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What can barcodes do for me? A look at barcodes in Document Management/EMR data capture.

Explore barcode use in document management data capture to name, split, route, classify and index files. Add touchscreens, OCR and text mining.

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What can barcodes do for me? A look at barcodes in Document Management/EMR data capture.

  1. 1. What Can Barcodes Do For Me? Copyright 2013, DocuFi (In Document Management/EMR Data Capture)
  2. 2. Barcodes Are Everywhere
  3. 3. File #15967853 Barcodes Are Everywhere Medical Records
  4. 4. Why use barcodes?
  5. 5. Why use barcodes? Save Money Save Time Accuracy
  6. 6. So, how can barcodes be used in Data Capture?
  7. 7. So, how can barcodes be used in Data Capture? Barcode enabled capture tools can search for barcodes in a scan stack and create new documents when a new or common barcode is found. New invoice numbers, patient records, repair orders or any other classification can be used allowing you to scan an entire stack of documents in a single pass. Splitting/Bookmarking Splitting Bookmarking
  8. 8. So, how can barcodes be used in Data Capture? Similarly to splitting, barcode information can be used to insert PDF bookmarks. This “splitting” or “barcode to PDF bookmark” actually keeps the file together as 1 file, but inserts bookmarks into a PDF output file for easy navigation within the file Splitting Splitting Bookmarking Splitting/Bookmarking
  9. 9. So, how can barcodes be used in Data Capture? Barcodes help identify the type of documents being processed and can be used to select the appropriate processes for a specific document type. Some systems will look at the content of the barcodes to determine the procedures to implement next. Classifying Splitting ClassifyingSplitting Bookmarking
  10. 10. So, how can barcodes be used in Data Capture? Routing Users can use barcode strings to set the target path (or route) for scanned documents within their file system. Automatically create folders and subfolders based on the barcode values contained in the document sets. Splitting Classifying Routing Splitting Bookmarking
  11. 11. So, how can barcodes be used in Data Capture? Indexing Perhaps the most common use of barcodes is to contain metadata or indexing information. The barcode data can be extracted and sent to a document management system and associated with the scanned image. In medical records this might be patient name, patient ID, physician name, etc. Splitting Classifying Routing Indexing Splitting Bookmarking
  12. 12. So, how can barcodes be used in Data Capture? Splitting Use barcodes along with other system or document variables to create output file names for scanned documents. Classifying Naming Routing Indexing NamingSplitting Bookmarking
  13. 13. We call this SCRIN Splitting Classifying Routing Indexing NamingSplitting Bookmarking
  14. 14. 2D or Not 2D The formatting of the barcode data varies but one common approach to segmenting fields is to use a delimiter character such as the "|" pipe character. As long as the parsing software can accommodate this, you are good. 1D 20-25 Characters 2D Up to 2000 Characters
  15. 15. Sample: 2D Mobile App Here, a smartphone is used to create 2D standard code, using a pipe delimiter for the supplied metadata. Four index fields are captured from the single 2D code: Patient ID, Practice ID, Practice Name, and Patient Name.
  16. 16. Sample: 1D Medical Form Indexing Index fields captured from separate 1D barcodes are used to index the record into an EMR system
  17. 17. Sample: 1D Medical Form Indexing So what if my documents don’t have barcodes?
  18. 18. Separator or Slip Sheets (or barcode stickers) Many barcode font libraries and services are FREE! Word Processors Load common word processing applications with barcode font. Cloud Services Enter data in cloud service and receive cover sheet via email or just print. Mobile Apps Simple apps to create and print barcodes
  19. 19. Incorporating barcode recognition technology with other technologies to accomplish the capabilities we referred as file SCRIN, in a highly sophisticated manner. Intelligent Data Capture
  20. 20. Smart data capture solutions offer zonal OCR where areas are identified on documents for automatic OCR capture for use in the file SCRIN. Additionally, drag-and-drop OCR allows an operator to highlight document text which is automatically OCR'd and dropped into index fields. OCR
  21. 21. Combining OCR and barcode technology with Regular Expressions or regex, a scripting language used to search for text strings, creates a powerful tool to extract finely parsed data for file SCRIN, ultimately unlocking the valuable data in your documents.
  22. 22. Scanners such as Kodak Scan Station and Fujitsu ScanSnap with embedded capture software are highly configurable capture appliances. Users can simply walk up to a device and with a few touchscreen selections, documents are scanned, processed, and moved into a cloud or LAN-based repository for later retrieval.
  23. 23. So how do I get started?
  24. 24. Check out ImageRamp™ and give us a call. ImageRamp: a comprehensive, intelligent data capture and indexing solution. DocuFi: offering a comprehensive suite of products and professional services that capture, convert, and post process your valuable information assets.
  25. 25. Call us for information on: How to capture paper documents efficiently. Scanning medical or dental records with Fujitsu ScanSnap. Touchscreen scanning of medical or dental records. How to split and name files with barcodes How to route scanned files based on barcodes. Scanning to EMR or scanning to EDR Using barcodes and the Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanning with the Fujitsu ScanSnap How to extract barcode index information How to index based on barcodes How to automate capture based on barcodes How to use OCR in document capture Document tutorial for data capture Guide to use barcodes in document capture How to digitize paper records. The best way to scan medical or dental records. Scanning paper records. Document scanning for medical or dental records. Going paperless at the medical or dental office. Scanning barcode basics Copyright 2013, DocuFi