Workshop - Mobile Health Apps - Pam Yoder


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Workshop - Mobile Health Apps - Pam Yoder

  1. 1. Why am I on mHealth app panel? • Physician • Psychologist • Caregiver • Early adopter from eHealth to mHealth • Startup strategist who can guide, advise, invest through growth and scaleout
  2. 2. Pamela R. Yoder, MD, PhD, FACOG Qui est le Docteur Pam Yoder? La première et la seule femme en tant qu'éditrice pour le site concernant la santé. A fondé la chair de santé et de bien- être pour les femmes Revolution Health Group (now EverydayHealth) Cadre chef pour le site de Guider, Conseiller, s'investir, et diriger des étudiants et des startups dans une optique de croissance: L'Université de l'Illinois La Silicon Valley Inde Wer ist @DrPam Yoder? Die erste und einzige Frauengesundheitsredaktuerin auf Gründerin des gesundes Leben und Frauens Gesundheits Posten, RHG Leitende Bindungsbeauftragte für Globale und interaktive Leiterin von Gesundheitsgedanken Herausgeberin von #hcsm und mHealth Seiten und Apps Beraterin für Studenten und Neugründungen, die berät, anleitet und investiert 3
  3. 3. Innovator in Interactive Health for Providers-Patients 4
  4. 4. Apps in the Mobile Health Environment Pamela R. Yoder, MD, PhD and TEAM
  5. 5. What Providers Want 6
  6. 6. mHealth for Providers A mobile app must: • Be helpful • Satisfy a basic need • Have great graphic user interface • Be efficient and save time 7
  7. 7. mHealth for Providers A mobile app must: • Be “lightning fast” • Be easy to use • Offer practical clinical information • “Really speed [of apps] is key, because if they’re slow/unreliable I'd [rather] log on to the desktop 10 feet away....” 8
  8. 8. What Patients Want 9
  9. 9. mHealth for Consumers • Function • Cost • Quality • Ease of use • Accessibility • Privacy, confidentiality 10
  10. 10. Here is where mHealth gets messy. • There are many stakeholders. • Team is needed to take an idea of doctor or innovator to the patient or user. 11
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. What Mobile App Developers Want 13
  13. 13. mHealth Apps for ePatients • “A tree of pages that back reference one another simplifying the user experience” • Best practices • Courtesy of Ling Jong 14
  14. 14. mHealth Apps for ePatients • Give haptic feedback through touch, vibration • Identify clearly any buttons, targets of link (eg, PDF) • Ensure user content is applicable to mobile device and to EHR if possible Courtesy of Ling Jong 15
  15. 15. What Behavior Managers Want 16
  16. 16. mHealth Behavior Management • “Gamification” • Rewards for appropriate behavior • Lack of reward for incorrect or absent responses • “Recording” behavior increases probability of that behavior occurring • Sharing accomplishments through SoMe 17
  17. 17. Quantified Self: A Pathway to Personal Health intherough Ernesto Ramirez DHCX | 2.16.12
  18. 18. globevisions Kevin Kelly Gary Wolf
  19. 19. Makers + Users Global Collaboration
  20. 20. Your Health Just in Time Just in Place Just for You
  21. 21. Awareness A framework for self-tracking
  22. 22. Awareness Attention A framework for self-tracking
  23. 23. Awareness Attention Acknowledgement A framework for self-tracking
  24. 24. Awareness Attention Acknowledgement Projection Self-Efficacy Experimentation A framework for self-tracking
  25. 25. Awareness Attention Acknowledgement Projection Self-Efficacy Experimentation Reflective Loop A framework for self-tracking
  26. 26. But what about Public Health?
  27. 27. I We Our
  28. 28. THANK YOU All icons courtesy of The Noun Project: e_ramirez
  29. 29. What Biz Dev Wants 39
  30. 30. By: Josh Seidenfeld, JD, MBA
  31. 31. * mHealth has created over 5 billion touch-points throughout current healthcare delivery systems. * Opportunities for social innovation and commercial ventures are abundant due to increased access, quality and availability of information. * mHealth has enabled a shift in focus from patient-centric care to consumer oriented delivery models. * Collaboration and partnerships will be a key tool for mHealth success.
  32. 32. * Shared Vision; * Organizational Capacity; * Subject Matter Expertise; * Complimentary Assets and Collateral; and * Market Reputation. * If all of these aspects are not aligned you should reconsider if this is a relationship your organization can afford to invest in.
  33. 33. Clearly Defined Project Plan: •Roles and responsibilities must be pre-defined •A Project “Champion” should be identified •Multi-Period or Milestone planning is central for future success •Project coordination and timelines •Encourage transparency •Institute “Learning Mechanisms” for organizational growth *
  34. 34. What Legal Wants 44
  35. 35. Allow for Opportunity to Pivot: •Provide for specific termination scenarios and include market-based time dissolution procedures; •Consider eliminating any notification requirements, especially for third-party suppliers; •Service Levels must be predetermined, including security, data-storage and HIPAA compliance, including notification requirements; Consider the role of governmental agencies •Marketing material and promotions can lead to FDA involvement… *
  36. 36. *Questions? Comments? Want to Connect? *Josh Seidenfeld *
  37. 37. What Marketing Wants 47
  38. 38. Surthriving in the Digital Media Landscape Akash Agarwal
  39. 39. Be Disruptive @akagarw
  40. 40. • The term disruptive is thrown around quite a bit today • To qualify as disruptive a company doesn’t just make something great, they change the way consumers use it • For example, just saying “we use the cloud” doesn’t equal disruptive, there needs to be some key benefit associated with the switch @akagarw
  41. 41. Innovate how you Innovate @akagarw
  42. 42. • Think about what you do to get the best out of your people • Many startups struggle in execution because differing ideas are never addressed • Keep an eye on the future in your plans, remember next year’s products start today @akagarw
  43. 43. @akagarw
  44. 44. • Understand your key benefit to consumers and OWN it • Companies die because they over- extend their focus, start somewhere and slowly integrate • Weekly all-hands-on-deck meetings are important in keeping everyone focused on primary goals @akagarw
  45. 45. ENGAGE @akagarw
  46. 46. • Anything important in the digital media space has to be engaging • Even in the health information business, people have to want to use it • You’ll find yourself competing for people’s time against online tools like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. @akagarw
  47. 47. Be Valuable @akagarw
  48. 48. • There are plenty of other services out there that do wonderful things for people online, what do you offer that’s different? • How do you show users? & • Why is it better than what they do now? • Ask yourself the hard questions, often the best ideas start as round pegs in square holes @akagarw
  49. 49. Finally... @akagarw
  50. 50. It’s not about technology, it’s about solving a problem @akagarw
  51. 51. A Great Example… Windows 7 Hackathon 1st Place Winner RxReminder
  52. 52. mHealth for Consumers Microsoft Mobile App Winners Windows Phone 7 Hackathon competition Sahil Handa - Software Development Engineer at LinkedIn in Security Karan Uppal - Graduate School at Columbia University in Electrical Engineering Ravi Theja Yada - Program Manager at Microsoft
  53. 53. mHealth for Patients • RxR is a prescription reminder mobile application • Allows people to port all the information related to a medication to their mobile phone • Also keeps track of reminders, refills and information associated with that medication 66
  54. 54. mHealth for Patients • RxR imports prescription data to app using QR codes on medicine bottles • Saves patients’ preferred times for waking, going to bed and eating meals to customize the reminder timings • Associates a photo with each medicine • Permits viewing of upcoming reminders 67
  55. 55. mHealth for Patients • RxR sets reminder clock so the phone automatically pops up an alarm when time to take a dose • Tracks quantity so you can reorder. (Every time the patient takes a dose, the quantity is reduced.) • Allows viewing of directions, quantity, image of medicine and frequency on ONE page. 68
  56. 56. mHealth for Caregivers • RxR connects the patient’s app to family’s app so that they can be informed about dosages and whether adherence attempted • Also allows messaging family by sending a text • Provides a caregiver mode with multiple- patient support that can be used by nurses, aides in centers to keep track of meds for all patients. 69
  57. 57. What Do YOU Want from an APP? Cast your vote for the name you prefer: • RxR • Rem-Med-e • Other? 70
  58. 58. What Do You Want from an APP? 71
  59. 59. 72 CONTACT, @DrPam, @DrPam4Women The Yoder Network Doctors 2.0 Team • Akash Agarwal • Ernesto Ramirez • Josh Seidenfeld • Karan Uppal • Ling Jong • Sahil Handa