Why do your colleagues support Doctors 2.0?


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Why do your Healthcare Social Media Colleagues support Doctors 2.0 & You?

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Why do your colleagues support Doctors 2.0?

  1. 1. I support the Doctors 2.0 & You conference. It combines the expertise of healthcare professionals from Europe, Asia and North America and also allows patients to have a direct contribution towards the healthcare industry. Every medicalDr Bart Brandenburg conference should be like this! (physician) Doctors 2.0 & Yous main objective is to bring stakeholders, patients and healthcare providers and researchers together and to unite and work closely on global healthcare issues. Dr Larry Chu This initiative truly carries great potential for the future of(Stanford Medicine X) healthcare. Im very proud to work closely, as partners, with Doctors 2.0 & You. Doctors 2.0 & You is great for networking, new medical insights and integrating potentially exciting ideas.Michaela Endemann (Wissit) My sincere message of congratulations for all of your effort on bringing to life this special conference that, for me, has got the category of Gold-Standard. Angel Gonzalez (Ideagoras) Doctors 2.0 & You is my favourite international healthcare conference because of the amazing breadth of speakers and attendees. Patients focussed on healthcare providers, healthcare providers focused on the healthcare industry, Dr Felix Jackson industry representatives focused on healthcare professionals (MedDigital) and any number of combinations of people interested in other people! This conference allows patients voices to be heard and will in turn improve the doctor-patient relationship, as well as improving healthcare. Sarah Kucharski ePatient (AfternoonNapper)
  2. 2. I believe social media will form a key component in the future of healthcare. It is essential that patients have their voices heard both on the internet and at medical conferences such Dr Berci Mesko as Doctors 2.0 & You, which is the best in Europe. I cannot (Webicina) wait to return! So many people keep talking about digital, 2.0, social media... applied to the healthcare world. Doctors 2.0 & You helps make it happen, by spotting trends and talent and bringing laBernard Peyrical crème de la crème together. Doctors 2.0 & You is a best (Sanofi) practice in Europe. The Doctors 2.0 & You Conference is at the intersection between the traditional healthcare establishment and the new cutting edge of the internet. The people who bridge the gap Paul Wicks between the two fields will have a huge success in the near(Patients Like Me) future. We like Doctors 2.0 & You conference, because there are such interesting people here from around the world, and it is very well organized, so that we have time to exchange as Gao Zhan well. (Haoyisheng)