•  Customer CommunicationApprovals•  Mass Mailing / EmailApprovalsMarketing
  16. 16. “DocuSign has helped movefrom an average of two days to close a deal, to90% of deals closing in one day and 70% ofdeals closing in one hour.”Meredith SchmidtSVP, Revenue OperationsQuestions? Email:
  17. 17. The Leader Across IndustriesQuestions? Email:
  18. 18. Sample Customer ResultsQuestions? Email: 18Cut Days To Cash From 120 to 30Cut Delivery Costs by more than $10,000 per MonthReduced Contract Signing Time from Weeks to Less than 48 HoursReduced Contract Turnaround by 78%; Increase Compliance to 100%Decreased Paper Cost by 90% at Each FacilityIncreased Revenue by $3.094M Annually90% of Deals Close in 1 Day; 71% Close in 1 hourUse Of Salesforce Up 300%; 500 Non-Productive Admin Hours Slashed
  19. 19. Thank You