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Automatic file naming and routing for scanned documents and existing files.


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Understand how scanned documents and existing files can be automatically named and routed with intelligent data capture software. Learn how OCR-mined text, barcodes and system data can be used to name and route the files with no user intervention. And see how new cloud technology can be combined with email to seamlessly name and process your files.

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Automatic file naming and routing for scanned documents and existing files.

  1. 1. naming rou ting of scanned or network files automatic Copyright ©2014
  2. 2. Intelligent data capture software provides automated file naming and routing.
  3. 3. of the files, folders and subfolders can be based on barcode information, OCR-mined text or system data namin g
  4. 4. we mean placing the processed file in a folder or subfolder. The folder/subfolder may be existing or created by the capture software. routi ng by
  5. 5. …naming and routing with barcodes using ImageRamp
  6. 6. …naming and routing with OCR-mined text and barcodes using ImageRamp Folder: 16789 File: 00034 OCR-Mined Text Barcode Data
  7. 7. ImageRamp uses Profiles (templates) that let you set the name and routing and reuse your settings.
  8. 8. Traditionally the files are from scanned documents, but they could be existing files or captured from PDF print streams. PDF Print Stream
  9. 9. Automatic file naming and routing* can be done in the Clouds with DocuFiCloud Services. User DocuFiCloud Services *routing is only possible in installations where files are directed to a repository such as Dropbox.
  10. 10. DocuFiCloud Services uses email with natural language instructions to process documents Learn More at Docs in the Clouds Subscriber DocuFiCloud Services Email with natural language instructions and document attachment or document references to cloud repositories such as Google Drive™ or Dropbox™. . Email with processed documents attached or referenced to a cloud repository. *Page count or monthly subscriptions. Confirmation email with interpreted instructions and subscription* status returned.
  11. 11. And did we mention? Barcode data and OCR-mined text can also be used to split, index and bookmark files. Invoice 123 Customer ABC Invoice 456 Customer DEF Invoice 789 Customer GHI Learn More at What Is Intelligent Document and Data Capture?
  12. 12. Bottom Line: Automatic naming and routing with ImageRamp can save time and money by lowering your operator intervention through intelligent data capture.
  13. 13. Learn More about Document Imaging and Capture
  14. 14. For more on: • Beta testing • Cloud document process • Document naming • Document routing • File naming • File routing • Docufi, • Imageramp, • Watch folders, • Data capture, • Scanning to folders, • Scanning to folder, • Scan to Folder, • Batch Splitting • Automatic file naming • Automatic file routing Contact Us DocuFi 30 years’ experience in the Document Imaging market. Capture Products Copyright ©2014 makers of ImageRamp, Document Management Capture Solution