What do doctors worldwide say on social media about cardiovascular disease and treatments?


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Research partnership to reveal what doctors worldwide say on social media about cardiovascualr disease and treatments.

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What do doctors worldwide say on social media about cardiovascular disease and treatments?

  1. 1. Press Release- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Research Partnership To Reveal What Doctors Worldwide Say on Social Media About Cardiovascular Disease & TreatmentsLondon & Paris, February 20, 2013 - Doctors 2.0 TM & You and Creation Healthcare todayannounce a research partnership that will reveal for the first time how healthcareprofessionals (HCPs) discuss cardiovascular disease and treatments using public social mediachannels.The research is being conducted using Creation Pinpoint, the worlds first social mediamonitoring tool dedicated to studying public conversations among HCPs, and will bepresented at Doctors 2.0 & You in Paris, June 6-7, 2013.Denise Silber, President of Basil Strategies, founders of Doctors 2.0 TM & You, said: "We arevery excited about the research partnership between Creation Healthcare and Doctors 2.0 TM& You which will bring our participants original data about physician commentary in the cvtherapeutic area. And there will be a real benefit to Creation Healthcare to have so many ofthe worlds most engaged healthcare social media people on hand to discuss andcommunicate the results in Paris in June."Daniel Ghinn, CEO, Creation Healthcare, said: "Learning from digital conversations betweendoctors is increasingly important to all healthcare stakeholders. Since Doctors 2.0 & You is theleading congress on digital trends among physicians, it is the perfect setting to share theunique findings of this research partnership with those who will benefit from it."Initial outputs from the research indicate that among tens of thousands of conversationsamong HCPs about cardiovascular topics over social media, the most popular topics are MI(myocardial infarction, heart attack), followed by discussions around prevention of heartdisease. The topic of heart failure has seen the greatest increase in conversations among HCPsover the past 12 months.The full research results presented at Doctors 2.0 TM & You will feature in-depth analysisincluding: • Who are the most influential doctors worldwide in cardiovascular disease? • Geographical analysis of topics and influential HCPs • Key areas of conversation and trends over time • Breakdown by cardiovascular disease types • Analysis of discussions about treatments
  2. 2. About Doctors 2.0 TM & YouDoctors 2.0 TM & You, organized by Basil Strategies digital health consultancy, is the onlyinternational congress devoted to the understanding of how physicians use NewTechnologies, Web 2.0 tools, Social Media to communicate with colleagues, patients, payers,pharmaceutical companies, public agencies. The 3rd annual congress will take place in Parison 6-7 June 2013.http://www.doctors20.comAbout Creation HealthcareCreation Healthcare is the research and training consultancy to the healthcare industry for thedigital age, advising the worlds largest pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations.Established in 1998, the company has offices in London, New York and Tokyo, and thecompanys consultant team spans 20 countries.http://creationhealthcare.comFor more information about Creation Pinpoint, see http://creationpinpoint.com.Press contacts:For Basil Strategies: Chloe Minardpress@basilstrategies.com, +33 1 45 04 58 51For Creation Healthcare: Georgiana MurariuGeorgiana.murariu@creationhealthcare.com, +44 207 849 3167