Capture Dental Records, Learn About Automated Data Capture for Dental Environments


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Learn about scanning dental records with automated file naming, splitting & routing, barcode extraction, flexible indexing, and easy EDR and EHR integration. Already have PDF dental records?

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Capture Dental Records, Learn About Automated Data Capture for Dental Environments

  1. 1. Capture Dental Records
  2. 2. Let’s look at considerations and technologies that can greatly automate the process of capturing dental records into an EDR environment.
  3. 3. Today’s Dental Professionals Cannot Ignore the Need for Organized, Digitized Records
  4. 4. …no matter what your dental records are: • patient charts • clinical notes • lab orders • EOBs • prescription orders …
  5. 5. or if they are already scanned as PDF or TIFF files. …no matter what your dental records are: • patient charts • clinical notes • lab orders • EOBs • prescription orders …
  6. 6. d So How can your Dental Records be Lassoed?
  7. 7. d For a Starter Document Management System? … if you are just starting out
  8. 8. Henry Schein Dental Practice Management EDR Solutions Dentrix EaglesSoft DentiMax Henry Schein Or integrated with an Existing EDR/EHR Application? Anyone via CSV or XML SoftDent Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise Dentrix Ascend, Easy Dental Viive, DentalVision, axiUm
  9. 9. Be they? • Cloud-based • PC Thick Applications • Mobile Applications • …
  10. 10. First, Gather up your Documents and...
  11. 11. • MFP devices • Desktop Scanners • Touchscreen Scanners Create PDF Dental Records or TIFF Files With:
  12. 12. (during or after scanning) Add Intelligent Data Capture Technology With: Barcode Recognition Text Data Mining Forms Recognition Optical Character Recognition
  13. 13. What Can Barcodes and mined Text Do For Scanned Dental Records?
  14. 14. • Name Files • Split Files • Extract Index Information (metadata) • Create Destination Folders and Sub Folders What Can Barcodes and mined Text Do For Scanned Dental Records?
  15. 15. Barcodes In Use Automating File Storage Barcodes Automate File Storage Example Dentist 1 Dentist 2 Dentist 3
  16. 16. Barcodes Automate Indexing <?xml version ="1.0" e<?xml version ="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <data> <index id=“PracticeID">1648969</index> <index id=“Dentist">SK400</index> <index id=“PatientID">200188-002</index> <index id="MeetingDate">05/02/2007</index> <index id="FilePath">fjohara- 1648969.tif</index> </data> To CSV, XML or Database Example
  17. 17. OCR and Text Mining automate Indexing Text data mining combined with OCR extracts text based on word patterns or keyword identities such as Invoice Number in this sample. Example
  18. 18. Drag-and-Drop and Zonal OCR Facilitate Indexing Operator text selection from scanned documents or PDF files can index documents without typing. Example
  19. 19. Add Field Validation for improved Accuracy OCR with validation during processing is a very powerful way to eliminate entries not meeting a specific format rule. For instance if a Patient ID should contain three alpha characters followed by five numbers, all documents with item numbers that are not identified in the OCR process with that pattern may be tagged for manual inspection before further processing is done. ABC21096 SBG36581 INS98453 PA568793
  20. 20. Embed Data Capture Technologies on Today’s High- Tech Scanners and... Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800 Kodak Scan Station 500
  21. 21. Scanners such as the Kodak Scan Station 500 series and Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800 now include a touchscreen workstation. Couple this with intelligent software and presto, we have a new generation of intelligent and highly configurable capture appliances for any dental workflow. Users can simply walk up to a device and with a few touchscreen selections, dental records are scanned, processed, and moved into a cloud or LAN-based repository for later retrieval. Walk-up Scanning Made Simple
  22. 22. Stuck scanning the same document Multiple times? This is common with Explanation of Benefits where the same EOB may need to be filed in multiple patient records.
  23. 23. With ImageRamp, Scan Once, InDEX Many Easily scan the EOB once, index the different patients’ information via the onscreen keyboard, drag-and-drop OCR, or barcode reading methods, and route to the appropriate patients’ records with little to no intervention ImageRamp: Multiple Indexing, Naming and Routing of the Same Document Patient A Patient B Patient C Policy EOB
  24. 24. Don’t Let your Data Get Away
  25. 25. ImageRamp: comprehensive, intelligent data capture and indexing solution with branding opportunities for integrators. Visit. DocuFi: offering a comprehensive suite of products and professional services that capture, convert, and post process your valuable information assets. Visit. Call Us To learn about: Quick Links: ImageRamp for Medical/Dental What Can Barcodes Do for Me? ImageRamp Batch- Comprehensive Batch Data Processing
  26. 26. IMAGE Credits • bpedro “The WireIt logo” • variationblogr “Wahine_Breakaway_32” • williac “lasso” • bill85704 “Sonoita Rodeo” • a4gpa “Calf Roping - Putting on the Breaks” • Akeg, X10068 - panorex - Dentist Visit Teeth x-ray, • Doug Waldron, “Files (85)” • jai Mansson's,” IMG_2747.JPG” • Familymwr, “U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Sports Program - Team Roping - 10 May 2008 - Las Cruces - New Mexico – FMWRC”
  27. 27. Call us for information on: How to digitize dental records. The best way to scan dental records. Getting your dental records into an EDR system. Scanning dental paper records. Document scanning for dental records. Going paperless at the dental office. How to capture dental records efficiently. Scanning dental records with Fujitsu ScanSnap. Touchscreen scanning of dental records. Importing dental patient records into an EDR solution. How to improve your dental workflow with document scanning. Going digital at the dentist office. How we’ve helped dental labs improve their workflow. Integrating with and importing index information to Dentrix, DentiMax, EagleSoft, SoftDent. Scanning into Dentrix. Indexing to Dentrix Copyright 2013, DocuFi